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Do Cats Really Hate Water?

Watch our latest Simon's Cat Logic episode to find out some facts about cats and water that you need to know right meow!

Simon’s Cat Logic is a fun new series where we speak to a Cat Behaviour Expert at Cats Protection ( about why cats do the silly things they do, and how we can help our cats lead happy and healthy lives.

SUBTITLES AVAILABLE IN: English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian, French.

Directed by: Chris Gavin
Producer: Emma Burch
Cat Expert: Nicky Trevorrow
Animation & Graphics: Simon Tofield
Assistant Art Director: Liza Nechaeva
Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Music: Russell Pay

April Showers Credits:
Directed by: Simon Tofield
Animation: Sarah Airriess
Clean Up: Aude Carpentier
Assistant Clean Up: Jonathan Wren
Animation Supervisor: Isobel Stenhouse

Hot Water Credits:
Directed by: Simon Tofield
Animation: Sandra Gaudi
Clean up: Aude Carpentier
Sound: Shrooty

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Q. Why isn’t ‘Off to the Vet’ available in full on YouTube?
A. ‘Off to the Vet’ film production and crowdfunding campaign was a huge undertaking for the Simon’s Cat Team. Our hope is to produce more long form, full colour content for our fans but without having to turn to them through crowdfunding again. The film was completed in 2015 and submitted it to a selection of international film festivals over the following months. During this time it was exclusively available to all funders that contributed via our private production blog. The feedback we have received from our funders has been overwhelming positive and we hope they are extremely proud of making the film a possibility. If you are a funder and have any questions regarding the campaign please contact us at

Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon's Cat is made using Adobe Flash / TV Paint animation software.

Q. Why does it take so long to make each Simon's Cat film?
A. Even though the films are made on computer software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon's Cat film.

Q. Where can I buy Simon’s Cat merchandise?
A. You can purchase Simon's Cat products from the official web shop:

Riley Watkins
Why Do Most Cats, Unlike Mine Surprisingly, Hate Their Belly Rubbed?
Janilda Teresinha
Parabéns pela sua criação e fazer adultos e crianças a esquecerem as dores da alma.
César Miguel Finol Borges
What happend to simon's cat (you know, the white one)
Epic Tui
My cta is a short hair but she loves the rain. I don't know why...
scott b
Mine seemed to be okay with water once he was wet getting him wet was rough. one wet but you could take a cup of water a poor it over the top of his head he would lean his head back close his eyes and let it run down his back with a smile on his face the he love towel time too like being petted I suppose.
Pippa and Michael !
My cat follows me to the bathroom and sits on my lap while I try to use the facilities in peace
I love turkish vans! They are my favorite breed and are so cool!
Jama Fox
Poor simon
kerry evans
My cat eats down stairs and drinks water upstairs.
Catherine tt
Man my cat is really well behaved she only drinks from the tap but not really any of this other stuff.
Peter JF
We used to have a Turkish Van kedi, she loved water and would sometimes join us in the shower.
allie stevenson
I had a cat once his name was smoky this was when I was very little and if you left the bathroom door open when I was taking that he'd come in and he jumped in the bath but if I put him in water and I wasn't in the water he he would immediately jump out
Hyperspace Oddity
My cat Prissy only likes to drink from the bathtub fossett. She'll just sit on the tub, either staring at me, expecting me to turn on the fosset, or just start licking the fosset itself, expecting water to come out eventually.
Cynthia Hynes
My Tiger loves snow, and rain. It’s too funny!
Had a Maine Coon who loved playing in water. He refused to drink out of a bowl unless you put an ice cube in it and then he would sit and bat the ice cube around in the bowl till it melted. He would sleep in the bathroom sink and being a 20 pound Maine Coon he would fill the sink. I would try to shoo him by turning the water on, he would look at me as if to say "going to have to better than that" and put his head back down.
Ann-Margret Parke
By darn I loves these! Thanks for the water bowl tips!
I had a cat who loved water. She also liked to swim. She was a really good cat .
just ignore me
Hey, thanks for the info,
whereas my dog doesnt care lol
SkittledHairedWeirdo :3
My Russian blue mix used to sit on the trashcan and get soaked

But... She died on September 11 2016 at 11: 59 Pm.
Lemonylime Gamer and friends
some cats dont hate water :D
yuck ew
i played with my cat while watching this
My rag doll cat clover drinks water from the faucet and loves baths so I got him a flowing water fountain water bowl
Stephenie McCain
my cats, anakin, and sweeny will follow me to the bathroom to try to rip up my bathrobe. anakin learned how to open the kitchen sink cabinet. #simonscatlogic
Ian Visser
yeah, no my cat loves eating and drinking together
Hannah Shows
I need to give my cat bathes..... He has a habit of rolling in the mud and the is a mostly white cat and by now its a little brown tinted... What the heck is my cat doingggggggggggggggggggggg
Gregory Everson
my cat doesnt give frick, only thing he hates is if you touch his belly
Shadyninja .
did you bring a trumpet to the shower there buddy XD
Dagelijks Saramay
Im a dog lover but i still just LOVE simon’s cat!
My stepsisters cat doesnt. He'll get in the shower with my My cat was always afraid of water..
ines leino123
nyt ainakin tiedän kissoista enammän
jazzie _3418
My mums cat (Little Miss) always grabs large pieces of her food and dumps it on the fooor right next to her bowl and eats it off the floor, it is weird but all cats are different and my my mums other cat (magic) eats the meat while Little Miss eats the jelly, they swap half way
Gravity falls Pokémon lover
I don't have a cat but I watched this anyway
Ashley Green
My cat prefers to drink out of the toilet. I don't even understand why but that's what he prefers.
Анастасія Остапчук
My cat don't love water!!! 😑
My cat is big and fluffy, he doesn't like water but when it's raining he just sits there but after a bit he goes 'oh it's raining' but then he goes inside to annoy us because he know we hate it when his wet so he rubs and gives us more love then normal
mine mistake the toilet for the water bowl
Owlette Queen Of Owls
Me have symies cat named blossom🌸
But why do cats do not Iike taking baths?
suzanne siegner-sadlocha
My ragdoll seems to throw up so easily. Is this normal?
Littlemiss Random
My cat made me get her a waterfall bowl dispenser because cats would rather drink running water than water that is sitting there because there could be dust or tiny bugs 🐜 in the sitting water
Caroline McKinnie
My cat loves to stick her paws in water glasses and knock it over on herself
Kelly Kiedrowski
Susan Maranda
My kitty only drinks from the bathtub so we have to block the doorway or else he turns on the hot water .. Guess he's a lefty 🐱
Etienne Balli
Bengal cats are also know to like water
Sayuri Jill McNamara
oh i have so simple cats... they do not need any of this they drink anywhere from anything 😂
My cats fav part of my bathroom is behind the toilet. I'm guessing it's because it's cold
wasted of time
Iconic Patches
You're not a cat, so you can really never know what they think.
Our cat LOVES the chilled water from the cooked eggs in the mornig. Try to add some eggshells into the waterbowl. They could love the taste. :)
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