Carl Kelly
The jewish holocaust is a lie.
Hayden Lindquist
This is a pretty good description of Spicy.
John Stark
Jews weren't Egyptian slave's! fucking religious idiots.
Spencer Lyst
MORE SEAN SPICER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cavalier Giovanni
"Bazooka Felicia Hamad Rashad".
Ok, i think Melissa mcCarthy crosses the line
Shan Swiss
Sean Spicer brings out the best in Melissa McCarthy
Trump 2020! Economy & consumer confidence at all time highs. America is back after 8 years of Barry the clown.
Baby Face
Those are veggie tales dolls 🤣
Sayan Bain
Concentration clubs😂😂😂
The funniest part of this is that you gotta remember that this is a grown woman, pretending to be a press secretary, wearing an Easter bunny costume, gesturing with veggie tales puppets, one a tomato in a Jew costume, the other a zucchini (or a cucumber) in a pharaoh costume. This is true comedy.
What if this isn't an impression? What if this is secretly Melissa McCarthy's real personality?
LordDragul Smitty
Is that the Veggie Tales toy?
Mr. Hollywood
"At least they didn't have to fly United!" A great quote that unfortunately it's dated so it'll be just for our generation. But, inside jokes are great so we get all the gun to ourselves.
Phelan Christopher
Bazooka Felicia Amad Rashad
Nathan Maltby
Did I just see veggie tales characters?
Kola Aderinto
concentration clubs, had me tearing up
Morgan B
"Crouching tiger, hidden dreidel" XD
Tony Geberin
the weavz
This, is Pharaoh
And he's doin' some bad stuff
To the jews

And so the jews
PassOver Pharaoh
Like Crouching Tigre Hidden Dredle
Lizee J
forever funny
its_gosamer 1
no it hoped right out of your mouth XD
mimi a
Please do a skit about new communications director
Spicey finally made a mistake 😅
sasquatch & fishing
Hitler never used chemical wepons? He used gas chambers to kill thousands and thousands of jews.
Bazooka Felicia Amaad Rashaad
xx tt
Melissa Mccarthy does a better Sean Spicer than Sean Spicer himself
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Lana A
I like it well done spicy 🌶
Alishaba Butt
Who came back to watch this in the day he resigned?
Reading Zone TV
I Love the Veggie Tales lol
Ola 'Duntan
yo melissa be reading the bible lol jews passed over pharoah.
Jeremy Traynor
Rip Melissa as Sean. Sad day
Tucker Bowen
what i find surprising is that Spicer actually called Hitler despicable. that has to be the only time anyone in Trump's gang has bothered to say anything remotely negative about someone who didn't insult them in some petty way.
Lizee J
i come here when im sad
kelvin urena
This is funny coming from a Latino Trump supporter!!!!
Out of curiosity, Jewish folk, how do you guys feel about the discovery that the Egyptians apparently never used slaves? Doesn't that kind of negate the idea of Passover, or am I thinking of something else. Again, this question is not meant to offend, just in the spirit of cultural understanding.
"At least they didn't have to fly United." 🔥🔥🔥
lmao savage
THIS is the character satire that will be forever remembered. McCarthy is pure genius. I'm a REP and can't stop laughing because it's so funny. Look what happens when someone uses their craft instead of a amplified opinion. memorable - hard to dismiss
Leo Cruz
"bazooka felicia amad rashad" 😂😂
I love SNL. McCarthy is the second best. (Just behind Kate McKinnon).
Omg fly united. Lmfao i loove SNL and Melissa McCarthy
Santiago Nieves
The woman is inherently funny. Lucky for us.
Jonathan Mujjumbi
melissa mccarthy is so funny. snl is so funny.I dont want snl to end.
Antihacker grl30
lol i didn't know they had this one
David Urban
This shit is getting old just not funny anymore. PLEASE END IT.
Payhole Everdouche
Bazooka Felicia Amad Rashad..!!!???
Babar al-Rashad,???
Gods she's good. :)
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