New Coco Trailer: Pixar Sees Dead People

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This morning, Pixar released a teaser trailer for their next animated film, Coco, featuring a story inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead.
Official Trailer:

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Andrew Cuthbertson
"It's this huge holiday that's centuries old and takes place every year.." yeah, that's kinda what a holiday is...
prince apoopoo
Thank god I played enough Grim Fandango to understand/research some of the cultural references that were in the trailer
Delisha Renee
I'm really interested in seeing Coco. I am also glad to see more cultures and other life lesson concepts make more appearances on he big screen for kids
glory bee
At 0:49 I was thinking of the part of ratatouille when a tape of Gustav shows him talking about how anyone can cook.
TickTock productions 222
I just realized the boy died
the dog probably got is name from Dante inferno
Yulius Sentausa
Am I the only one seeing Ratattouille in the trailer? The vibe, the back story, the intrepid father figure.
Francisco Vega
David Griffin looks like Jason Sudeikis
Rebecca Robinson
This movie feels like a pretty bit of nothing. I imagine it's probably just going to be like a well-animated Christmas special, like the polar express. Trying to sink its roots in as a holiday classic that doesn't need to be necessarily memorable or have an interesting plot to make people watch it time and time again.
What on the screen splash for this movies does Joe suddenly look like Alan Alda????? ;)
I have that green r-2d2 shirt
Josesito Comunica
no la voy a ver, nunca nos representan bien en las peliculas
Mark R
Is not based on a Telenovela, the kid is inspired by the Gold Cinema of Mexico and that artist is based of Pedro Infante the greatest celebrity that Mexico could bring to the world.
You guys should invite
to discuss Pixar movies! That could be awesome!
(1:04) Who let Disgust in?
Das Floof
I think it's great that Pixar is finally making a Latino-centered film, especially with all the stupid border wall talk, but I hope in the future they also make movies about other Latin American countries. Speaking as a Colombian-American, American media has this annoying tendency to think of all Latino/as as Mexican, when Latin American culture is insanely diverse.
really should have invited some mexican people to explain some of the cultural easter eggs
Your Boi LeMonoMalo64
Omg, Pixar did know how to make a mexican dog! Its surprising!
dia de los muros
Richard Macleod
There are alot of latino/south american myths
Thomas Bell
This looks shit. Book of life was awesome.
Didn't someone on Movie Fights predict a pixar ghost story about a dead dad last summer?
This is book of life and kubo mixed together but with a new name.
Brian Miller
Those would be easter eggs, not connections to the pixar theory. Good try though.
Alan Cazares
I'm Pretty sure they modeled De La Cruz after Pedro Infante he looks so similar to him
baal blade
The idea is not even original this is Paranoman + Book of Life
Laura Garcia
Eman Nunez
evan alexander
This looks amazing, I'm ready for it. I hope that this is going to be a one and done movie, however. I don't like sequels that stretch out a good story just to milk it dry.
i hate it because dan hate anime lol
looks like pixar took the graphic novel ghostoplolis and highjacked it some what for their own ends
Denise Ruiz
you should You Tube Grim Fandango style Dia De Los Muertos day of the dead. You'll love it
this looks like the book of life...
Denise Ruiz
my kids loved the book of life. maybe you guys should watch it. my kid know all the song. Not excited if my kids want to go we will go but not a rush
Candis C
Honestly I did not understand one thing I saw in the Coco trailer which is why I clicked on your video. I needed someone to explain it to me. I know nothing about the Mexican Day of the Dead. Also this movie seems a bit much to take a child to see. What non-Mexican, suburban six-year old is going to understand this movie? I thought the storyline of Moana was too much, but the songs helped kids to enjoy that movie. idk about this one. Other than Benjamin Bratt being attached to it I have no interest.
the book of life was based more around romance lol
Sure they both had day of the dead concepts but the book of life as i said was more around romance stuff.
this?...not from what i can see
But we have to understand that it's competition and money making
just like with how bootlegs try to make money.
I'm not calling this one a bootleg as to be honest i prefer what pixar do , but this is only a teaser at the moment.
Left Nut
Please get some people that don't pronounce Dia De Los Muertos as "Deo De lA Muueeerto"
Rosario Elizabeth macias zapata
I liked Book of life. I think i Will love this one.
Stephanie Fuentes
i liked both, they are similar plot, but in the book of life i get lost since they guy of the guitar tries to find Maria, it was tedious, and this sees it would not be líke that
Philip Alvarez
I'm in love with the coco
my god you look like Alan Alda on your still images Joe starr
Alex Lusth
This actaully remind me a lot of Kubo and the two strings. kid with magical guitar, and dead people visiting the living.
"Pixar Theory" isn't a real thing. Stop humoring those idiots. They're not all connected.
Heard it was a musical idk
santos santos
wish you had a Mexican who knew more about the culture and how dogs are guardians to the after life .. also Mexico just started celebrating dia de los muertos a few years back. it wasn't till spectre had the day of the dead scene that Mexico have in to the 'pagan' holiday .. before that it was celebrated in towns and city's but as a isolated event for each location ..
the movie coco is watching is Book of Life
Derek Kunze
This reminds me of the Movie FIghts and people were pitching a Pixar film... one of the pitches were exploering the afterlife which i felt was the best pitch (he didnt win tho).
I think exploring death and afterlife could top to be the most emotional Pixar film, for kids and adults who have lost someone it could be really powerful and connect to both demographics
jacobo gonzalercx
The guitarra of life
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