ray carlton
Good Tagalog & English article -- Efren's reasons for possibly retiring: https://tinyurl.com/ydfszdpf
Benny Malone
Golden age of pool with these characters, used to love watching it.
Derek Borba
Why didn't he shoot for the 9?
kulas jennerman
He said he just got lucky, humble more,,
Nikhil Prasad
Henry Chimanga
Honoured to have watched these two LEGENDS!! In my view.. These two are the GREATEST Players! What great shots!!
Amal Varghese
9 ball eh
Jamie Hammond
Sweet hit!!
mRyOsO aKo
Fluke shots always happen to this rude man..😡😡
And i wonder why people often being amazed by a fluke shots like this..
Marnung Imsong
Rick Deckard
2:30 "oh NO what a shot" ....??? did they want Earl to win or something.
Are you kiding me?
christopher zorinsanga
i bon
retsel dezmu
this is the greatest shot in pool history
retsel dezmu
the goat of pool
Latch Swaney
Whoah! Amazing
Davest Lomabao
Pet Malu
Ellen Penafiel
Wooow im so amaze and so inspired hahahaha tatambay nalang ako
Kleo MARI ANNE Bongosia
Get up ni bata dito ay parang galing inuman lang
SR Real
Made the commentator eat his words.
artem leon
2 Greatest players of all time IMHO. Strickland is just getting bad rapport here due to his temper but when his game his on he is an Animal. Of course Efren needs to introduction.
Brock Lee
GOAT indeed!
Nick Heebsh
This is pool's version of Tiger's birdie chip at the '05 Masters. Look it up
Furkan Furkan
outstanding fabulous amazing excellent
Olivia Delvovic
He seems shy.
Unli Mited
brilliant shot
Quiflox Antentokounmpo
Filipino pride
Kimloraine Sanagustin
great shot!,,
Kyla Tribunalo
Reynaldo Mamangun
Being admired by your opponent is something.
Thunder Book
Filioino power!
Nelson Billones
I watched that live...what a shot
Ma Cristina Roncal
He is the michael Jordan of billiards
Marc Darkness
Amazing 😉
One of the few times Earl showed genuine sportsmanship, and one of my favorite earl moments for that reason. And, clearly one of my favorite moments from Efren as well.
Harry Sorreta
Top 3 Filipino Athletes:

Paeng Nepomuceno: GOAT of Bowling
Efren Bata Reyes: GOAT of Pool/Billiards
Manny Pacquiao: close to being the GOAT of Boxing. Ali still the GOAT
Pink Guy
Ngamting Konyak
Ladies and gentlmn, diz is how snooker is played.
Gel Mir
Parang galing lang sa inuman si Efren, di pa plantsado yung polo...
Calvin Madrid
puyat yan hahaha
Jerome Ninonuevo
That was the greatest shot
Bluekiss 2525
this guy is born for this
Mike Dominguez
Funganay Saliwan
A True Legend..!!!
god. sana magkaroon ng duplicate nya on the next generation for the philippines. skilled and humble.
Eric Agdon
Kuno di koretdas afrik labos.. so great!
Christian Baldovia
Napataas ang kilay ko eh
vinz dragz
partida wala kaka tungga nya lang ng lambanog
Partida lasing pa yan hahaha
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