Incredible Octopus Catch!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote sets off on an another aquatic adventure to find the ever elusive Octopus! 

Octopuses, one of the most intelligent animals that can be found in tidal pools, have extremely accurate camouflage. In fact, their camouflage is so incredible at concealing themselves among the rocks and sand that an adult Octopus has been the one marine creature that has consistently eluded the Brave Wilderness team since they launched Beyond on Tide earlier this year…so will today be the day their luck turns around?

Get ready to see if Coyote can finally catch the Octopus he's been searching for!   

*Special thanks to Aron Sanchez for making this adventure possible. To learn more about Aron's amazing field work please visit his YouTube channel or his Instagram @waterbod

Our new series Beyond the Tide explores the mysterious world of the ocean and brings you closer than ever to its most fascinating creatures. Whether it’s tide pools, lagoons or the deepest depths of the sea Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew will take you there! 

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Sergio Hernandez
the sea cucumber looks like a pickle
do you guys think the octomom has an octopuss?
crizel francsisco
Its squidward! 🐙
Rocket Player
Sean Del Pilar
plural of octopus is octopodes
I started listening at 1:45
Evie Burke
he is crazy
David Flores
Camouflage game strong
David Flores
"They actually breed, with their butts"
Kylie Richardson
that's terrifying
tgtryghgy gttrgyh
Coyote: He looks like a pickle
Alicia Imbert
Am I the only one who thought that an octopus would be bigger than that? 🐙
Juan miguel senrico Deliva
I love this buggest fan pls reply to this comment
NothinToo GT
im scared when you step on the water. you dont know you might have stepped on a octopus or a slug or other creatures.
Richard Merck Rivera
it is actually octopodes
John Whitman
For you cod fans he found a bespectacled cephalopod XD
Addinia Jr Chueiluk
there was just a brittle star next to the octopus when you got it
Pixel The Box
Super Alfa
Lima .peru
Mesak 7700
If you have a fidget spinner like the comment
Agnes Denis
Poor animals :(
NyteBlayde 904
I would have laughed if coyote got inked. like if you agree
Jackie Morley
I read that book📰📰
Jennifer Maher
I love climbing along the shorelines in Newfoundland and finding starfish!
when there is a group of squid, are they called.... a "squad"?
aRMANd Sants
i like animal
Farouq Ramlan
Farouq Ramlan
if he just got sting by a bee he feels like he just get poked my a pencil
miksu awx
That octopus is from Pirates of the caribbean
The Vlogging Spaniel
my favourite octopus us the glowing sucker octopus. What is everyone else's?
Champ Za
baby davy jones
Matthew Ceranski
3:07 How high was coyote here?
Belle Casabuena
why did they call it a sea cucumber when it looks like a pickle? -_-
RJ Pierce
Sea cucumber is famous where I live (saipan), we call them "bubulate", and we throw them at each other!
you think you can find an alligator?
Another fact about the plural of octopus. it's octopodes...
I did it for the cat girls
who keeps an octupus as a pet? not in a small tank I hope. they're extremely intelligent. I think they're actually known for escaping because they simply open whatever you have them in and strut off
kawaii_neko 123
can you go to the leopard
Ciaran Brock
I love this channel because It teaches you and is entertaining at the same time!
there was a pink smaller octopus before u put that one in the continer!
mirror man
I swear octopuses are aliens biding there time to take over the planet
Pootis Policeman: Sgt. Spook
The plural for octopus is octopedies
wat if i've been eating sea cucumbers instead of pickles my whole life
Pool of Nothing
I know brah
X Forshaw
When there is actually two octopuses at 5:00
TheWalterDhil - YoutubeGaming
opening??? 3:50
you're welcome :)
lorena aguilera
Why would anyone dislike his videos
lulu castro
this is so cool he found a lot of creaters
jaychi chocholowski
Octopus bite?
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