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Baba kantri
Bro ur in baahubali pre release function bro I see
Smulean Guru
React on Thuppakki interval scene..
Vishnu Rocks
react on simhadri port fight scene bro
Mangam Goutham
can u react Nani gentlemen trailer
dattadri armur
love prabhas
Abbagoni Yellaswamy
hi hello Bahubali pre release event any video watching
Ashoka Y
#1stop fun
brother your reaction came in bahubali2 audio release
just see
Inayath Editzz
bro You have been show in Baahubali Pre release event
vinesh purna
tq fr rewiew the bahubali trailer
Charan Tej
hello vijay.
watch video song from mirchi movie
#idhedho #bagunde
mavuluri rajesh
u are telugu no so y u are not talking in Telugu
Tulsi Das
Fuck Off DisLiked Haters from M
navi naveen
luv u ra u got 250k+ views fr the first time bcz of this
arun raaj
Biggest movie made not only India but whole Asia is 2.0
Neeluri Suresh
Telugu antra English la vundi
chanti santosh
hai every one
Rohith Straight Forward
Subscribe 1Stop Fun and get entertainment.
Goutham Reddy
nice way to make money bro
Ms Pq pq
234k views congrats 🎊🎉
Punia Raita
Greatest trailer i hv ever seen.....
Pradeep Roxzz
congrats bro for getting 200k views
Ramcharantej Garbham
can't you speak Telugu.
Metro Ranjith Vids
chintu Sai
bro u have got one of the highest views in your channel nice review
Abhi Abhi
How happy u r to cross 186k view 😱😱
Krishna vallapu
from which planet you came from? speak in telugu
Rajiv Dadi
you just shit bored us... u dumbooo
science& technology
indian famous now Modi Kohli Prabhas
Bhawani Thakur
I like this move
Jai 6107
Avinash kashyap
Nice react on B2 trailer bro
Ganesh R
Dear kid.... You are saying its time to pay back and make them earn 10000 crores of rupees. You are so much over excited. Well ! Fine. But will they give you atleast 1 rupee out of the 10000 crores they earn from this movie for overhyping this and making a video yourself ? Will India become a better country due to one person called hero being paid croressssss and crores of rupees while so many Indians sleep without food on many days and struggle to even stay alive without a roof on their head ?Will atleast some of the crores of rupees earned be used to feed hungry children and old dying people in India ? Will poor people get some benefit with some mercy and good will shown by the so called movie crorepati's in INdia ?All our money in the form of ticket money make the rich more richer in India and we people only make the movie a HIT or a FLOP.
Rohith Straight Forward
Crossed my expectations.More than 60k views in 1day!
reaction video plz stop this shit l..........
Prathap Reddy
I am mind blowing in trilar
Maneesh Babu
darling time started no1 hero
Venkatesh Kick
puka pani pata leda
Raja Sekhar G
Just for publicity u have done it tell their names properly
Raja Sekhar G
Just for publicity u have done it
debdeep gangopadhyay
U telegu and mallu assholes.... bloody moviemaniacs. u consider filmstars as Gods n Godesses. bloody crazy shitty dickheads buggers!! get out of the films world n get some job. yanna rascalas 😀😀
maga ene helu.....m watching ur activity always.....this is urs best macha! really feeling grt! really awsm reaction! subs and views are increasing like anything ! Supr! I ll say ur reaction is best among others!
-Vishwanath 😉
Vinay Ganachari
plz react to rajkumara song s given below
Jishnu Ashok
nice job man :p u know the way to scor subscribers ;)
Suryakiran Parupudi
nice bro I'm viswa Teja's brother
Venugopal Venu
this is king prabhas world
siva nikhil reddy
u got most views for the best reaction
Arvind Dwivedi
Super hit
bro the last bit u mentioned about.....
he is the son of amrendra bahubali... mahendra bahubali......
the whole conclusion part is about...
the king rulling his kingdom...
odds turns against the king...
the internal war...
the conspiracy of killing... the most curious question of 2016...
and the son avenging his father death...
Papulu Joda
opening very nice trailer
Rohith Straight Forward
Subscribers are increasing like views! Its a special day for you.
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