If Boys and Girls Switched Places - Minecraft

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If Boys and Girls Switched Places - Minecraft
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Minecraft is loved by both boys and girls... but what would it be like if genders switched places? In this video we follow Steve and Alex as they try to prove to each other that they would be the better opposite gender.

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Actors: creeper321448, luigieight, OriginalDerps, TheHandsomeLord, SlasherBandit

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gamal attia
if pink sheep pee with ender man
Sally Santos
Can you make a vid that if time was add to Minecraft
Barbara King
Ariana Martinez
If yellowstone and diamonds switched places
Gamer Killer
Exploding TNT what is the end song
Tyleia Culpepper
I imagined Steve and Alex had a British accent when they talked
Andrea Powell
if there was only one flower in the world
Holly Holl holsss
How come the noob was the same
Nida Munirah
If daddy and mommy switched places
Daphny Torio
I hate roblox
Mounty Reel
Did anyone see on sigh it written null
Everett Benzinger
1:06 Alex is in boy form!
Michelle Moore
if u can fly in survival and not fly in creative
teman Sauveur
That was my idea YAY!!!!!!!!!!!:)
SuperSub 45
If minecraft switched places with Roblox
B&W Mengl29
Why The Noob didn't switch gender?
Fabas Alvin
Charmaine LAI
They forgot about periods :l
Pink Bunny Girl
Correction:10 minutes not 1hours later
kawaii unicorn
My name is Stephanie too
Pug - tato
I don't know what to think about this video because i am gender-fluid
Steph Chavarria
Thanks for putting my name in the video!!!! (my name is Stephanie!)
diane ponsford
Do if a portal sent you in real life
Leo Bpghiceanu
Faiza Amir
Jk I want to be a boy girls fuck
Faiza Amir
I'm a boy
Faiza Amir
Turn me in to a girl exploding tnt
Macy bustamanteSimon
If Alex or steve dimension was in minecraft
Roosevelt Campos
omg why Notch turn a creeper .-.
one eyed dragon
if minecraft got rid of amour and tools XD
Minecraft learn jeisha
If social media was added to minecraft. It a good one, because no one can live without social media. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
If you agree
Today's task: remove one thing from minecraft. Anyone notice?
is this on pornhub?
Jefry Tumober
If Noob And Pro Switces Place Pls Pls Pls Explonding Tnt
Kaka The Cursed Skull
That was not a dead bush that was a shrub XD
fire beach plays catland
What if there were yellow Ender dragons in mincraft!
Harley Quinnezel Fnaf Lovers
"Why are the toilets is on the wall?"
Me:brbruh hahahahahahahhahahaha

Alexs face!
Kc Craft
If mobs took over minercraft
Jed Osterman
If pokemon were added
Whifie Ynot
If there is only one skin in minecraft
War sreis
why are the toilets are on the walls 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Van Dao
what wif
cupcakesgirlcatz cookie
Oohed Random
If I was a boy and turned into a girl, I would fondle my boobs all day!
Princess Lagatao
What MC are you playing🤔🤔🤔)??
Elil Kadamparajah
this is sexist
flowerprincess1 gameplays
The music doe
flowerprincess1 gameplays
MY SONGS my songs
If there were giants in Minecraft
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