When Your Doctor Is Hot

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Maybe getting sick this year wouldn't be a bad thing.

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Jake Hunter

somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me
i'm pretty sure most doctors are in their 40s
Ren Kurosawa
Humans are programmed to find other humans sexually attractive so they can reproduce.There is nothing wrong with a man finding a woman hot and there is nothing wrong with a woman finding a man hot.
Dan Pahomi
Men are not objects
Jon Rogers
oh the hypocrisy
frenchie girl in the usa
The doctor that did my surgery was absolutely the hottest Doctor. When he spoke to me I had no idea what he was talking about all I could do was nod my head. Then two days later for my follow-up appointment there he was again I have no idea what his name was lol.
Oneallah Byrd
Men are not objects buzzfeed
Persona non grata
So, what if the same guy would clean the floor in your office? Hmm...
this is sexist
emily gross
she's Jewish!
Adri The cat
"When buzzfeed runs out of ideas"
Hah! My new doctor is sweet and cute. I adoooore it when he finds my triggerpoints on my back for my injections. Closest I've come to intimacy in years... :P
This is why there shouldn't be hot doctors :'D
Patrick Hassan
bye-bye buzzfakefeed
she looks like shes into weird stuff.
Switch the genders and I bet that they'd call it sexist and objectification.
PC how-to
Omg this video is so sexist the doctor is a straight white male
Who is this woman impersonating Sara!
Reverse the roles here. I bet my life and life savings that some women would lose it.
Godzilla John
Jesus saves people from their sins
the trademark hams necklace that me and all of my friends have omg 😂
Alex Hurd
http://www.gofundme.com/gm-raising-money-for-mind everyone go support MIND charity run in Brighton, even if you can't donate. Don't forget to share the link!!
Darth Mufasa
Then he goes home to blow his boyfriend.
why are you objectifying him. hes not just a peice of meat you sexists
Jacob Hager
How dare you objectify men like this
Ethan M
she's sexually objectifying him.
john potter
so hot
Now imagine if instead of a man the Doctor was a woman, and instead of a woman the patient was a man. Of course not, because that would be wrong, right BuzzFeed?
hasan munir
when your doctor is obease
Nicole Kotrola
when you realize she's wearing the same necklace as you
5 years in med school and I still haven't found these hot ones.
Hankeol Kwon
Patrick Dempsy
beth cross
Why is this perfectly okay but if we did the same video about a hot female doctor there would be an issue? Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy?
Rachel Bald
Of the small percentage of people who happen to get a hot doctor an even smaller amount of people actually think these thoughts. In all this is probably relatable to like..3 people.
Y'all need to shut the **** up. It's okay to objectify males because they haven't been systematically discriminated against.
Cynthia Be Derpin'
Is this the start of a porno?
Random British Guy
Wait... You have to get checkups yearly when you're an adult? oups
Nishta Mital
she wearing a hamsa?
when your physiotherapist is hot...
Sherlock rolls his eyes in a corner 😅
Mini Mixers
when your so scared of doctors.... and legit can't go in to see one even if you are sick
When your doctor is HOT
and is a BOTTOM .
i mean hes cute but hes not Jensen Ackles
L. Cs.
what's the name of the hottie doctor? :D
Lingfeng Zhen
That doctor looks gay. She has the hots for a gay.
why does the doctor have to be male?
...then he kisses the male nurse outside - realized he already has a man in his life ~ goodbye fantasies!
I understand that it was exaggerated for the video (i think/hope), but no one expresses what their thinking with facial expressions like that.
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