Armando Sanchez
I positively love this girl. She is amazing! Never fails to entertain me, and always does a fantastic acting job. Emma deserves every good thing that comes her way.
Galaxia Gonzalez
Jessica Mcgowan
i still miss stonefield. ..........
Emma stone 😘
Luz Oliveira
When your Golden Globe speech is better than your Oscars speech
mikida 396066
I'm so angry that moonlight won over Hidden Figures. They should've at least given best actress to the lead in Hidden Figures, I adore Emma Stone, she's fantastic but it feels wrong giving her this oscar
Adam Dow
She won the Oscar.
Does Ryan Gosling win the best actor?
Quan ngoc Quang
love her
Christian Almendo
Congratulations my Queen πŸ‘Έ
Dung nguyen
Emma stone is so beautiful and talent.
Corner Entertainment, Bad
What did everyone think about La La Land losing to Moonlight???
And i told you so, you Morons. And the Oscar goes to Emma Stone.
Its Jovana Bitch
I love Emma, but if she wins Oscar instead of Isabelle, i will kill myself
This speech really pounded my heart.
Matteo Pirovano
"This is a film for dreamers, and I think that hope and creativiy are two of the most important things in the world, and that's what this movie is about. So, to any creative person who had a door slammed in their face [...], or anybody, anywhere, really, that feels like giving up, sometimes find your inner force to get up and keep moving forward, I share this with you."
So motivational, so emotional and yet so well-deserved. I just hope she can win the Oscar. This is her chance. And it's us who must say "thank you" for all of this
Max N.
For the painters and poets... The fools that dream.
freekicker bareq
Oh My God, Its JASON BOURNE!!!
She looks and dressed like she knew shes got it 😍❀.
poe's ReLiC
nothing like watching Hollywood treat wealthy people like what they achieve is actually special somehow .
Thank you for being such an inspiration. I did a cover of Audition song in my channel! πŸ’•
Divo Galindra
She is officially my favorite actress
Ms Believer
other people who watching her and listening her speech consist of those who are really happy of her and those who are jealous af ahhhhh ppl come on she is the best!
This movie, and this acceptance speech means a lot to me. I'm currently auditioning for drama school. It can be a very degrading experience. You pay up to Β£70 for the chance to audition at each school, and that's not including travel. You nervously wait to audition, then nervously sit around, waiting for hours, until that recall sheet gets pinned up, and if your name isn't on there, you just have to leave. You've been preparing for this moment all year, and then it's suddenly over, taking your plans for the next three years with it... oh, and all your money. It's a killer - especially seeing as this is the second year I've auditioned. I had my first audition today and it was a disaster. ...but I really want this, and I will not stop trying - even if I have to take a different route, and not train professionally.
she HAS to win at the Oscars she deserves it
Marian Tali
<- Look on my channel the 2017 Academy Awards predictions.
tomdaya :D
I love her so fucking much.
m x
Whos the girl beside matt damon?
sdf ss
she is beautiful
Hyea Kim
Even acceptance speech makes me cry T.T
Hazardous Female
Maddie Baillio should have been nominated
Jovon St. Louis
She's a good actress and gave a nice speech but, i do not understand why Hollywood is pampering actresses like her, Jennifer Lawrence, brie larson etc like they're the best in the business when that is absolutely not the case and the only reason why they being treated like this is because they're young and people think they are relatable and sexy and wanna bang them. Don't get me wrong they are good actresses but in reality all of their acting abilities are absolute dogshit compared to sally field, meryl streep, and susan surandon when they were younger.
Sakshi Acharya
It actually makes me mad that I cannot be friends with her
Abi Alston
This is the most wonderful thing ever. I love emma so much
Charlie Charlie
All these privileged people sipping champagne in their fancy dresses.
Aldana Fungueiro
I really hope she wins the Oscar for Best Actress, she really deserves it
Aldana Fungueiro
Great speech
Benim Ben
she's can be enough for globe but not for oscar... cuz nathalie's here guys!!!
how the hell didnt jenneifer lawrence get nominated or awarded this year. she was amazing in passengers even though i dint watch the film, but every one is saying she is the greatest actress of this generation
Joseph Covell
I was stunned by her performance in La La Land and I am so, very excited to see what her future filmography looks like.
Go for the oscar please ! I need her to win the oscar now that she is nominated
i cried
her speech was amazing
El madrista
She's going to win an Oscarβ€’
Mia & Sebastian = Emma & Andrew?

I wonder if she's felt that while filming. And now look at her, she won best actress as he sits at the table and watches her with pride πŸ˜₯
Hernan Cine
Great speech
yowon jung
who is the woman next to Matt Damon?
ammy wood
Jesus, that girl texting at the front. Unreal.
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