TREASURE FOUND IN THE OCEAN! Guns, Gold, Silver, Cell Phone & Coins Metal Detecting Underwater!

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Today, JD's Variety channel features a fellow treasure hunter who has found some absolutely amazing underwater discoveries including guns, gold, silver, old bottles, coins, you name it! Show Michael Oliver your support by subscribing to his YouTube channel with the link below:

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Michael Oliver
i just want to say thank you JD for all the time and effort you have dedicated to making this vid. you have really promoted my channel, thanks mate. to all my new subs i thank you for taking the time and watching my vids, summer is coming and if you like treasure and wildlife this is what i will be focused on. thank you for your support, see you in the water guys, happy hunting.
I don't know why but I love looking at your eyes when you are underwater and I don't know why they just look so beautiful and weird at the same time.
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Random Topic
The ring on 24.22 it's from thailand
Samo Sam
At 4:21 i see this gold item wich has arabic words and it means; This is what god wants , or God wil ; in arabic mashallah =ما شاء الله
Digging Scotland's Past
Thank you for the video HH
Best under water video ever. How much for all your gear?
Buscadores de Tesoros
buen video colega exelente lugar saludos desde corrientes argentina , suerte
Matt Davis
js how many people losing a gold ring on that shallow of water and it not a shipwreck and no one diving in water to get it back
Matt Davis
ever think he might have planted some shit. how he know where to look
milkymans world
Dude you found the titanic ring
88 18
Average User
I guarantee that Nokia still works.
captions with emojis instead of words... i want to die.
Isa Pra Tudo
Cadê os BR??
kelly pritchard
one of the best videos iv seen thank you
çok yavaş
Jon Young
Love you videos
Ben Murphy
I liked your call to dominoes.
To funny man👍
kauan _animes
brasileiros ola
Thauany Caroline
How cool I love this video content.
worst video ever seen
Sad this shit is illigal where im from.. would be rather fun activity
Blue Gamer
Randy Ly
so many rings
xinglin jiang
oh there is rust on your golden ring.
Alex Kubex
"925 silver ring" in 24:29 is a "LuangPorTo" Thai Amulet Ring. Luang Por To (1788-1872) is the famous Buddhist monk in Thailand.
Lord of the rings
Ramon_ hernandez
Damn this can be a job for a living lol were are you located at 😅
Wolf Cline
6:39 he picks up a copper ring but doesnt realize he also picked up a gold and diamond ring. like cmon dude for real
Nickolaos rattanasengkham
The real treasure is deep out in the ocean
Да не секрет And not secret
max priest
its and lead going down...
Mimi's Favorites
the mystery ring is one of 2 parts or more. It's a nesting ring, could have a ring w/ a stone in it to go with.
I loved the video. How much is that metal detector worth and do they all pick up gold rings?
Rob Bleeker
you probably making a good living out of that gold you find
Rob Withman
I am thinking on getting into sea metal detecting could you tell me what type of detector your using & cost.
richard c
do you always find good treasure on every hunt?
Slap Riem
why all the slow mo?
Spongebob Rectangle Panties
This video is fake we all know a Nokia can't die
Matty mind
When you find the murder weapon
Matty mind
Why are there so many rings this is crazy
Matty mind
Omg i loat my 18ct gold wedding band and you found it thank God please send to me ASAP
mom named me deborah
Cool . I wish I knew how to scooba dive and lived near the sea..
Great video guys
Why the Ram is gone?
Sandy Toes Detecting
Loads of treasure
oddlyquirky videos
I came here for guns not a broken gun x(
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