No Handshake For You Merkel, Watch Trump Totally Snub Angela Merkel

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President Trump completely snubs German Chancellor Angela Merkel by refusing to shake her hand upon the media’s request. Merkel is visiting the White House for a key summit with President Donald Trump. Topics of discussion will include NATO, Trade and Ukraine. There’s a huge contrast between the two leaders, Merkel being a globalist while Trump a nationalist.  Trump has also called Merkel's migration policy "catastrophic", while she has heavily criticized his Muslim ban.

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Dieser mann ist respektlos .
Why do white guys like trump have the audacity to accuse non white men of rape when THEY have been the biggest rapists of all time, as well as the biggest misogynists? From Jack the Ripper to the Hillside Strangler to many others, white men have always been anti female. Trump especially, with his 'grab women by the pussy' comments. I'm Asian and female so I see this all the time. White American guys are the biggest misogynists of all white guys. White guys are not woman friendly.
Homa Simpson
She does not deserve respect or a handshake she is a torrorist sympathiser and destroyer of her country and the worst ledder Germany has ever had , destroying everything everyone has worked so hard to do for Germany in history , destroyed by one evil woman.
He did shake her hand anyway just not on camera and the fake news told more lies.
Nicholas Farmer
Trumps your daddy
Ken Grassa
Libtards have and are destroying the eu
wilfred zielinski
who would shake her hand she has blood on them well done mr trump to see this was the best LOL SO MUCH
ken steinke
Merkel is destroying Germany with liberal fascism. Wish he'd punched her in the face.
When you don't want your opinion to be one dimensional as most of the comments here are consider the following:
Trump behaves childish. Either he doesn't consider it or it doesn't matter to him... anyway this is seen as immature in the eyes of millions around the globe. And Trump stays true to his believes as he demonstrates it in this video.
- Now the one who is yelling just one word, a name, a phrase, one simple thought over and over again and even thinks himself having a differentiated opinion by that... he is a dickhead
He just doesn`t want to get shit on his hand that`s all.....
i wouldn't shake nether 1 of these 2 hands, both are scary both are leading there countries down the toilet..
earth shaker
what a waste of presidency...trump is fake
rob dunn
good call judas. "Do what we say trump, and you'll get a treat". He's not a monkey. He shook her hand several times throughout the day. The left media is so negative.
Mayan Wilf
Best joke ever! classy woman vs rich merchant.
Andrej Hacher
Im from Europe, and Germany try destroy europe again... Today they have no balls use army, so they use migrants.... Russians should never leave Berlin.... Fuck Merkel, and imigrations, !!!!! We hate germany again...bravo, madam Merkel !!!! Thirs time in last 100 years, everybody start hate germany again....
Warner Bauer
Merkel is a traitor. Traitors are usually hanged. So not getting a handshake is rather mild retribution. The fight continues. Thank God Trump knows how to handle feminist bitches.
Ken Vance
Before any of you dimwits comment, just take 2 minutes and look up some info on Merkel. Maybe you'll understand why Trump didn't shake her hand.
Rosalie DeGregory
So, Merkel comes over to offer bribes to Trump to agree not to prosecute Hillary, McCain, or whatever. He gives her a handshake on camera. Money ends up in the President's account and the hateful, controlled, lying media put out the story that he took a bribe--an impeachable offense. Who are the idiots in conversations about his refusal?
troy onan
My respect for Trump has now skyrocketed.
claire coker
Fake news! There are photos of the two of them shaking hands on that day. I saw them!
Mein Gott, diese dumme Kuh und Islamisiererin, die unser Land zerstört. Ab zu Erdogan, dort soll sie im Harem verschimmeln. Häßliches Weib. FUCK MERKEL! I have the right to say so as a German.
loule francis
le cochon rose la merde quel pauvre folle trump fou la dehors quelle aille se faire tiré par les réfugiés
Pamela Prizant
They shook hands at the beginning of the press conferencewhen the press was asking such stupid irrelevant questions!! Stop with the criticizing!!
Clive Mainwaring
I agree with you Rocky 19421, Francine, and Sebastian, what a bad ass Trump is on this occasion, maybe he is not aware that he is permanently on the stage of the world?
Clive Mainwaring
So much for detent
It is so Great to have a Real American leading the U.S.A. again ! .
Mark Wilson
You don't shake thw hand of someone you have no tespect for
Tretown Tret
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Not anny handshake´a to nazi german U.E dictator angela merkel . THANKS MR. PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A. D. Trump. THAKS TO YOU !
Not handsshake to german Adolf Hitler snake angela merkel
He's waiting for another...
Fatih Sayın
Turkey ❤️Trump 🇹🇷🇺🇸
Umm they did shake hands before . What crape is this
kieanna Jones
Can we get use to this?this not how any President has ever been, it seems unreal.
Joanne Ber
You rude, arrogant bully, shame on you and the people who voted 4 you if they think any President should act with such disrespect to any other world leader, I apologize on behalf of our Narcissitic/Rude/ Arrogant President Chancellor Angela Merkel
Whostrolling Who
Go Trump you are the Man🇺🇸
Faithful Christian
Trump better be nice to Angela Merkel. She's the EU anchor and the EU banker!
Carlene Cook
We are not to agree with wickedness, and if he found her stance anti-America, people, and pro New World Order what agreement does light have with darkness????
Carlene Cook
Shanking hands in their first encounter did take place, but after many talks Trump found that they were not in agreement, and that he was not going to shake her hand to pretend that they were. He was revealing that he is not ok with her stance or position and will not act like he is.
Joanne Ber
whoa he was such a douche, sorry Ms. Prime Minister, our President is a nasty Narcisissit and extremely rude!
Carmen Santiago
Francine Lifestyle
Our President is a Bad Ass!!!🤘🏼
Thank you so much Trump
from istanbul
Corinne Staver
would you shake Satan's hand?
Lee Misiak
Trump is disqusted
tan rik
Rude idiot
Sebastian Lind
She is destroying EU that was great in the early 90s, she deserves to die.
Jeffory Shultz
Ah! After reviewing this from several sources, The President did nt want to derail from the photo op by being prompted by the press into an artificial posture. The president explained this to the Chancellor.
V So
Trump dreads Merkel mocking his tiny hand, like he afraid being mocked by his Russian whore his tiny penis. That is why he like golden shower instead.
Jnl Jnl
don't think I'd shake hittler daughters hand either.
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