Lionel Messi Destroying Great Players ● No One Can Do It Better |HD

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Lionel Messi Humiliates/Destroying Great Players in the World

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ezzo nouser
You're comparing Lionel Messi in his strong suite, dribbling/attacking, to some players like Ronaldo and the such, who are also attackers but are trying to defend. obviously Messi in his preferred position would be better than an attacker defending. You're a bit slow aren't you.
Sebastian George
messi makes football look easy
hope nadia
Seng Chee Chong
Ilona R. Swansea
Lovely Messi
Ajhad Musthafa
You f***. Not only messi can do this. This is simple for CR7
steven easy
i dont see that messi destroying anyone ..
in a lot of those clips, the defending player just dives in when all they really had to do was stay on their feet and stay close. Messy is really good at reading the approaching player once he knows your off balance he's got you.
javi martinez
javi martinez
Richard Perez
ChillHouse Buenos Aires
Messi is not human
Sandy StOrM
marc albrighton is not a Great Player :!
Edward Zidane
0:52 Just Ronaldo can stop Messi
giga badrishvili
<3 <3 <3
Did you see ronaldo celebrating Messi's goal.
Pouya Vagefi
How about Messi vs Nesta or Maldini ??
Idan Gez
song ??
Old Time Dog
cool guy
1:42 He's like bro you got destroyed.
Dian Octa
tidak bisa menembus tembok juventus
Joni Andrean
ismail ali ubi
ronaldo is the best player of all time
Sanjoy Karar
Luis Alberto Aguilar
como se nota que un barcelonista hizo este video, algunas jugadas verdaderamente no van ni al caso...
Javier Ordonez
gracias dios por darnos amesi enmis tie.por y en barca
Esteban Saavedra
Ronaldo can do it 10 times better
Adrii Guaman
Sebastián Morsaline
• R.I.P •

† Toni Kroos
† Marcelo & Toni Kroos
† Arturo Vidal
† Arjen Robben
† Fabio Coentrao
† Mata
† Di María
† David Silva
† Ashley Cole & Lampard
† Franck Ribéry
† Yaya Toure
† Sami Khedira
† Malouda & Terry
† Fernandinho
† Park Ji-sung
† Arda Turan & Filipe Luis
† Valencia
† Lucas Digne
† James Milner
† Bastian Schweinsteiger
† Paul Scholes
† Carvalho
† James Rodríguez
† Patrice Evra
† Roberto Carlos
† Cannavaro & Roberto Carlos
† Mesut Özil
† Ashley Cole
† Gonzalo Higuaín
† Xabi Alonso
† Marc Albrighton
† Pepe
† Nani
† Mats Hummels
† Martín Demichelis
† Ramos & Marcelo
† Marcelo
† Alonso & Marcelo
† Cristiano Ronaldo
† Koke
† Vidic
† Filipe Luis
† Tiago Mendes
† Thomas Müller
† Giggs & Valencia & Rio Ferdinand
† Ramos
† Boateng
† Diego Godin
† Iván Helguera
† Nesta
† Gabriel Heinze
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And than he goes and pay for sex - and thats what you kidds look up to? Bunch of sheep
Jon S
Just A Fucking Bread
Smoothest La Croquetas ever...
trance beyond
Stopped by Ronaldo
Awot Haile
Let Ronaldinho did this
Eliene Lima
esse cara e de outro planeta
Victor Gonzalez
Pushkar Sahay
he is actuall tru god
fuck messi
khaled abdelnaser
shariar sarker
cr7 এর কাছ থেকে বলটা নিয়ে যেতে পারে নাই,,, ভিডিওর ৫০ সেকন্ডে,,,,
M a A
sub in next 5 mins and check dm😁
Даурен Ахметов
Месси звер...
António José Fernandes
fatah fatah
Hotte Hermann
Maradona can do it!
Bp -11
E ainda dizem que ele só joga na Espanha :)
Victor Rum
Argentina has produced many soccer stars but Messi and Maradona are probably the best among them.
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