Selena Gomez Has a Message for Teens Watching Netflix's '13 Reasons Why'

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The Netflix drama '13 Reasons Why' is so controversial, parents across the nation are being put on alert. The show deals with a high school student's suicide and singer Selena Gomez is one of the executive producers. The series has a TV-MA rating, meaning it's for mature audiences. While it's not suitable for kids under 18, it's very popular among teenagers. That has school principals concerned that parents are clueless to the fact that kids are watching the show on their mobile devices.

Safari For Fun of Soul
anyone who thinks 13 Reasons why "Glorifies" suicide - hasn't seen it!
Gisselle Yanes
13 reason why has some things at the beginning of the episodes say ing its has some things and if you're under 13 you cant watch
Hannah Baker
i kysd on accident irl
Jacob Authier
"Sometimes you gotta remember, not everyone was raised like you."
Heavenly Melody66
There is nothing wrong with this show, people take it in a negative way, some people need to change their mindsets
Dani Lynch
well i'm not 18, but i've still watched it
Harkinston Desarmes
0:20 who's parent is this? hopefully she actually watched the show before she got interviewed. and who uses suicide as a method of revenge
Reece Marroy
Schmow Zo
Of course Bill Nye Saves the World is much more appropriate than a series on teen suicide.
Katie The Furry
it does glamorize suicide
Bold Blu
I don't understand why they think it is promoting it. It is showing what happens to your friends when you die. It's preventing it.
Christian Butler
I think it shows what bullying and things of that nature can do to a person mentally and emotionally and gives off the tone of that this could possibly happen to either you or a close friend or relative also if you need help or having a problem just say it because that type of stuff Hannah endured in the series may possibly eat you up inside if your not strong enough
Jordan Perkins
no that show is so cool
Ball Is life
Hahaha. It's rated Ma 18+ in American, it's Ma 15+ in Australia
Mimmie •
ITS not à bad show it lets u know if u kill urself you miss everything in ur life, like, I wanted to kill myself, until I watched this show
Hubert Correa
Typical of Adults
Always putting up rules
Gabriella Millerson
My friend watched it, I watched it on YouTube and then I tried choking myself with a cord...
Diet Clorox Bleach
My mom was the one who wants to watch it so I join her xD

MSPnatashta Msp
so clearly the show is showing us about its ok to tell adults about suicide if its happening to you and you have to tell them and yeah...sorry I'm only 13.
leos beautyyy
but i watch it with my mom all the time
Wen Junhui
A lot of people say that it raises awareness. But what the show didn't address as much as it should was mental health issues like depression (especially in teenagers). I'm not saying that bullying and such can't contribute to suicidal thoughts or depression but even someone who is living a great life can crumble under depression. I feel like the show promotes suicide in a way that it's justified if everybody doesn't treat you kindly, the way you want them to or it's justified if it's for revenge. If anybody is mentally unstable or is having mental health issues, they should get help. They have a problem but it's not their fault or mostly anybody else's. Some people might contribute to their bad thoughts but I don't think it's right to blame other people, although they partly might be a reason why, for your own choices. I do agree that we should try and take other people's feelings into consideration however, I don't think it's right to tell them that because they didn't treat you so kindly that they're a reason why you decided to take your own life.
Isabella Whittemore
Hahahah!!! Have these idiots even WATCHED the suicide scene!?!?!? How TF do they think that's "glorified"??? They purposely didn't censor anything so that you could see how terrible suicide really is, and they think that's glorifying it?? That's some hard stuff to watch!!
Megan C Phillips
It's raising awareness about something that isn't spoken about enough
Pollymarks 2004
Ik it's a very touchy show but it's not violent not massively and I think teens should watch it cuz all teens Ik suck and I've been told to kill myself so many times and idc about haters but others do and this shows that words hurt
Marco Urzo
ugh we had to read the book at school... #SchoolSpoilers
Sammy Becerra
Tbh it only gets graphic at the end ...
Maia Marshall
the show is ridiculously stupid and glamorizes suicide. It is soooo unrealistic. I hate this show from the bottom of my heart.
Kelly Lynn
13 reasons why is suppose to teach you a lesson about life
Karlee Delaney
I really want to know how this show ever glamourised suicide.
margo g
Damon Andrews
lol I'm 12 thoooooooo
I loved the show it was amazing, but while I watched it I totally thought of how all the cute boys, beautiful young ladies I can totally see it being glorified teens can get pretty obsessive with a character or a series eg Twilight
maddie moo
0.20 👏 yes yes yes, this woman is so so right
Isabella Marrero
Suicide is not romantic.
Isabella Marrero
Also, its not romantic for a guy to fall inn love with a girl that killed herself.
Shona White
as a person who used to be suicidal and had thought of how and when they'll kill themselves, watching this made me realise how truly terrible and unglamorous suicide is. it wasn't a pretty girl daintily falling off a bridge or a model downing pills and going to sleep, it was a regular looking girl in a bath tub by herself, with slit wrists, uncontrollable bleeding and red water overflowing the tub, it was her parents coming in and scooping a lifeless body covered in blood out a dingy looking bathroom. it didn't glamorise it at all.
LPS Twixes
I watched it and i'm 16
and you have to be 18 WTH
zainab gull
im 17 and i have seen this whole series dont alow your kids to watch this,its depressing ,and really uncomfortable ,i could soo not get my mind out of this series,and i watched all episodes in 3 days
Wtf is wrong with helicopter parents these days this helps raise awareness towards suicide and shows that you're affects can affect others like gosh (thank you for listening to my rant)
Erin Engram
ok then.
Chelsea The Frog
Um how come they haven't said anything about Degrassi
ίmagίηe tweηty oηe crybabίes
Sorry but im not 18 (; 😂😂
Tudor Patrascu
Call me a crazy mdfkr,but 13 reasons why was funny as fvck
KingFrost savage
I watched every episode of 13 reasons why
Joey Glowacki
Instead of forcing teens not to watch it, parents should watch it along with their kids to understand what we go through. And parents should tell their kids of the support that is out there to help them.
Claudia كلوديا
Sorry hun but thats reality. finally a show that doesnt sugar coat things and speaks the truth. Shut up already
Harsha Vardhan
This is the truth.This is high school.You cannot change the fact that high school is bullying and judging people. Why shouldn't we watch this?
You're either suicidal or you're not. Watching the show will not make someone suicidal.
Show looks dumb ass hell I'd rather watch SKINS
demi manoban
this is a dumbass show lol
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