Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Story Trailer

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Relive the story of the undead in Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles, the ultimate remastered Zombies collection from Treyarch, creators of the original Call of Duty Zombies saga.  

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles arrives first on PS4 on May 16th. 

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YmcbBlackout 404
2018 hype for black ops 4 next year
breakdance person
Back to the old days
RIP BO3 will be missed :(
Carmentha Joanna
yea I am hyped for dlc 6 too:-)
Jacob Montoya
Is it weird that I want to cry just thinking about my old memories playing classic zombies with my friends back in the day of WAW all the way to now?😭
AzN Jerald
Infinity Ward
We got MWR


Hold My Beer
Angel of death
What is this song
Watching this even though WW2 is out, it's just the nostalgia
Angel Aguilera
TDbannans S
I’m pretty sure that her pajamas are the bomb monkey
Joseph Ceda
Hey... uh... why were the swastikas replaced?
Ahmad S
Who's Still watching this
Tyson Martin
Awesome trailer two
Tyson Martin
Wait was that samantha shaking the snowglobe? Awesome!
saul xD
Mob of the dead es necesario
Brian Soukeroff
Beautiful. Treyarch zombies will live on!
Baha Kaan
i imagine how the danball senki w meets call of duty zombies will be .in my opinion this would be good thing
gooonzalo ruiz
Björn Hellström
The maps that should been remastered in dlc 5 is 5 call of the dead 4 buried 3 Nuketown 2 Five 1 Mob of the dead
SgE Chop
best trailer in gaming history.
dani crack
Kino the best
dani crack
O my god
Willy Nino
Treyarch y'all do it best
Its Jd Gaming
5 months later still watching this! Best trailer ever
Joe mamma Pereira
I remember when this first came out, this will be nostalgia forever.
is this every single zombies map
the golden master yolo
What is the song?
Davon Hall
I smacked my step brother
v Sihx
On peut dire que se jeux sa a bercée mon enfance ptddr je kiff
Still remembering waking up like it was Christmas morning and watching this teaser all day!
Maaz Otared
i have cod black ops 3 ,i have complete this game,i am so happy
Kenzo Shliik
Que de bon souvenirs ce dlc 5👌🏻👌🏻
David Ramos
Ww2 will be Good but after that I'm pretty much lost for cod .
David Ramos
This is the end of treyarch . For treyarch zombies .
Manuel Amaya
Chronicles 2
Tranzit (money in the bank)
Die rise (money in the bank)
Buried (money in the bank)
Whatever in other map from waw or bo1 because I forgot the name of the map.
Tony Xk9
Samantha... This a end zombie game ? Really...! F*CK
ameen yousef
I need to get round in origians
Oliver The III
I got a suggestion, if the ps5 come out and Black ops IV comes out, well y'all should make a full dlc for 99.99 with "ALL" zombies maps, that would be cool a.f, no lie. Please do it one day ;-;
When you relize that this is Treyarch’s way of saying goodbye to Black Ops Zombies 😭😭
Nolan Soucy
One of the best song ever.
Redemption 115
Jason Todd
Selling a zombies chronicle code never used for $10 ill accept amazon codes its not a scam either bc i bought 2 by mistake😂 so hmu on ig:itsme99884
I skipped exams in cisco for this dlc, hurts to see everyone so dead in the community rn
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