Easter Message from Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) - SNL

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) apologizes for his comments about Hitler.

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Lyndon Fair
Jews left black an came back white r.i.p Hitler
Expressful Kitten
its like kate mckinnon its so funny because shes owning it xD
Grant Schamel
When SNL make fun of Trumps presidency and the ratings have gone to shit
Doagae Porbeni
Last Easter on earth... I caught that, Spicy.....
Deroy Loves pickles
Bad bad hombre
Bill Mullarkey
"But I thought Trump was ?" What telling a type of other truth
Noah Blank
Really think about what we've done. Over the course of 100 days, we broke Sean Spicer. After spending day after day being whipped by a gloriously recalcitrant press corps, Sean Spicer has lost the ability to form coherent sentences.
Mark Ward
This is just more hatred and vitriol from left who are alla bunch of anti American marxist pigs who want to live under the rule of Soros and the NWO.
Phoenix Chastaine
I would totally let Jenna drive me around in a golf cart. But not sober.
j d
still waiting on somebody to point out one of her funniest movies same plan comedy bullshit horrible comedian i ever seen.even the guy who smashed fruit was funny
Shaina B
Damien Walker
At 3:31 mark, Babar Al-Ashad....ROFL!
David Chow
2:00 killing it!
chrissy Marie clinton
Omg I love this last few months xx
Harold Munch
These are only funny if you watch a Sean Spicer Press conference
omg lol
N Allmond
" ... if the nit pickers see the big picture and solely didn't focus on every little slur and lie I say, that would be nice." LOL I'm done. I love her.
Sharron's Take - Family Vlogs & More
She is hilarious!! OMG! This is the funniest sketch ever! lol
john doe
Melissa McCarthy knows how to play Sean Spicer better than he does himself. 😂
Daniel Laubhan
Ronan Garrett
You americans are so cringe, I hate you all
Shame on Jew
Barrington Parker
she's a horrible lesbian wanna be.
Totally improvised I hear..
Nicholas Arnold
Eat as much candy as you want because it's probably the last Easter on Earth!
not even funny....must have lost their writers.
patricia Brooks
Debbie Klecan
kudos to the make-up artist who transformed beautiful Melissa to, of all people, middle-aged dumpy Spicer. They even opaqued her sparkling blue eyes into his puffy eye-look.
Finally! A heartfelt apology! I don't know what everyone's complaining about. Spicer seems pretty professional! Oh, and not at all an idiot!
joboo 806
damn that bitch is ugly as fuck
jessen porter
more please!
Sad that so many would rather listen to lie
Omg I love you Melissa McCarthy!!!
Jon Workus
HAHAHA....Thank you Melissa McCarthy....You are truly amazing!!!
Jack N.
Melissa McCarthy is God.
Amazing how these sorts of actor are just choosing SNL as their new careers. Pretty pathetic.
James Lyback
Melissa McCarthy is a fat ass unfunny cunt who should take a drug overdose and help save the planet by dying. No one should be exposed to her fat blubber smell.
and the Jews PASSOVER 2:58
Dani Duran
Thank you Melissa! You make my day!🤗🤗😘
Debbie Lumbley
Melissa is hilarious, she does Spicer really good 😃😉😋😆
Doug Deutsch
Meliisa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer is even funnier than Alec Baldwin doing Trump, and I didn't think Baldwin's impersonation could be topped. SNL Rocks!
Helen Sheridan
This was incredible.
New vids, when?? I need my shot lol.
Angel Ortega
She did a great Job. I love this lol.
mr sev
You all have a bunch of idiots running your country and it's ok because these 'celebs' make it 'funny'. Embarrassment of a country. highlight the fact your government murders innocent people all over the world to further the interests of big banks & corporations, not some idiot who came through the american education system and would probably struggle with tying his own shoes in the morning.
I hate the left . . . but this is gold. Poor Spicer, lol.
David Louis Kerr jr.
silly, just too stupid for my likeing!
Ice Bear
This is one of those terrifying "laugh to keep from weeping" moments. It's all a little surreal, because while this is hilarious and aptly concieved, the threat of war is still looming over our heads. So while the ending is funny, "eat as much candy as you want because this is probably our last Easter on earth", it's all a little too realistic.

I feel like laughing and throwing up at the same time. What the actual fuck is going on...will we even see tomorrow with this maniac waging war with anyone he pleases?
Mieoko Makeup
they are giving away t-shirts on AgaShirt ( . ) com site
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