Saddest Video Ever! (Try Not To Cry Challenge)

saddest video evernigahigaryan higahigatv

After many request to do this, I finally attempted this challenge... but it's a little different from the usual.  In addition, I created the saddest video ever for YOU to do your try not to cry challenge!
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Ozan Toker
The best and saddest movie ever is "Hackiko"!!! EVERYONE WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!! Like if you enjoyed the movie. (seriously, watch it if you haven't yet.)
Umberto LaMatta
nigahiga has never pinned a comment!
Lachlan Gaming
Poor Greg...
Jabeicus GD
"How did he teleport like that?" I completely lost it.
Sofaria Hust
I dont cry.....Yayyyyy!!!
Fikri Nesimi
i just laughed
'BLUE BALLS' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Dawn of humanity
do a try not to sing challenge
aekam mohan
4:40 that's me.
Angel Dreemur Chan
Greg made me cry when he wasn't in it tbh
I laughed the hole time
Vanilla Orchid
This was more like a try not to laugh challenge tbh
Nash k.D.
hahahahaahahaah i loved it hahahaha
Sarah C
Popcorn trickshot
Im Garbage
R.I.P Greg
nathalie elkholy
Omg I can't stop laughing... Hahaha
β€’ Che ska β€’
I cried when Ryan threw the piece of popcorn to his mouth and it didn't make it

it was so so sad πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ”«
Random And Awkward
The paco one was the most sad ... like for real !! But I didn't cry !!
BestBrains Houston
"They're blue.. da boo dee da boo die" made me laugh so hard!
Lauren fuentes
Jordan S
just watch a dog geting beat by there master........tell me u won't cry. I DARE YOU
Rakhi Nundkoomar
That video wasn't sad
The Intertrainer gamer
i feel bad for greg XD
Peter And The Dudes
it made me laght ha ha.
not sad is funny
Reina Sophia Supetran
ryan, the one you throw up the popcorn? its back again at the popcorn bowl
Crucerescu Vlad
He is gonna have ants
try not to laugh
Frida Nilsson
I only cry to movies if the animal dies :( Usually the dog.
StarkinBoy Y T
it's not sad , it's Funny
Srishty Bindal
every video of Ryan should be try not to laugh challenge
Starry_Dragon Gaming
Lol-lolma Get it lolma
I laugh so hard when you throw the popcorn in your mouth and it dropped back in the bowl 🍚
Sherry Chen
I....cried sooo much, of laughter.
Paco at lunch...AHAHAHAHAHπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"How come the girl grows up but he never ages?...Is he Benjamin button?" I DIEEDDDπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thad too funny! From there on I just kept laughing my head off.
Ibad Rehman
more like a try not to laugh challenge
tom acorn
I ligit almost cried at one point
Molly Gibson
LOL NOT SAD!!!!!!!
Try not to cry..

nge challenge
Usotaku13 kid
the last Scene is the Saddest.....😭😭😭
Keahi Ohana
That popcorn though😹
David Kim
isnt shawn a shoulder so he is suppposed to not be scared of a girl
Andre Van Zark
that sad moment when you are the most important person in the group yet you don't get noticed much ...XD lol
TheBaconFamily - Plush Videos
This video made me laugh so hard I cried! That's why it's a try not to cry video...
AndyDoesMCPE -
I didn't even laugh I giggled
I cry at the Thailand/Asia Commercials
Half The Heart
I did cry......I cried of laughter xD

And no I'm not blaming it on the onions, Ryan you are amazing.
Emily Plays
Turtles Are awsome998234973
R.I.P Greg
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