Venomous Snake Devours a Python Whole in This Rare Video | National Geographic

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A snake eating another snake is not a common sight. While eastern brown snakes such as the one seen in this video have been known to eat smaller snakes, it's rare to see one attempt to swallow something as big as this carpet python.
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Filmed by Sally and Norm Hill from N&S Snake Catchers, the footage captures the eastern brown meticulously devouring a python on a family's back patio. The snake was given three hours to eat before being relocated away from people, where it slithered off unharmed after its filling meal

Venomous Snake Devours a Python Whole in This Rare Video | National Geographic

National Geographic

Chetan Bahri
That snakes anus is going to hurt so bad the next day after having a meal that big.
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Oh, he dead.
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Poor carpet python
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Bad Company
Of coarse he is gonna eat it whole...what did you expect..him to pull out his fork and steak knife and cut it into tiny bite size pieces...?lol
Narasimma Raj
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thank u
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Ajay Mahto
nice video
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When my mother saw this she screamed and ran outside
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I've got both types of these living around my house... No shit
Mohamed Abdul Karim Hasan
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But not today
Bryce Martin
that was cool
Evil Jess 1.0
yea sure hole yep I did not see that snake fully in the other snakes mouth lies lies
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