Finn Bálor vs. Curt Hawkins: Raw, April 17, 2017

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The aggressive Finn Bálor makes Curt Hawkins "Face the Facts" in singles action on Raw.


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On TV, They showed Finn's entrance and they didn't show the match.
Ghostgaming H20
Finn is cool
Roman Atwood fan123
Okay So WWE hired Curt Hawkins to Job (WTF).
Now Finn Balor returns and was champ before the injury and now they feed Jobbers to him(boring AF) and the crowd starts disliking Finn cause wwe is too stupid to find a good stroy to put him in.
WWE Either give Finn a U.S or IC tittle shot or make him beat Brock Lesnar or let somebody beat Lesnar (I think Either Braun Strowman,one of the Hardy Boyz,or Seth Rollins) and let Finn Beat the guy who beat Lesnar
Finn Balor Wins! FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okello Dangerfield
finn balor 5-0
dead crowd wow
Kalv L
Finn Bálor vs. Brock Lesnar (?!)
Curt Hawkins grins freind
caleb kenon
how long was that match
Beautiful crowd... I mean graveyard
Daquan Jackson
GTS and WWE Curt Hawkins
Doesn't he look like Heath slater
#HawkinsFearsGrim #EatItYea!
Bob the alpaca
Hawkins fears Grim
Dimitri Fourny
I want at less one time, the Irish Team in a match : Finn Balor and Sheamus.
Anuj Pradhan
wenger out
No Dream
Give Curt a push
Dragoon Z
bring your demon Finn!
Tech It
Hawkins mic skilss >>>>>roman mic skills
is he gonna ge title or not
My god, that crowd was completely dead.
Fenatic toasty
There turning balor heel
Manel Pelayo
How can that ve a finisher... Man I think Balor is way overrated
Why are they making Finn face jobbers and have squash matches? Seriously, have they forgotten that he was the FIRST EVER UNIVERSAL CHAMPION?!
Sports TV LIVE
Kurt Hawkins eat it ya
Fran V
Balor is so gay
Zachy's Vlogs and Games
oh myyy!! the crowd was dead
Hawkins fears grim!!!
Glad he's back... but Curt Hawkins... a jobber...
Eda Marazoglu
This crowd is dead 😑😴
when will we FACE THE FACTS?!
angle loves
Daniel Figueroa
curt hawkins sucks he shouldn't join WWE
Валерия Марс
Yes! Balor clever! even after the concussion, he continues to get in the ring and win!)) good one word, I love it!))
Mr. MustSee
Can I have Finn Balors Jacket please. Idc how much it is but its beautiful
RichardWagone 13
Curt Hawkins is amazing give him a push!
Tom Parkes
Ultimate Warrior,Macho Man,Roddy Piper,Dusty Rhodes,Superfly Jimmy Snuka,Hercules,Earthquake,Bad News Brown,Texas Tornado,Mr Perfect and more GOD REST YOUR SOULS....Then you have this generation of Little Weazels!!!
Red States have dead crowds it seems.....
Adam Briceland
2:19 cutie pie
Probably the worst crowd since Fastlane was in Memphis that one year
Anthony Hazard
please tell me they are not making him a jobber instead of main event, that would be a huge mistake.
Broccoli Rob
Anyone know of any leads as far as Payback 2017 is concerned? I got my tickets and was really hoping to see Finn. However it seems like he's kinda lost right now just drifting along. I know injuries are setting him back but shouldn't he be in some type of feud right now? I mean the man isn't getting any younger and he's never been hotter. He should be #2 (since Roman won't be leaving the top spot anytime soon). Anyone know of any rumors regarding his next feud?
Bryan Cubias
Finn Balor vs Jeff Hardy who agrees
I still remember when zack ryder and curt hawkins used to be tag team partners... times changed
Arthur D Walls Jr
Finn Balor need a new Finish. That move isn't exciting and it will take years off of his knees.
Elite Snowman king
Balor club vs shield 2017
wwe use Curt Hawkins like a jobber, shame
Hawkins is the new Axelmania act.
Moritz Ha
Did anyone notice that ''Wenger Out'' sign ? LFMAO :D
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