Draw your winter story in Korea

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If you are dreaming of a wonderful winter, come and enjoy Korea’s beautiful winter scenery and fun activities! Make special winter memories in Korea!

Mike Zilla
Find your winter in Korea.

Find your nuclear winter in the OTHER Korea.
Horace Hemphill
yeah, lol Nuclear winter, judging by the state of diplomacy
Ich hab kein Geld????????,??,,,,,,,
Dave Chu
FxCK YOUR mother korea
How come Korean always copy and piggyback Japanese image after all??? You ain't nothin like that... BTW is it snowing that much in Peonchang then??? LOL
Yoo Gregorio
??진짜 그렇게 이상하다고 생각하나? 개잘만들었다고 생각하고 와봤는데 악플만있네
Lee Junewoo
드럽게 못만드네
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