China 'seriously concerned' over North Korea missile warnings

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China's foreign ministry has expressed 'serious concern' over its ally North Korea's warning of further missile tests and the eventual possibility of nuclear war.

Ministry spokesman Lu Kang told a press briefing that Beijing was firmly opposed to any words or actions that could further provoke tensions.

"I have noted the recent report. China expresses serious concern with recent trends about North Korea's nuclear and missile development. China is unswerving in its commitment to realising the dā€¦

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Brandon Hackbarth
Any country thay wasnt threatend by NK can stay the f@&? out of all this. That how we avoid a big war. But of course everybody has to protect their assets.
don quattrocchi
I believe China using it's influence is the only country that can prevent this coming war.
Lava Fart
Mongoloids, they eat anything with an eyeball...
China probably sold them nukes and are worried now they use them while everyone thinks their shooting blanks šŸ˜œ
algerdron tievst
china set to lose much following america , rember hiroshima nagasaki agent orange
Lu Kang wins fatality!
Visteo Bman
Look at North Korea's proximity to China... then think about that crazy little fat kid ....and an American president that had to ask 3 times why he couldn't use nuclear weapons.
The one nonly
He should look after his people .... and stop playing war games Likely gets his ideas from his X box
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