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Parents talk to their kids about sex for the first time.

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Camera Operator: Noah Martin
Audio: Curtis Enlow
Makeup: Sable Desireè
Photographer: April Villanueva
Production Assistant: Jessica Law

Anijae & Amnah
Melody, Gabriel & Tamara
Maddox, Jett & James
Sofia & Krista
Nickolas & Nicole
Bria & Sharisse
Miles, Evie & Tony
Miles, Catherine & Amy
Chase & Chun

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Lenka BartoΕ‘ovΓ‘
"okay no love... mommy and daddy hang out" πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
Thats asian kid is the cutest fucking kid ever
GaBu GaBu
... Dislike ;-;. u guys not okay
Teri Jordan Towse
They do a dance best logic ;)
Teri Jordan Towse
They is gonna go around talking about this
Teri Jordan Towse
Wow well little 1st graders learning of this wow just wow
Confetticrystal 25
Some of them are way too young!
children in the back seats cause accidents and Accidents in the back seats cause children
just fucking tell them M8
Jarelle Coleman
4:03 her face is like, WTF!
Amy Muscat
These kids are like 6-8, they're too young for this. They should be abt 10.
Reikura Melbourne
3:29 that boy is the cutest thing ever
these kids see too young to understand they shouldve just waited till middle school
Beaux Baird
The cringe is real.
no one
I want to watch the reactions of these kids when they grow up and watch these videos
emily clark
"mommy and daddy did a very special dance"
GBoy Gaming
mommy and daddy did a special dance
me: dances
me:wheres the baby?
Bella Belvail
It seemed like Nicks little brother was teaching the dad about the birds and the bees
Tristen Chen
Wth why would the parents tell kid this at that age?? Like WTF
Lui cx
I didn't care about he video. I cared what happened to nick.
Alejandro Garcia
R.I.P nick😹
JenPlaysAlone !
Ugh....ummmm... Ahhhhhhh............AHHHHHHH don't worry my teacher told me I was uncomfortable I laughed I don't what's wrong with me when I heard say "Special dance"The
Hahahaha this is hillarious
Sawyer Sammons
that poor boy, raised by two dikes.
Sawyer Sammons
why are all of them mixed race.
chloe parker
am i the only one who thought these kids were super young to be having "the talk" ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I didn't have it until I was 12. These kids look 5.
Derek Enriquez
Good luck nick
DEATHTHEKID3X never mess with the death
OMFG WHy would they say this to there kids?
Elizabeth Ramirez
Why would you want to ruin your kids innocence so young:( i mean 10 and up sure but little children . Sad
Nik Vayda
Sorry 0:42 Im nik.
These kids are too young wtf
Nal Crindit
is it bad that at these kids age i knew everything about sex
Darth Raider
This is too funny!
i never had this talk... dunno why
This is so cringy and they should not tell them this early.
Hippo________Dave Loop
4:26 the guy just says
" ya fuck you and your childhood "
the kid that said what makes men and women different is hand size is so precious bless her
Isabelle Daniel
No omg!
ally hirst
nick boutta be shot to mars real fast
Jenibella Nguyen
R.I.P Nick
1:28 says it in a cool way "Vvv-eginaa"
Neil Degrass Tyson Is Lord
I learned about this stuff from my freinds.
Zachary Martin
5 year olds know about sex nowadays, smh.
Tyler Parkhill
Maddox always makes me laugh!
Tasia Siereveld
The reason this is so awkward is because the parents are making it awkward. Haha.
Octopar 101
these kids are too young
That ASAIN kid just gave his dad a heart attack
I know a kid named nick who has a brother
omfg, when a guy fucks a bitch and nuts in her ass, there's a 99.9% she's gonna get pregnant. THE END!
Ariana Yaliz
"you have bigger hands than her!" kids are adorable
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