Susan Maranda
My kitty only drinks from the bathtub so we have to block the doorway or else he turns on the hot water .. Guess he's a lefty 🐱
Etienne Balli
Bengal cats are also know to like water
Sayuri Jill McNamara
oh i have so simple cats... they do not need any of this they drink anywhere from anything 😂
Gl1mm3ring AJ
My cats fav part of my bathroom is behind the toilet. I'm guessing it's because it's cold
wasted of time
Iconic Patches
You're not a cat, so you can really never know what they think.
Our cat LOVES the chilled water from the cooked eggs in the mornig. Try to add some eggshells into the waterbowl. They could love the taste. :)
the music soul
I have a cat that loves the water but is a taby
Thanks for all that good advice!
Feite v/d Wal
Kittys Meow
Simon can we be friends
Aiden J.
My cats drink out of cups or the dogs water. We have a special cup for the cats that we occasionally put ice in. They love it
This should be a TV show!! 😂
NightStrike629 - Roblox
My cat loves the bathtub more than the sink
Anca Bonchu
Whenever it's raining my cat Vixen will go out then realize that she's wet and come back in and she's not even bothered by the fact that she's wet
Theepichang '
My cat prefers to drink out of my fish bowl
Lisa Kazmier
Doesn't it depend on the cat?
The Pokemon Theories
To be honest, my cat couldn't care less
Ana María
Con razón...
Ocean kitteh
Cat: pushes automatic water bowl across the floor, spills water everywhere
Me: WHY?!
Cat: You put them too close to each other.
m castro
😂😂😂😂 I will sure try these tips !! my cats dont like rain .. but these bathroom scenes !! are so familiar !! 😂😂😂
Pam richardson
My Cat "Gary" loves water,when I take a bath he lays on my stomach like its an island
jade056 SLenin77
best way to train cats is water spray bottle. once they know what it is you don't even need to spray it just shake it at them. they'll stop their BS real quick!
jade056 SLenin77
wow. very informative. i learned alot. now if i make changes the cats will have to learn a lot too! but i will definitely take this advice into consideration
Dr Red Pill
My cat meows at me to somehow stop the rain. He sits at the door meowing when it's raining
Kraeze X
Okay, this explains why my cat drinks water from a cup only if it's placed in my room
LPS Tiger
one of my cat loves water. whenever i turn on the sink to brush my teeth, he'll drink the water.
Pascale Heymans
Teddy is my Grenaille qui a appris à boire au robinet à ma Pirouette...:)
paul alexander
Our cat Paris insists on drinking from a glass . Everytime I run the water she always wants a drink . So I fill out a glass for her she makes a a scratching motion with her fore paws then proceeds to drink . Another of my cats Pia will not eat her supper unless we breakup " Temptations " cat treats and top her food with them . We've referred to her as our "Homer Simpson " because of his craving for having "sprinkles " on his donuts
Zackary E.G.M
my cat loves to play a lot
Stevey's Tutorials
My cat always turn on my water on hot for bath and i get alot of burns and lacerations on my skin
Я болею и любимых на дисковод на дисковод на дисковод...
Külliki Õis

I'm so w the same
I love these cartoons! Brilliantly drawn and very amusing. Thanks so much for uploading.
Sandi Angel
my lap kitty lil Elvis always jumps up on the sink when I'm n the bathroom & asks for me to turn on the tap so he can lap up the little stream of water
Taelisha Sullivan
Ya my three cats hate water so when they needed a bath I'd use a wet rag with a bit of soap too clean them then dry them off 😊but one of them loves drinking from the sink 😃my momma cat not so much
Erica Stones
I have two cats female black called Sweetie she is a rescue cat about 4 years old now and Titan male long short hair pure white he wasn't a rescue got him from a friend's cat litter he is now 2 years old. Both together used to fight and just don't bother each other. Their is a Tom cat in my neighborhood and he gets chase by both Sweetie and Titan. After two years together they have learn to bond and get along to the point they are guarding their home from local Tom cat.
Titan loves high places and hiding in boxes and carrier bags. When I get a delivery after I empty the box he right in not even giving me a chance to put it away or recycle it. I let him play to he happy delight. Carrier bags he licks them don't know why he just does. Bag for life re-usable ones whenever I have put the shopping away he drives right into one of the bags and is happy in it not caring he leaves claw and bite marks on my re-usable bag. Cardboard Titan loves leave a cardboard open long enough and he is in there. Once I didn't know he got in there and I heard the cardboard door to where my cups and plates were opening and closing. Titan was popping his head in and out looking at me going back in and then out he repeats it about three times before finally coming out.
Food blow swapping. I feed them equally and yet both Titan and Sweetie swap food blows with each other. They eat about half or a third before swapping each others blows don't know why? Dry food is the same flavor I guess because the wet is a random pick as I feed them pouches and not tinned food. Laser pen together they try to catch the laser pen. I'm guessing Sweetie is still a kitten at heart as she with Titan loves the laser pen I have them running around in circles and following the ceiling. Makes me laugh to this day.
Amelia Zell
my cat's do too
Floofer Degrassian
I came here from Google assistant 😂
Ibrahim Mohamed mohaemd
"Love yourself first and then
every hing else will fall into
pvace remember that you
yeally need to love yourself
before you get eny thing
done in this world"
Ibrahim Mohamed mohaemd
My cat loves to drink on my bath ...
One time, my sister was taking a bath and the cat jumped on it !
Teo Gato
Teddy was so cute 😻
shadow XIII
I still remember my cat ran outside one day it was raining, stopped midstep as a few rain drops fell on his head, and made a mad dash back inside.
Anne Huber
Just love this series!! Anne
Google Assistant actually told me to watch this cause i told her i was sad.
Timmer Ratajczyk
I think what I love about these cartoons is the simplicity of it all. Everyday things in black and white. And the cat's little "feed/pet me" dance. 6:33
One cat loves drinking water from the running tap in the bath or the sink. Sticks her head under the tap and drinks the water as it runs from her head. Another cat will ignore fresh water in his bowl and sit in the bath and wait for us to run the tap. He will stand in the water and drink.

Aside from that the others are normal, well as far as their drinking habits go. I have yet to have a cat that could be described as 'normal'.
Adam Andersson
....... -.- Rly now? REALLY!
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