Dwayne Johnson Loves Kicking Jason Statham's Ass

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Dwayne Johnson talks about his hate-hate relationship with Jason Statham in The Fate of the Furious.

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Dwayne Johnson Loves Kicking Jason Statham's Ass

Kris Dedsec
1 like=RIP to the guy who's gonna cheat on his daughter...
Moony Zari
It looks like fast and furious turned into the avengers
jimmy rai
Jason Jason Jason。。。。next franchise Jason should be the lead man....not vin fucking diesel
Reem Chehab
I actually thought fast and furious 7 was the end and anything coming after it is going to be silly and very bad but actually I was truley and incredibly mistaken fate of the furious is the most touching funny daring wise clever movie in the history of movie and surely an amazingly acted movie. I was asked what is my favorite scene and after watching it for the third time I have decided that the whole movie is my best scene ever. It taught me a lesson made me cry, laugh, and feel every word u champs have said. I love u alllllll and I don't want to miss out on jimmy Fallon to say that u are my idol and I wish u the best and I hope Hollywood would not be affected and stay on rising up and up and up especially with having Vin Diesel Dwayne Johnson and all the others. And surely the second I see my kids I will kiss them and tell don't worry fast and furious series was fantastic and you will live a peaceful interesting life ❤️😂😍😘😄👋🏻👍🏻💪🏿
How many more of these retarded films are they going to make for the dumb 21st century kids?
Anthony Hardyman
Dwayne Johnson is the best 😀
Ashley McCoy
the ultimate manly man movie
I loved the movie, but didn't the Schaub brothers get a bunch of the fast & furious family members killed?
Cory Evans
Dwayne and statham have great chemistry on screen them arguing was hilarious
jamal&jasmine Ali
the Rock from wwe
1312 xD
Aliyah Ukaye
The film was 🔥🔥🔥
Hobbes & Shaw's back and forth was legit hilarious as well as Little Nobody's (Scott Eastwood) & Roman's back and forth 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Saad Javaid
FOTF will be a flop, the story has already been ended in the 7th sequel.
James Johnson
Amazing that in these Fast and Furious movies The Rock's strength level approaches Captain America's.
Ema Star
im so damn excited to watch this.. even though i know it will never be the same without the legend in it but still haha
jeff peake
I had to stop at Fast 6....I just couldn't take it anymore. This shit looks like something out of a Marvel movie. I guess i'm just burnt out on the cg heavy modern action movie.
It's not "exactly what you want"..but i guess most ppl have forgot what the Fast and Furious franchise was about in the beginning....sigh....
these movies were so supposed to be about cars and racing not fights. I wish they never added the Rock to this franchise
Conrad Asuncion
big body ,no legs!!!he looked small beside phil heath.
Rubber bullets do nothing, but a bean bag knocks him unconscious?
He totally seems like the type of guy we should hate but he is so nice it's impossible to hate him. In other news if it was a real fight Statham would kick his ass.
Charlie Hervé
Statham is obviously a better fighter of the two, although Johnson's charisma is unmatchable! ❤️
Jake Neal
Somebody needs to make a movie and make the cast a bunch of rival wrestlers and make them best friends.
Not a single hair on that man's body
Metasebia Damte
his ARMS
David Anthony BTS
Jimmy "OH MY GOSHHH" Fallon...
James Jackson
Back in my day, the Fast and Furious movies were about street racing.
Danial Hameed
Don't let this video make you forget the fact that undertaker blew a 21-0 streak at wrestle mania 30
Lasse Bauer
Fallon´s laugh is just soooo genuine......
What !!! They added ORANGE (digitally) on gray prisoner uniforms or changed from another color. 1:47 Who did this there are artifacts everywhere.
Jimmy Fallon is single handedly the biggest kiss ass and so fake
Geek-ish . com
Hulk ish, hell yeah!
2:14. The Rock acting like Mario.
This read the title wrong and didn't read the kicking part
Bryan B
Dwayne Johnson as Rhino Prime from the Game Warframe. Abilities: Rhino Charge, Iron Skin, Roar & Rhino Stomp. every ability depends on how Dwayne Johnson acts :)
Joe Ulberg
I never knew hulk was in this movie
Dany Dw
Shaq is bigger ;P
Just for my songs
That action scene was so bad wtf.....
No, this isn't what FnF fans want. We want the old days of street racing back. Now we've got all this fucking garbage and crap we don't want.
Royce Eapen
fast and furious franchise should be over
Dusty Barton
If you can smelllllllalalalaoww what The Rock is cooking
MK Niazi27
The best part was, "I am going to kick your tea crumpet eating ass."
Sanjog Wayne
Can he just stop saying "he's the best" to everyone on every fucking show.
Dylan Laraway
I remember when the series was actually about racing
emylin silerio
Dwayne x Jason!!!!
Zain khan
What about Paul walker
new movie genre - action fantasy
Moonwalker_ 4Life
what movie is this? :)
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