Fox News's Kimberly Guilfoyle May Replace Sean Spicer

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Kimberly Guilfoyle, former first lady of San Francisco, and current Fox News anchor told the Mercury News she’s talking to the Trump administration about taking the White House press secretary job. Current press secretary Sean Spicer has been noticeably absent from his duties. Guilfoyle told the San Francisco Bay Area newspaper, she’s a patriot and would be honored to serve her country.  She told the Mercury News she has a very good relationship with the president. “I think I enjoy a very straightforward and authentic, very genuine relationship, one that’s built on trust and integrity, and I think that’s imperative for success in that position.” She was considered for the job back during the political transition, but ultimately Sean Spicer got the job.

Mark Headrick
WOULD be excellent choice
don mchattie
Kimberly is great. I enjoy listening/watching The Five. Sean Spicer is great. I cannot believe he will lose that job.
We need Spicy because Melissa McCarthy will be out of a job. Protecting jobs is what Trump ran on.
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