Carson Wolfe
did anyone else see the piece of glass in his forehead??
EDRI edri
thank u Vania Heymann!!! hillarious
Riveriux Phenom
im sorry but i am willing to buy heavybubbles not sodastream
BigBadBehemoth GoGoGoliath
aww man i accutally thought this was a real brand, i wanted to buy some water that make u sweat
Roman Erjavec
I hate plastic bottles confirmed...
Thomas Schulze
i would have bought heavy bubbels. XD
Uncanny _
Shame! 馃槀馃槀馃槀 What's with sparkling water? "Don't buy other stuff!" 馃ぃ Meaningless ad!
Haha LOL
Plastic bottles are not just bad for the planet:
What About BPA-Free and Other "Safe" Plastics?

Given that certain plastics risks are becoming well-known, you've
probably seen plastic products that tout they are "BPA-free,"
"PVC-free," or "Phthalate-free." This is a step in the right direction,
but it does not mean the plastic is safe.
For instance, one study found that tests on plastics using a BPA-free label
have not been conducted under real-world conditions like running the
plastics through a dishwasher or heating them in a microwave. In the
"real-world," 95 percent of all plastic products in the study tested positive for estrogenic activity,
meaning they can still disrupt your hormones even if they carry a
BPA-free label. Even more disconcerting, the study found that BPA-free
plastics in some cases leached more BPA than the non-BPA free plastics.
Further, just because a plastic claims to not have one or two toxic
chemicals, it again does not make it safe. Remember, there are many
chemicals in plastics that you are better off avoiding, and many of
them are still largely unknown to consumers. The Ecology Center in
Berkeley, California has put together an excellent list that exposes
just what kinds of plastic toxins are in the products you use. I think
everyone should read the entire list, but here are some highlights:
Salad dressing and cooking oil bottles: This
plastic container is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which leaches
plasticizers (lead, cadmium, mercury, phthalates and the carcinogen,
diethyl hexyphosphate) into your food. Soda bottles, water bottles, peanut butter jars and cooking oil bottles:
Made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), they leach acetaldehyde -- a
probable human carcinogen, according to the EPA -- into your food and
drinks. Meat trays, foam take-out food containers and cups, foam packing materials: Made from polystyrene (PS), these materials leach styrene, which can damage your nervous system, into your food.
Sadly, the end result of breathing, eating, drinking and absorbing
all of this plastic includes obesity, declining fertility rates and
other reproductive problems, and cancer, just to name a few.>>>Excerpt from the website of Dr. Mercola. (no affiliation.)
专讜注讬 转
Best ad ever
Mark Reilly
I actually was hoping heavy bubbles was real...
Don't buy other stuff
Ape Hoaxman
Lampshades and soap. All I'm saying.
Roan Jermany
he would make an awesome wwe wrestler
Justin Jahn
Guy reminds so much of Will Sasso from Mad TV when he used to be funny. He is like Steven Seagal and Kenny Rogers and all of Sasso's other characters (minus the gay ones), all rolled into one giant ball of violent, terrifying absurdity. He even sells power tools like Paul Timberman.
Alejandro Sanchez
Please have him in a super bowl commercial
Sammy truck
I love this guy, he's so funny
So good.. "This is not my home, this is a set. Believe me, I have a home, not like this, but also not very different. Don't be annoying."
Trey Pehl
"strongest men on oors"
damit i reallly wanted those dumbell botles
Nocturnal Recluse
GoT, where the actors are worshipped instead of the characters.
Good ad !
DeadBones Brook
0:18 .... that moment when you realize that that bubbling isnt a jet xDDD
Adrian Jerlikov
i want those, im gonna work out at home, fill it with sand :D
Taylor Oxelgren
He isn't the worlds strongest man
Lucas Buttercups
Peter Rodgers
Kira -Sama
I'm the only one who notice the piece of glass in his forehead after he break the glass ? :o
that sweater looks soooo freakin comfy
I'm watching this high and I have no fucking idea what is going on
Datsy FX
too bad this isn't real
Luc Highwalker
haha that 2nd guy walking out got me
C Hoskins
I heard hes very funny and can really act well and I believe it!
jhahahahhaha , fk soda stream
Svietka 住讘讬讟拽讛 专讬讘讬诇讬住
Omg, this is the 3d one and i cant get enough of them, bloody hilarious
holyyy fuck he did go threw the window after he has a bandaid on his head GO THOR!!!!!!
Mugh Hungus
the title of the video says "uncut" but the first word in the video is "cut". smh
You raped her! You killed her! You murdered her children!
Husin 2002
that is a strong body
joe nolan
i thought sodastream made water that tastes like soda not sparkling water?
Juho Jutila
Dont be annoying. :D :D
hail to the king baby!
Joseph Oram
if they made heavy bubbles you bet your ass I would buy that
Denis Kaiser
i got soda stream i dont need to be scared by that superman xDDD
Joseph Summers
Hard to believe he's only 27. He was about the same size at 23 too...
skurr da king
fuck plactitic bottle's
Joseph Summers
He should have played Bane in TDKR. He's got nearly 200 lbs on Tom Hardy and Hardy's head only comes up to the top of this chest...
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