Jack Cox
Where can I purchase a video of the great compassion mantra that Organizacoes Globo holds rights to
Dang Nguyen
Namo Amitabaya
Dang Nguyen
Namo Amitabaya
Brandon Le
I'm a Marine veteran. I cry every time I listen to mantras. It makes me remember every dead Marines and soldiers that I saw in Iraq and Afghanistan. These dead Marines were so young. They had so much ahead of them. I wonder where they are now. Am I worthy to live? Why am I crying? God help me. Please help me . Something is wrong with me.
lesley poole
who the hell do they think they are as white men sat in a military lab showing hologram work voice control seeing other people life's on the same road the women who 60 years old have china china bless my human hair thicker all over and the front of it go a gain st real love spirits of a china hand and is face to call him china face body skin neck arm love all races ban mind control ok as to this is wicked mean to use voice control and hologram work
ramesh grover
These are sublime movements of love compassion which is order, intelligence, beauty, and that which is timeless. Bless you.
tanchinchye tanchinchye
tanchinchye tanchinchye
Tan Wei
I must say,the 2012 prophecy literally saved me life.Because of this,my mom was afraid that the world would collapse and brought me to Australia for refuge.When I arrived,I was brought to PureLand Learning College.There,I've learnt a lot about Buddhism and it really changed my life.Thank You,Buddha!Thank You,Amitabha!Thank you,Avalokiteśvara!
C do Amor Divino
Mantra muito agradável....mas as imagens mostram mais uma vez como são delirantes A MAIORIA DAS RELIGIÕES DESTE MUNDO,tendem ao desiquilíbrio...Budha tentou ensinar o caminho do meio,do equilíbrio...infelizmente
poucos o compreenderam.
I refashion the one, refer one's past self, regale ephemeral self, refit vain empty evanescent fleeting transient self, refocus at oneself, refine myself, reformulate the one's army. Be the most regal refined reflexive reformative refreshing refrangible refractory self. Self-reflux! Self-refection! Self-reference! Self-reformistism.
I confer with my God, confess one's creed, confide one's faith, conduce toward self, conduct oneself, conflate one's central self, conform mine, confide to our Lord, confederate with my total all everything. Be the most confident conductive confidential confluent self. Self-conferment! Self-conduction! Self-confession! Self-confluence! Self-conformation! Self-confederation! Self-conflagration! Self-configuration!
Namaste!Peace and love!
tay guanghin
give yr email , can send to you ! fr. tay
Chang Magar
i the one who love himand followed his path.....i m great prayer of budha .............i love him muuch
ayu sarah
perfect :)
quoc vo
you have a heart of Buddha. Many compassion always be with you.
no need... all these words are buddha and bodhisattvaya name.. just chant along.
thriveni saidam
buddhism has touched my heart and soul. thanks a lot! i practice 8 noble path regulary with the help of "BuDhamma" mobile app
Joselia pedra azul
Lindo esse mantra! fico emocionada ao escuta-lo.
Nicolai Engelbrecht
Beautiful mantra waow. Wish you had written the words down so you could learn to chant it
Andre Wihardi
thank you for sharing this song. i've been looking for this song for many years since my cassette missing....
Purna Gurung
Please translation in english..who can it....
Natalia W
Amithofo Mr. Hgondo, I'm Natalia. I'm very happy when i read your comment, because it happened to me lately and makes me confused because I can't find the answer and I don't understand about cakra, every time I sing this sutra I'll lose control and start to cry. I'll be thankful if you want to explain what really happened. thank you very much. Amithofo
SumuncleSr Sadhu
That is Sanskrit in Tibet Version. In Thailand, people chant in Chinese too!
Siu ming Chan
It is powerful and led me to understand my past life more. 珍惜人生,快修此身心
Ursula Alice Tuderti
Me too.A special feeling of peace and serenity.
Rex Ng
Have a special feeling when i heard this...Love & Enjoying it
"Have you become more and more serene and poised (Sathvik) as the years go by, or are you the same dull or perhaps fiery individual? If you must know the Lord, you must love the Lord and lead your life with good conduct. Hatred or even indifference will result only in misunderstanding. Develop close association with the Lord and He will reveal Himself to you." - Baba Thought for the day as written at Prasanthi Nilayam today 3rd August 2013
Lylian Indigo
May you have a peaceful painfree exist my friend, may you attain nibbana, - fellow buddhist -
Cheryl Claussen
Peace and blessings
Breno Pagoto
Some people call it "Mantra Of Avalokiteshvara" (there are videos of this mantra here on youtube with this name)! What's the real name?
Hartojo Gondomulia
The 1st time I listened to the song I thought that the song was good. On 2nd time, I tried to sing the song following the text on screen while lived up to the song, the I felt that the song expanded my heart chakra, and around 5 minutes I sang the song, suddenly my tears came out of my eyes, not 1 or 2 drops, but flowed profusely, the I realized that it happened because of my heart chakra expanded near the maximum level, so the compassion energy from the chakra made me cry & heal my body & soul
r Negoro
Some people overdo it with the vegetarian thing, but the first step is being a nice guy, learning to love one another (compassion) then after that then we gain the knowledge and compassion to love animals. Most of the people who advocates vegetarianism don't really get the first step and loves to condemn others, reminds me of how christians MISCONSTRUE their religion saying that you heathens will all go to hell.
Nuttanun Wung
บทสวดมนตรา พระธืเบต เป็นทำนองที่ไพเราะ
Jean-Pierre Ecoffey
Tibet is not China
S Mart
Do not harm other beings. That is one of the main aspects of the noble eightfold path. No one who eats meat will ever attain moksha.
Jon Kasik
It is great to hear the Sanskrit. the pictures are wonderful. I chant the Chinese.
Hoàng Trung Nguyễn
a song very beautiful! I'm allway like and listinning it everyday...
Chandramohan Raman Pillai
This spiritual mantra is so magical, just hearing it will purify the whole body, mind and spirit. Its vibration is so powerful, chastening, and immediately quells the waves of the mind. The mantra grows on me, the more I hear it, the more I want to hear it again. I feel so blessed just by hearing it. Chandramohan R
quochung nguyen
verry good,
I love this mantra. I had no idea what it meant, but i loved to listen to it and and sing it (I still do it :) ) And I can feel my whole body vibrating ang tingling <3
Sherly Lin
is it bad if someone just chanting this mantra while they are on their bad conditions only ? we need to chant it every time, everyday not only on bad day or good day. ?? is buddhisms like this ?
Alex Chau
did you try?
Beautiful... My eyes are not what they used to be would be great if chant was larger for the partly blind. x
Benny Kuan Kim Chee
Mari zee NETTE
A note of correction for everyone, this mantra isn't The Great Compassion Dharani / Maha Karuna / Da Bei Zhou. This mantra is called "Eleven Head Avalokitesvara Mantra". It was said in the Sutra that .. If anyone chant this mantra wholeheartedly for 108 times every early morning from the time of 4am - 7am for a duration period of 3 months without any interuption, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva will appear in person in front of this practitioner and will grant him/her good wishes. Best wishes to all
julio namasthe
ปิยณัฐ ลัทธวัฒน์
นะโมรัตนตรายายะ นะโมอาริยะชานะ สักการา เปโรชานะ โยการะชายะ ตัททะกาทายะ อะระหะเต สังยาสัง พุทธายะ นะโมสัตวา กัตทะกาเตเต อะระหะตาเต สังยาสัง พุทธเตเต นะโมอริยะอะวะโลเกเต โชกะระยาพุทธิสัตวายะ มหาสัตวายะ มหาการุณิกายะ กายะทา โอม ธารา ธาระ ถิริ ถิรี ธูรู ธูรู อิติเวล อิติชาเล ชาเล กุระชาเล กุระชาเล กุสสุเม กุสสุมา วาเร อิมิมิริชชิติ โชกะระมะ ปะมะยาโชฮา...(ขอร่วมอนุโมทนาบุญด้วย)
Sanskrit is one beautiful language.
Linh Pham
thought that leads to more thoughts are common but thoughts that end in thought are the impeccable ldp
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