Lionel Messi Destroying Great Players ● No One Can Do It Better |HD

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Lionel Messi Humiliates/Destroying Great Players in the World

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Abdurehman Dangra
We are witnessing theeee special talent
Abdurehman Dangra
"Don't try to play like him just watch him". -Pep Guardiola
Huyhoang Dao
Mình là fan cuồng của ronaldo nhưng quả thực messi mới là số 1, kĩ thuật siêu việt của em nó đúng là thiên tài. Ronaldo còn phải ăn hết chợ gạo nữa mới mong bằng được messi
Psikus YT
All the Cars Robert Lewandowski Chronologically/Czym jeździ Robert Lewandowski
Ananta khanal
rip marcelo
Woxy BG
messi is the pro
Yayan R
Even isco can't get through messi 😂
k srikanth
I am from India , I don't know anything about football . I was said to write about my favourite sports person and I wrote about Sachin tendulkar but other students of my class also have done the same thing, so I changd the sport from cricket to football and the first name came to my mind is messi
Sir Adrian
There was another player who could do this, a long time ago. His name was Dobrin.
Eduard Nuta
One trick poney....
Sports Native
Hi everyone, could you help me grow my YouTube channel? I will be posting soccer, basketball and football videos. Thank you!!
Yakup Akhan
Messi So perfect show
Justgaming HD
football greatest players albrighton...
Alphaplayer 1
mah ho visto solo delle chiusure da parte di molti difensori
Uke Cena
MESSI is one of best player in the WORLD
Jacob Arellano
boateng got reked
super xz77
Where's the great players ?? I just see stupid players!!
Milner and Boateng are still on the floor
Longyboy HD
Léo Messi, meilleure 10 au monde
Emre Demirdelen
come on my profile add me
Bastian Velles
Messi tai
eze rx
Que "lio" cuando la llevas de pie a pie
Erlend Miklegard
Robben is better
Aziz Rais
Poor players who get humillied they will not sleep the night
rip di maria
The greatest ever
ganesh tamme
Messi is superb.....
Tee Dee
Maybe not these days, but I would take the legend Zinedine Zizou Zidane on my team over Messi any day of the ’mothafuckin’ week.
Luis Humberto
7:06 hajajajajaja
yourin boronco
Poor Marcelo
Horny B
Last week I met my 20 years older neighbor at the garden fence and he said: "well, I am a representative and i have no idea about soccer...but i have read A LOT about Lionel i can talk to customers about soccer and this player...and for me...he is not a good soccer player...he just stands there and others give him the balls that he can shot the goal!" out of respect for the old man and the fact that he is my neighbor, I did not insult him or have asked him if he has smoking weed!!! that will be great talks with his customers!!! hahaha
ayefemi vodounon
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Héctor González
Messi es y seguirá siendo siempre el mejor del mundo es un extraterrestres
Jamie hart
first time i've ever seen Milner in a list of great players
Chadi Mokadem
Droid Vpn
world best fotball player leonel messi selute massi
Daniel D
You'll never see another man like messi
isaias ferraro
5:29 omae wa
Narendra Basnet
I love Messi if you also den like⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Md Sagor Molla Md Sagor Molla
The Surgeon
A lot of this is not destroying. A part of it is Higuain running past him and leaving the ball behind. Still a legend, but this video does not show it off that well
Criss Tan
you can never tackle neymar
Messi ohhh .. he is the best ..🌷🌷🌷
abes mustafa
the managers where like wtf is he doing
Jay 89
Amazing video! Thanks for the upload
wietse sinnaeve
Messi destroying great players. In other words, water is wet
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