thouxanband jdoe
in reality Jason statham would probably beat the rock in a fight
Janella Maxine Concepcion
When Fast and The Furious was still about Street Racing
Basil Fabian
Best scene from the entire movie
The movie was garbage
Fuck Dwayne, Jason is better
That chair is holding the People's Ass
Chi Karumam
If u wanna watch logic less shitty movies watch all those hindiwalas madarchod Bollywood movies they can even use bra to kill a person..
I want the rock to dominate me..
Jason STATEham? STATTTTTham you retard
Amaan Ahmed
Fuck u Dwayne
The Rock and Jason Statham have the best relationship in Furious 8. Their scenes are the funniest with the right amount of charm and charisma. The banter between Tyrese and Ludacris feels lame compared to how much the Rock and Statham's characters crack on screen. And you forget Vin Diesel exists.
teenie beenie
no wonder i dont watch fallon any more....
Triple H
Jinny fallen is veyr racist. making fun of jason statham accent.
Caz Green
I love this guy, he and Jason are my favs and always will be x
Shanaka Madushan
please help me
rudy singh
Sounds all good, now just try and do it without the steroids!
Aliyah Ukaye
the best relationship is Brian & Dom's, Brian & Roman's
does he take steroids
Jason Statham
huy gamer
The Rock for a fucking President of United State!!
Captain Random
"Rubber bullets... big mistake" LMAO
Christopher Crosby
And prey tell what is exactly wrong with tea and crumpets old chap? LOL
" Yes i'm a Brit but think Dwayne Johnson is puka"! English 'English as compared to American 'English', translation, which same phrase now reads: "Yeah, I'm a limey but 'The Rock' is one cool 'Dude"!......
the rock wishes he can kick Jason's ass
The prison scene was a lot of fun.
That movie clip was form the fast and furious ? What happened to them movies lol
Sports and Sheet
instead of riot Shields they should of just got some paper

alright I'm leaving
Omar Abdelfattah
this reminds me of dragon Ball Z, Iike dwayne Johnson is goku
Jimmy is just hopeless at interviewing his guests, no clue whatsoever. Go back & just listen to what he actually asked Dwayne Johnson, such mindless & bland questions. He had no idea how to ask engaging questions especially as Dwayne is a funny & interesting guy. Instead Jimmy just gushes at him & could have done so much better. If it wasn't for him playing games with his guests his ratings would plummet if it was based just on his interviews, so frustrating!
i haaate shaky cam.. action movies these days makes me dizzy.
Jasper Lilley
Okhi Sullivan
The fate of the furious was awful and it pains me to say that, cause im a true furious fan but dialogue was pure shit and the acting was worst
Colton W
What is this the new avengers movie?? Rocks got super power in it LOL
Alyssa Serrano
i love u dwayne i saw fate of the furiouse
Rayan Khan

Jimmy: "Oh my gosh :3"
David Hues
The Rock and Jason need their own spinoff.
Christopher Tawil
Dwayne is a stud. I bet he could grab any woman he wanted by the.....
Ben Rojas
Gave away the best part of the movie
I saw the Rock in person once and if you think he looks large's nothing compared to in person. I was actually shocked lol
Kris Dedsec
1 like=RIP to the guy who's gonna cheat on his daughter...
jimmy rai
Jason Jason Jason。。。。next franchise Jason should be the lead man....not vin fucking diesel
Reem Chehab
I actually thought fast and furious 7 was the end and anything coming after it is going to be silly and very bad but actually I was truley and incredibly mistaken fate of the furious is the most touching funny daring wise clever movie in the history of movie and surely an amazingly acted movie. I was asked what is my favorite scene and after watching it for the third time I have decided that the whole movie is my best scene ever. It taught me a lesson made me cry, laugh, and feel every word u champs have said. I love u alllllll and I don't want to miss out on jimmy Fallon to say that u are my idol and I wish u the best and I hope Hollywood would not be affected and stay on rising up and up and up especially with having Vin Diesel Dwayne Johnson and all the others. And surely the second I see my kids I will kiss them and tell don't worry fast and furious series was fantastic and you will live a peaceful interesting life ❤️😂😍😘😄👋🏻👍🏻💪🏿
How many more of these retarded films are they going to make for the dumb 21st century kids?
Typical Anthony
Dwayne Johnson is the best 😀
Ashley McCoy
the ultimate manly man movie
I loved the movie, but didn't the Schaub brothers get a bunch of the fast & furious family members killed?
Cory Evans
Dwayne and statham have great chemistry on screen them arguing was hilarious
jamal&jasmine Ali
the Rock from wwe
1312 xD
Aliyah Ukaye
The film was 🔥🔥🔥
Hobbes & Shaw's back and forth was legit hilarious as well as Little Nobody's (Scott Eastwood) & Roman's back and forth 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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