Jtownkid Roblox
Imagine the intro dialogues between tmnt and hellboy
Riveriux Phenom
Fighting games are starting to behave like the wwe . This is Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar all over again.
leonel chavira martinez
I Will buy this game tomorrow just for the TMNT
White omni god Goku
Take a guess who flipped over their table
To everyone complaining that Ed chose the Ninja Turtles instead of Spawn, I just have one question: Wouldn't you rather see Spawn in Mortal Kombat instead of Injustice?
Kevin Miles
Ralph is my nugga. Y'all sure he not black...
Terryjames Townsend
They going to kick some major azz
Было бы круче если бы их сделали Как в последних двух фильмах.
Gannon DeShong
Would be nice if we got an actual TMNT game
Lenard Bobbyingson
If they could add the tmnt In there they could add the power rangers
Jamison Varner
so will enchantress be character 3
capsy dash
TMNT gear?
Does this mean we can have a Nobody skin for Batman?
Stick Breightley
I give up
Erron Black
Powerpuff girls also showed up in teen titans ed boon make it happen
Erron Black
Might as well throw the powerpuff girls in the next pack. I mean they have mentioned batman a few times and they're aware of superman existence too
Lyric Billingy
Is there going to be Fighter pack 4
Jesus Lopez
Ayyy lmao
jay gaming
cool I see want you did
jay gaming
let's go
My childhood dreams are coming true. Batman and the ninja turtles...
Ai-ram Yiachine Duarte Sanchez
stupid millenials can't see that tnmt are the real deal, kudos for including them!
Alex Brooks
For yall that dont know Batman and TMNT had a cross over so im assuming thats why they added them...
Colby Nurmi
Now all they need Is the power rangers jkjk I hope the fighting style of the turtles is good
Terry P
And they went with the 90s (best) version of the Turtles!!!!
william Colon
That stupid
Seeing them jump in the air and dash straight down just like Their intro to their first cartoon... it touched me in ways that i havent been touched since i was a child
Tyson Skinner
They should make a map for them
As soon as Marvel characters such as Spiderman or Wolverine integrate into the Injustice franchise, DC characters will start to phase out lol.
Amanda Anaya
Still no Beast Boy.......
Panda Yugi
After the Nickelodeon Series ended I thought the Turtles were over then this came up...light filled my eyes with happiness
This is stupid - next, why don't we bring in Mario and Donkey Kong? Heck, come on, bring in Indiana Jones and Luke Skywalker. Why don't we just go ahead and do a full-on Ultimate Smash Bros. 9000x
Alice Harness
Gothic Maniac
Aha... Wooow....
Sandra Caraballo
Was that the inchantriss
Adon Cawley
Why are people getting upset about this? TMNT are in the DC universe
Toma Lelea
What are they gonna do next steven universe
Shiv Talwar
am i the only one that noticed michelangelo wink at the end?
damarion game
i was freak out when i saw them like i don't i just i'm back on injustice 2 now
Malik Mumin
183 dislikes??? Marvel fans 😭😭
The Lone Wanderer
Raiden would not lose to TMNT.. whatever
Marco Lizarde
Who's the antman guy I re beginning?
I don’t know how I feel about the turtles being in the game
Cosmo the Spacedog
power rangers should be next
"Dibs on the magic lady."
el ernest jeje
Danny Stuivenberg
That's it, now I'm buying this.
Elle Vee
Take my money dammit!
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