29 Facts about European Royalty - mental_floss List Show Ep. 520

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A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John shares some bizarre facts about European royalty through the years!

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Everette Bradfute
Georgie Corgi
Yes, John, we have a goat, very silly. But you have the second amendment and frequent mass murders. Not a joke, just murder.
julianna weil
You forgot to mention that Norway has knighted a penguin named Nils Olav. He currently lives in the Edinburgh Zoo :)
AAF Soprts & Entertainment
blaa halaaa need help
Katie Mechenbier
I used to dog-sit two corgis named Dalai (as in Lama) and Imzadi (as in the Star Trek book).
Kathryn Ragsdale
Show the Hameau de la reine! Its way cooler than the Orangery that you chose.
Nugnug Gaming
Honey ,doodles
'koningsdag' or kings day is always celibated on the birthday of the present monarch. King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands didn't change the day to his birthday. It's tradition that the day changes when a new monarch comes to power to the birthday of that presiding monarch.
m e h
Used the wrong picture for don pedro, the picture you used was the Don Pedro I of Brazil when Brazil was a monarchy.
Ann Wright
And that's not even the grossest story about D. Pedro I.
Alyson Roark
My corgi is named Earl
Philippe of Belgium is not in line for the British monarchy, unless parliament changes the Laws of Succession. As a Roman Catholic, he is ineligible to inherit the throne.
Corgi Name: Mandrew. Definitely, Mandrew.
Edgar Rogelio Garcia Hernandez
Please make more Life Hacks videos! :D :)
Kurt Elsner
Corgi McCorgface
How many French Kings have been beheaded?
Arnold is an adorable name for a Corgi! I think PIB (stands for pig in blanket) might be intetesting.
Elizabeth Sanchez
Corgi Name: Korgina
I knew a corgi named Bailey
Nawid N.
Why do you have the exact same intonation in the first 5 seconds of every Mental Floss episode?
Traci Morales
Our corgi's name was Milo, because as my dad said: "He's My Low dog."
Bridget Maryalice
Corgi name: Lord Chester McFluffybottom
Candace Jones
A corgi named Rhubarb!!!!
Carlos Villa
I like the name Tegan for a cute puppy.
Robert Neal
Igor C would be a clever name for a Corgi.
Jethro Gibbs
yet your country is “ruled” by an orange moron, sorry, fucking moron.
John S
Corgi name: Yogi
My name for a corgi: Sir Preston.
Maxwell is a good corgi name
Charli Y
Stephanie Raymond
I think a good name for a corgi is Walter
Allison M
My husband wants two corgis named Andy and Ollie.
Adam Fergie
Don’t look down on the UK for goats when y’all have a Trump 😋
David Leshchiner
Frak u Squash is an addicting game Prince Phillip should receive none of the blame
B Things
My dog is half-corgi. His name is Harry.
Jessica Rackley
Stouffers is a great name for a Corgi
Don Raja
Their all blood related
clara chevalier
Joanna (Juana la Loca) did not exactly refuse to bury her husband, she just did not want to do it right away: she toured around Castille to find the most beautiful and special place in the kingdom and then bury him there. The problem was that it took her several months, and also that it happened during the summer, and maybe that she made the body travel along with her... that woman was great.
Madalin Lowe
Catholics can't ascend the British and Commonwealth thrones, so Philippe of Belgium is not around 1000th in line.
It's King Philippe guys, do your research
Edward Burridge
Best Corgi give ever met is named Sir Reginald Wigglesworth
The only name for a corgi is Ian. Or Lisa, if she's a she.
Liliane Janssen
Commenting on the dutch birthday one; thank god it's not everywhere lol. There are designated arwas people can set up their stand. Otherwise it would be chaos xD
Corgi names: Rump-art, Back-Sir, and Shute
Corgi name: Bonsai
Vincent Adultman
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