Aye Naw
what a load of bullshit
there is nothing lucky about it!. go into our prisons and tell the 60% of inmates that have dyslexia that they are the lucky ones?, I mean just how far removed from reality are you? seriously?
most Dyslexic people don't become Richard Fucking Branson, or a millionaire celeb chef? or Albert Einstein, most wind up in prison, or ware their joints away in a hard labour mundane factory job on minimum wage, or worse, can't fill in a job application form so are exploited, have to work illegally in the back of a kitchen for cash in hand because the boss doesn't want to pay your tax and insurance, so you end up with no pension credits paid, so you go back to wearing your joints and lungs away in a hellish factory, because at least they pay your tax, but shifting 250 tones by hand over 12hrs in 30kg blocks 5-7 days a week destroys you physically, almost as fast as it destroys you mentally, If you went near any Dyslexic bloke that was not inside your bubble and shook their hand and told them that they were the ''lucky one'' you wouldn't get your hands back, you'd just have stumps left.
anyone that is not dyslexic is going to get your glittery bullshit nonsense view of what it really means to have Dyslexia? you are not helping by telling everyone that doesn't have dyslexia that having Dyslexia is a wonderful thing? because its not, Having Dyslexia in reality is a fucking nightmare, just go ask all the folk in prison, or look at the suicide stats that show that Dyslexic people are way more likely to kill them selves. You are not inspiring or helping, If you think you are then you are a fucking moron!, I think you are just exploiting another big issue to sell a lie, and that is morally bereft, so fucking disrespectful to all the people hurting and struggling and failing their whole life. Richard Branson was helped by his millionaire Aunt, his Millionaire Parents, and his Millionaire Grandfather (also knighted Sir Richard Branson), then he was also helped by being in the right place at the right time in order to be able to exploit people like Mike Oldfield (that's right I said exploit), If Richard effing Branson said he did it with no help then that is a lie, and is disrespectful to all the people that have helped him, and those he exploited. Richard Branson is basically a leach that did nothing and then took all the glory.
Dyslexia, Learning and Support Group Florida
Thank you for your work to enlighten others on the advantages that is acquired due to the grit and perseverance that is developed while struggling through school with dyslexia. I totally get it! I spent the last three years passing Florida Legislation so that k-6 teachers would be trained in multi-sensory, explicit, systematic literacy instruction. FYI- Dyslexics DO NOT have to suffer through school; we have the appropriate teaching methodologies to solve their literacy issues. Teachers just lack the training. That's why I worked to have the FL legislation which requires a 2 credit course at the university to translate research into schools, with Multi-sensory Structured Literacy aka Orton-Gillingham instruction, paired with Structured Word Inquiry and phonemic awareness taught to the manipulation levels- substituting, deletions, and reversals! ALL, can learn to be literate!

Kudos to you Richard Branson for reaching back and helping, inspiring and enlightening others with your "Dyslexia Made" campaign. This is truly an inspiration that other dyslexics need. These are the qualities that make an amazing human-being dyslexic or NOT!

I hope to start a school based on your strengths and advantage philosophy: I would love to partner with Dean Bragnier, NoticeAbility.org, to use his strength based curriculum, DyslexiaAdvantage.org and yourself. Would you like to brand, "Branson's Academy for Creativity and Entrepreneurship"?

Please contact me if you are interested.

Warm Regards,

Tricia Gerard, M.Ed, NBCT, CDP/IDA
Circuitry and Soul
I love it!!! Very creative, informative and powerful!
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