Selena Gomez Has a Message for Teens Watching Netflix's '13 Reasons Why'

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The Netflix drama '13 Reasons Why' is so controversial, parents across the nation are being put on alert. The show deals with a high school student's suicide and singer Selena Gomez is one of the executive producers. The series has a TV-MA rating, meaning it's for mature audiences. While it's not suitable for kids under 18, it's very popular among teenagers. That has school principals concerned that parents are clueless to the fact that kids are watching the show on their mobile devices.

Erica Antunes
I'm happy I don't watch this
Maddy .I
I've not watched the serious but I'm going to read the book.
sodium_ ramen
This show does NOT PORTRAY ANYTHING CORRECTLY. It made it seem like all Hannah needed was the guy she liked to like her back and everything would be ok. It also made it seem like it's no use to talk to adults because they won't understand. 13 reasons why is bs
Levi_Retarded_ Self_
Hannah acually kills her self in the book by swallowing pills..

In the book she dies by cutting herself and bleeding to death in a bathtub.
0:50 but who is paying for the Netflix account
monii gaming
wtf is this
Andre Ornelas
It’s just like the deal with anime. Some people misjudge it.
Dangerous Woman
This is so ridiculous wtf
Natalie Vidales
Omfg stop.
Yeah this show actually made look at my friends closer.Take more of a Tony role and look carefully at things and help my friends as much as I can
Fintan Watson
_ _
This is so retarded! Might as well not let kids watch Breaking Bad since it "promotes selling drugs". Also, don't watch Game of Thrones because it promotes incest?
jonathan Robbins
Why the HELL would you think this is gloryfying suicide. If anything, it helps kids learn more about it and it, and therefore keep them from curiously searching for info online, and find mistruths about the problem.
Melina Leni
it isn't bad how foolish will you be to commit suicide just because you watched one movie
Green Monsta
Dont parents let their kids at 7 or 8 play COD, GTA, and other games over 18...?
Tom holland The cutie
I'm literally 11 and watched the whole show without thinking about killing myself 😑
Talia Barilla
My principal sent a letter out to everyone about the show
3 n 10
I am 10 and I watched it but just because she killed her self doesn't mean that I am going to
A show about serious issues that kids have to face in modern society, but the kids can't watch it? That's a retarded idea. This in Italy would be rated as "for kids accompanied by parents", which the right way to do it cause both kids and parents need to watch the show and discuss about these issues. And what's this about "glamorizing the suicide" talk? Bullying and violence at school is a hard reality for kids and many have committed suicide because of that. You want to sugarcoat things? Fecking hypocrites.
Reina Arana
I don't think a tv show could trigger your depression and attempt to kill yourself
Bobby Crotty
13 reasons why is trying to stop people from killing themself.
Ayowole Olofinjana
I disagree with this. The show tries to address suicide, which is a subject usually shied away from, and it does so in a commendable manner. This video is defeating that effort promoting the notion that parents should keep shying away from the subject.
Uchiha Hikaku
Reporter is low-key Thor's brother....
this is what i dont understand about schools. if u dont want kids t take it upon themselves to watch it then talk about it in Schools! not after someone kills themselves but have regular talks. btw 13 reasons why does not glamorize suicide it shows why u should not hurt someone because maybe your friends has a hard time from other students bulling them. and suicide does not just happen in highschool but also middle school so i think kids around middle school kids should be able to watch this and understand how to help.
If you watch her suicide scene, tell me it “glorifies” suicide. Before watching the show, I read the book to understand what I was walking into. When I finished the book, I sat down with my parents and we watched one episode a day with each other so I could process what I watched. This show does not in any way glorify suicide. It prevents it. Smh at all those dumb ass parents.
Ana Luiza Machado
They say that we have to be 18 or older to watch 13 reasons why, I watch, and I'm 12
Mr Blue
13 Reasons Why is one of the most important shows ever made. This show does not glamorize suicide it created awarenesses. The show has changed me for the better and I am glad I saw it
Avi Tiong
You can not blame any inanimate object for your sins, mistakes, and wrong doings. Saying that the show “13 Reasons Why” glamorizes/glorifies and encourages suicide is exactly like trying to say that Money is the root of all evil. Money is NOT the root of all evil. The LUST for money is evil. These people just need to open their eyes and slap them selves in the face.
Deniel Labine
This should be a PG MOVIE!!
Im 11 and i watch
Tiger Lily
That’s so stupid. This is just news reports stretching things out. Killing yourself is not “ glamorized”
Miranda Hood
Yeah I watched it on my tablet parents didn't know I'm fine my friends and I watched it the first time at her house it's amazing
dark violet
As an ex cutter and suicide survivor both as person who attempted and lost someone to it this show is honestly disgusting. Sorry to those who enjoy it but I think its revolting and immoral
Ave Vee
My sister attempted suicide and 13 Reasons Why is not an accurate representation of someone who is suicidal. I definitely think that this glorifies suicide because of the way she used it as revenge. Someone so ill that they would resort to that aren't thinking logically like that.
Kamu Namu
My mom told me to watch 13 reasons why and i really loved it... It has good message
Its Azees
Teens and kids
Clarissa Paige
The show does anything but glamorize suicide. If anything, it shows people how much affect your words can have on someone and something you do to someone you may not think is a big deal, may be life changing for that other person. People just take it the wrong way and arent educated about teen suicide properly.
Jordyn Abtahi
Ok and they wonder why the millenials have the highest suicide rates. They conditioned them to always think the world is a happy place and bringing up their self esteem. And when reality hits them they freak out. And then parents try to ban or get rid of things that show the harsh reality of life
Daisy Im
This series is good in the sense that it raise awareness but those who have little bit of depression should not watch it. The plot is so realistic that i could not even finish it. I became so depressed and stopped at ep 6.
thy aztec gamer
"u can check out ;13 reasons why. info; for help" orrr why not talk to ur family or someone u can trust
Rachel Farrell
I like 13 reasons why hate me if you what but if I like it then I like it if you don't then just don't watch it
ava duh
why am i watching it if im 11 lmfao!
Lori Johnson
They made the show for TEENS TO WATCH!!! Teachers and principal need to leave kids alone and let them watch what they want! The show in my opinion doesn’t glorify suicided but show the reality of it and how it effects others. They made it so teens would watch and not commit suicided!
Baby Angel
this show teaches me not to kill myself and to love myself
ChEeKy MoNkEy
Its a 18+ so if anyone complains properly underage
internet nerd
Read the Rating. If it says 13+ 18+ or whatever don't watch it if you're under that age unless your parent/guardian says it's ok. I think this kinda show is important if you explain it to your kids and they understand it. WELP I'm gonna go now
Well i don't agree with em...But the Rape scene of Hannah would have removed..Jeez that was so intense...
Alexis Hayashi
Sonja Geller
A lot of people who dealt with suicidal thoughts got triggered so bad by this series that they fell back into that dark hole and tried to kill them self.
Suicide is nothing you should make a series about. And I think its disgusting that people do
Dylan Williams
I'm a kid.. and I'm wondering why the hell did such a pretty girl die...
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