Miss Bhelle
seru banget iya semoga ada Bahubali3
bithe ahmed
I didn't understand one thing that , who is the mother of Bhallaladeva's son in this film ?
Allen Legendkiller
can you please tell me where did I get this full song...
Shiva Shankar
Ajith Appukuttan
What is even the purpose of this video, this doesnt relate to Bahhubali 2 o_O
Gopalkishnnip Gopalkishna
。 。。。。
Gopalkishnnip Gopalkishna
。 。。。。
Gopal 752
that all scenes are from part 1 ra
S.N. ViswanathReddy
U F*** Admin!!!
Bala Gangadhar
Mogambo Kush huvaa..! :-D
Mahaboob Basha
Sunil Malipeddi
Abbey saala.. why your showing part 1 trailer.. fuck off
Rohit Bhagwat
super se uper
yanira vallejos perez
es la mejor pelicula q e visto
Durgaprasad DurgaPrasad
Rinu C Abraham
good film
Reshma khatoon
I like
Rodger Roid
at 0:57 no refletion of fire in water hmm and shodows are missing
Aditya Pathania
Bhen k lodo ye trailer thodu h
ravi kiran
song name please
Urvish Bhatt
name of song??
Shankar Rathod
maxamed cabdullahi
i like it
maxamed cabdullahi
i like it
snake eyes
Nivi KR
Was the song in English or was it just me? But why?
แม่ เจฟ อรรจน์สมัชญ์ โลนันท์
dude this guy in trailer breaks laws of psychics, makes it unrealistic.
name of the movie i cant understand
Papu Dey
What the heck???? where is the new trailer.....these are only the scenes of baahubali
vaibhav waekar
bahubali is amazing move
रोहित सिंह
मादरचोदों का बुड है बाॅलीबुड
फिल्में हिंदी में नंबरिंग (क्रेडिट्स) ईंग्लिश में
ये खाते हिंदी का हैं
बजाते अंग्रेजी की हैं
इनकी माँ, बहन, बेटी, बीवी की चड्डी से ले के
बँगला पैसा शौहरत सब हिंदी से
पर पर्दे पर मादरचोद अंग्रेजी लिखेंगे
इनसे अच्छे तो तालिबानी हैं
जो अपनी भाषा का सम्मान करते हैं
मादरचोदो अंग्रेजी इतनी ही अच्छी लगती है
तो फिल्में भी अंग्रेजी में बनाओ न
साले गद्दारो
Jagdish Kumar
very nice
Rakesh Kumar
wonderful and great movie
يوميات ابو رضا
avanish ranjan
It's a really great pic of art.
Arun Manokath
a run
Arun Manokath
a run
Arun Manokath
mano kan
Furkhan Ali
Hindus are fuckers
vitna THANKI
I think that the waterfall in the movie is artificially created
this song could have been little more longer
Singh YT
I saw full movie bahubali it's amazing movie
Sundar K
I watched in theatre in July, on MaaTV and SetMax last week. Amazing film with spellbound graphics true to life taking, apt casting, brilliant direction by namma Rajamouli. No alternative to Hero Prabhas and even Rana. Excellent movie, just waiting for Part2.
Alan Vajram
this is the best film
gulabjaan2010 gulabjaan2010
I am waiting for movies
Devendr 89garwal369
Biggest movie In India
vasu apollo
Prabhas your my favourite actor other than Prabhas no one will match for Bahubali
Md.rahin 89@gmail.com
Thea supper moves
Tiger King
i like bahubali awesome
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