Conor vs Khabib in Russia? "It would be like something out of a Rocky film!"

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Conor McGregor talks to BT Sport following the final stop for the Mayweather-McGregor press tour at Wembley Arena in London.



Steve. B
khabib is an animal but lets be real now, hes not on mcgregors level.
Ummamilah Ademi
Everytime coner hears Khabib it seems like he gets scared
Wattz Artist
Already thinking ahead. King.
Haro Wanderlust
He said crazy place Russia guys! Be aware of the craziness he will face in the octagon ;-)
mahip mahanta
50-0,but Conor Vs khabib,conors gonna win, coz to me Conor belongs to the UFC, MMA arena more than anywhere else.
Rob Lee
I would LOVE to see connor vs khabin hahaha
Rob Lee
What is wrong with the interviewers voice
Connor is going to lose in boxing and then will lose against kabib.
Rizwan Ullah
Connor seems as though he's accepted defeat in this interview.
Don A
I think even with the money Conor will still want to fight. I hope so
Connor......respect from Glasgow Scotland......☘️⭐️🏆
Gabriel Medina
Es un reptiliano
Susi Lopez
He's attractive but the voice kills it.
William Stumpff
Tom Tom
Khabib will kill him end of russian animal theres a reason hes 24-0 however never count out that left hand
Jay Kay
🇮🇪 Go McGregor!!! 🇮🇪
Tez Tezza
Connor aint gonna risk his health by going back to ufc... not with a new family and 100+ million in the bank.
Speedy Boxer
Mc Gregor made greggs
Kamaal Ise
Can't Wait
Charlie Hartnoll
1st comment be like 49:1 £10 straight onto mcgregor the beast Like👍
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