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Best Learning Videos for Kids Candy Toys Movies for Toddlers. Genevieve Teaches Toddlers Numbers & Colors in educational preschool movie for kids. In this learning video for kids let's teach kids how to count to ten with Cookie Monster on the Go toy puzzle for kids, with the help of Genevieve and Cookie Monster! Then let's take a look back at one of Genevieve's earliest educational videos for kids where she teaches kids their colors with fun rainbow candy Skittles. Finally, we get to see cute Genevieve in her most recent candy learning video featuring a cute toy pool and Peppa Pig and many of Peppa's friends and family!

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Pamela M. M. Berkeley
My daughter's name is the same as yours and she's loving your channel. She's 2 and a half lol.
telly 4 kids tv
hahaha. great video. like!
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Farah Jazaerli
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Rich C
Hello, what is the name of the pool with the diving board, Pepper is playing with closer to the end of the video, also where can I buy one?
wasimq mohamed
Hien Ta
Adanny Adames
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Sf Travel
Ameer Abbas


Melissa Hefferan
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Leandro Ribeiro
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Diana Dorubet
Sherianzie Raymundo
Candy Land TV
Such a cute learning video!
Avishek Chatterjee
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Ll. b
Diana Dorubet
Ravi Chauhan
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Yoga Mahendra


Sunny Hsu
Kelly Bosman
lenia kids tv
nice nideo!!!
Jacques Flynn
mai elmesery
Cartoons For Kids
funny video...
cool video ´great job friend thumbs up
Alicia Albright
bbjkj u du
Alicia Albright
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very nice
SmartKids City
Best learning video for kids:))
Safa Hassouna
Ok. If
, mc nm. cx.
naowarat chuenta
I love Cookie Monster!!!! Super cute video {"
Lee Vivas
Ronak Chhanchhariya
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