Saddest Video Ever! (Try Not To Cry Challenge)

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After many request to do this, I finally attempted this challenge... but it's a little different from the usual.  In addition, I created the saddest video ever for YOU to do your try not to cry challenge!
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Marshmello P
When Greg spoke, (;__;)

I cried, I actually cried...
Kayven Low
Sry i have no heart to cry...
goize_gamer vue
it made me cry

so much
Jabber Mouth
I cried of laughterπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lillmopl :3
The only movie that maked me cry was Koe no katachi
The paco one was legit sad
Nike Lemercier
Nothing sadder than what happened at the end T_T (XD)
Super Vegito
This should be a try not to laugh challenge
Laugh challenge
I cAnt bREathe Ryan reacting to the Pixar stuff OMG "wait why'd she fall?" "how did he teleport?" I miss Minnesota too did you know the lakers are from there cause they have a lot of lakes" "she's so blue her hairs blue blue balls blue be doo be die"
Nate Kovo
tee hee was missing

i cried
Gamer Boy
Blue kite omg lol I'm dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
anika maxis
The last part got me DEAD LFMAO
Roy Huang
OMG SOOOOO SAD, #exaggeration
Razor X11
I feel sorry for Greg.
A Random Tacosaurus
6:55 i cried. I cant believe its over! After all of that!
Nicola Mott
That really made me cry😭 .............. OF LAUGHTER πŸ˜‚ no offence but SOME of it was acc kinda funny
Sola Paller
Dear Ryan can you watch a sad video while your laughing
Nerdy Cat
When I saw the title I immediately know that Ryan is not actually going to watch a full sad video seriously
I Laughed with tears, does this count ?
Poor Greg, he's never in any videos so, Greg, I hope your knee gets soon buddy :)
tarique siddiqui
Dear Ryan can you do magic
Janna Galbraith
Ninja popcorn!
JHOPE's Toxic Angel
Omg.. my tear are dripping this was the saddest video I ever saw 😭😭 like... Greg could even be in the video.. 😭
Amanda Dahl
Not sad at all
Elisabeth Simon
I laughed at all them
Jason Haxon
Who else noticed Ryan's popcorn dropped into the bowl?
Kitten Heart 1000
Popcorn trick shots
Pippi longsoX
I cried lol
JOKES ON YOU! My life is a try not to laugh challenge
anime Fangirl
hahaha !!!! change it to try not to laugh challenge
Adnane Azami
more like try not to laugh challenge
raymond dang
I cried when paco was at lunch and Greg was lifted out 😭😭😭😭
thumbs up if your paco at lunch
Unicorn army
The first one is called to this day
DaFluxNetChamp FTW
i was suprised when the title was in Swedish but then i realised that;

I am stupid.
eee uuu
i cryed when rem got rejected
eee uuu
I died when he said how the lakers got there name
"Pixar's known to be happy."

Clearly you haven't seen many Pixar movies.
Shole Gaming
Me when I hear the words "Disney Pixar,"

Is it me or do some people watch this
And don't laugh.
Like if you don't laugh....
#i don't have feelings right?
I'm sure somebody's got to reply
Ellyn Wong
Dear Ryan, can you wear a dress and take sexy photos of yourself
Skyle Nexo
Plot Twist:It was actually a try not to laugh challenge (and we all failed it xD)
Winston C
He looks at the bowl for a split second in the last slo motion clip
Winston C
Couldnt agree more with Quadnumber.........btw the very first clip he watches is from Ted Talks
The paco at lunch on was actually sad tho
Squeeve AJ
One like= one camera man given a role in a Pixar film πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mohammad Afana
I started crying at the kite part
KennyPlayZX 21
Paco at lunch made me cry so hard
Mandy 228
When you dropped the popcorn and it landed in the bowl I died of laughter πŸ˜†
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