THE BEGUILED - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters June 23

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“The Beguiled” is an atmospheric thriller from acclaimed writer/director Sofia Coppola. The story unfolds during the Civil War, at a Southern girls’ boarding school. Its sheltered young women take in an injured enemy soldier. As they provide refuge and tend to his wounds, the house is taken over with sexual tension and dangerous rivalries, and taboos are broken in an unexpected turn of events.

John Galt
Another bad trailer - they give too much detail away (AGAIN). When are you Hollywood idiots gonna learn how to not give away the entire movie in a trailer? You're trying to MAKE money, right?
Cool trailer but horrible movie
Rezwana Shetu
Can anyone tell me where can i watch this online?
is this movie worth watching or should i watch war of planet of apes??
Worst.Movie.Remake.Ever!!! Every comment indicating that the entire movie is contained in the trailer is 100% right. Sophia, if you're going to invest the $ on a great project, hire amazing actors, use awesome scenery, then why, oh, why bother creating such a boring, tone-deaf movie? No bite, no bark, not even remotely interesting! What was the point of this? So the actors could parade around looking awesome? One that level, you succeeded. The original film, which I saw as a teenager in 1971 was compelling as hell, Eastwoods McB was menacing & manipulative, Geraldine Page was fantastic, even the little girl who played Amy was super compelling. And you omitted Mattie!!! What a crime!!! If you bother to make a movie, don't gut it before you even start, then try to thrust it on us as if it's something of quality. I know the Academy is going to fawn all over this drek, but please, for the love of cinema, please rethink this whole subtle approach.
Paulette Ivanovic
They cut his leg off bc he was pushed down the stairs 🤷🏽‍♀️
That's my kind of Harem Anime.
becky toner
My friend and I went to the movies yesterday and watched this. It was AWFUL! Luckily we laughed about how TERRIBLE it was! Really, really bad movie.
Sylvia Bazan
I went to see this movie and it was the most boring movie ever! Literally! Ugh!
Michael Cygnus
I love Coppola, but I think it's a shame that she gave Dunst the role of a black woman. The film industry is already filled with white actors, and it's still difficult for black actors to get proper roles. I was disappointed that she didn't stick to the real story as it can be read in the novel. Furthermore her excuses about the fact that young people watch her movies and that she didn't want to portray black people in a wrong way made me more upset. Just a lousy excuse. Very sad for the credibility of the film as well as Coppola as a film director.
Xein Barrios
to the people complaining about figuring out the whole plot, you probably didnt. the trailer is very misleading.
Jonah Thompson
Im a little confused about the story arc here
this isn't a trailer... this was the film
Ali Walker
ashame the trailer gives the whole plot away
Jill Jacks
this movie was a waste of time. generic plot, visually uninteresting. what's her face always plays the same sluggish "I'm pretty" role. (20 century women) A 5 minute movie dragged along for 90 min. getting tired of these naval gazing chick movies.
I think the trailer editor had to be the movie's director... It's way better than the actual movie.
Tina Baker
did anyone else watch this and think: OMG ITS MR GRAVES!!! or was that just me?
Mahsa Rafia
The most boring movie I have ever seen. Terrible!
Nining Pratiwi
Rеaаaally niсеe moооvie. I fоoоund it hereee =>
Михаил Прибыткин
Тhееее Beguilеd mоviееее hеrеееe =>
Bryan G.
Worst movie ever. Don't let the trailer fool you.
is this one different from the 1971 version. because it seems to be the exact same just different actors.
Curtis Hall
Reminds me of the others
Vanessa Lynn
Well I just saw the whole movie...
Finaаllyуy I've found hd Тhеее Bеeguileeееd movie hеreee =>
Clorox Meme
The movie is basically in the whole trailer itself
Кристина Зайцева
Theee Beguileeеed hd movie here =>
the silhouette is very inaccurate for the 1860's, look up 1860's fashion and see its nothing like the clothing here
Tim Green
Someone should make a top ten list of good movies with even better trailers. The trailer tells the whole movie. And it's better than the movie.
CutZy McCall
Freud would have a field day with this film: it's prettily pitiless. Sofia Coppola gives the finger to (slays her) male mentors in the film industry (including Daddy Dearest and Karl Lagerfeld). It doesn't do much to advance the cause of women. It just makes us look like evil hussies. Not that we aren't that way on occasion, but who isn't? It was beautiful and the wardrobe was to die for, but when it was over I just felt icky. P.S. I usually love her movies, especially Marie Antoinette.
Frank Sarmiento
Bunk ass movie!!!!
Katy Wathen
Dang they ruined the movie, they already showed everything in the dang trailer.
Too Many People
I just saw the original. Sofia Coppola is fucking clueless.
So this is basically a harem anime gone wrong?
George Sibley
Gives away the damn ending! The final shot of the entire film is in the trailer!
war set in the civil war south... where are all the black people?
June Butler
This movie ended abruptly and was not good
D.j Whitaker
didn we have a movie like this al ready ? I keep thinking back to far clint Eastwood. days. ?
The Gates At Coral bay
I am a fucking whore and I love nigger dick
Nicole Adams
This movie looks great! Such amazing actresses! I can't wait to see it!
Pennylane is Almost famous
I Cannot wait to see this movie it looks so amazing!!!!!
Amanda Elliott
Has anyone seen the original with Clint Eastwood? It's a cult classic.
This trailer manages to both be deceptive while also giving away the entire plot of the movie (just saw it).

The film is much tamer than this trailer makes it seem.
Cristina Coeto
MooMoo Squiggles
I just saw this movie last night and this trailer is extremely misleading I was so disappointed
Priscilla Chavez
I can not find this movie in the theater so disappointed 😔 i really wanted to watch it
Lissie Chamberlain
They not play with he lean his lesson lol
Kimber Lee
They cut off his leg not his penis and in the original he was poisoned by mushrooms not pie
Kimber Lee
I saw the original movie w/ clint Eastwood and it showed the women's point of view then, coopla says she redid the move to show their point of view and she even left out the character Hallie who was a slave and had a nice size part in the original movie. I don't think this film will be as good as the original.
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