Suresh Dobhal
I love this song
sofiko nucubidze
Im from georgian
sofiko nucubidze
sofiko nucubidze
good music
sofiko nucubidze
sofiko nucubidze
ravi salian
this song will never get old one of the best song of 2017
Ahameed Ahameed
Kathy Alcantara
This me and my girlfriends song. She's all I've ever wanted btw this is my grandma's account like if u have some special in ur life
Teng Chye Huat
Sol Centurion
amo esta música
Tech World
Top song in 2017
Preston Strasbourg
I like this song reply to me if you to
لولو كيوت
الاغنية تجنن يلي معاي لايك 😘😍
Claudio Nicolas
que genial
Maria Castillo
Me encanta
Brittany Stone
I like both the official video and this video equaly
Brittany Stone
I like both the official video and this video equaly
Valeria Rangel
Minha música preferida
Pheonixia Gal
When I made my BFF listen to it for the first time, the only lyrics she could remember later were "Last night you were in my room, and now my bed sheets smell like you" so she and I call it the "Bed Sheet Song" XD
Mikko 50 Anderson
GameCast YT
i just borked this video and it got blocked by wmg what wmg has to do with this song help me plz
Zena Walfer
There are songs that do not have a lot of views. But when i see the number of views on this song with lyrics, there is something wrong .
komala ravindra
i loved it . nice
Lilit Karapetyan
despasito oooooooooooo! yeh
שילת והסרטונים
T. turn
Hi dude. I made 'Ed Sheeran' as lego.
Johnny Bartz
FallBrook, California
lamar bawarshi Lolo
Good jap
mir sunuwar
kavita kanwar
Sbdhdh Shjddj
Suchita Patil
L Veera Anjaneyulu L Veera Anjaneyulu
Super song by ed sheeran fantastic
Fabiana Fernandes
Danyal Hassan
Shape of you and despacito is my favorite
ميرال غبن
Eshilley Duque Estrada
Ameiiiiii essa música
מיכאלה שגב
Jannat Khan
Waoooooooooohhhhhh 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Shahid Sayyed
My favorite song
Gina Wood
im in love with the shape of me
Lidya Meiluna
I like song!!! 😆
Uthy Bak
This Is best
עמית משה
Wooooow.. Whos here before 3 billion views.. 😘😘
Angela Pedrosa
That's right.😄
Damaris Serrano
MAli mali
<CE3 who freaking else?
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