1995 Efren Reyes history-making Z-shot you will love

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Posted with express consent of Accu-Stats # 062916. Full 107 mins. match DVD available from Accu-Stats (S21-11d). Even Efren’s opponent, Strickland loved it and knew this remarkable shot meant victory for Efren. Score was 12-12 in race-to-13 final. Efren was in deep trouble and came with this zigzag beauty (the now-famous Z-shot from 1995’s Sands Regency Open 9-ball). A sheer dazzler that received a standing ovation from all the lucky folks in attendance. Earl’s sportsmanship on this occasion was almost as remarkable as Efren's shot. Earl later told a billiards magazine reporter: “That shot will become part of pool history."

ray carlton
Good Tagalog & English article -- Efren's reasons for possibly retiring: https://tinyurl.com/ydfszdpf
Mike Dominguez
Jae Wonderland
They don't call him "The Magician" for nothing
Funganay Saliwan
A True Legend..!!!
god. sana magkaroon ng duplicate nya on the next generation for the philippines. skilled and humble.
Eric Agdon
Kuno di koretdas afrik labos.. so great!
Christian Baldovia
Napataas ang kilay ko eh
vinz dragz
partida wala kaka tungga nya lang ng lambanog
Partida lasing pa yan hahaha
Jeremy Jaime
partida wla pang ligo yan
ice coo
humble efren 'bata' reyes so proud of you!
Larry Chase Solang Gayag-a
The Zeus of Billiards
jet aranar
He is simply the GOAT of billiard!
Gred Samonte
Evil 😂
Kao Saechao
that is awesome shots brother i love it that was great shots
francis morales
Salute to the two legends.
Queil Francis Bagarino
Bangis. Hanggang ngayon ba lumalaro pa din si idol?
Nash Manzano
koolaid flava
Not human!
ehab pogi
Proud to Filipino 👋👋
rolando de leon
Greatest shot of all time
Feroz Ahmad
Why are they whispering???
"Ang Alamat."!! Kapampangan Mekeni!! Efren "Bata" Reyes!
Jim Castillo
Jayden space
Joann Timon
the sportsman's eye!
faiz diamad
The magician 🎩
J Izit
ultra legend goat
okir rama
Hindi plantsado ang damit 😂😂😂😂
luntiang halaman
Wow! What a great talent.
Janey B.
I know his great in billiards but this is the first time i saw his playing style. Looking forward watching his other videos.
Jay Twix
hes pocketing those hard shots with such ease and precesion he truly is a legendary mathematician!
Hikmah Berjalan
The magician & the pearl
PM Salvo
"The Magician"

Couldn't have given a better monicker. The more I watch him play, that more I believe he literally is one. Grabe!
abdullah alkhaldi
Just crazy 😰😰😰😰😰😰
Xin Ren
Thanks for uploading it,hope there's more great video's of them playing,cause the pool player today is not that exciting to watch,but im not a pro pool player,just saying my comments about how great pool players in Efren and Earl's time to compare today's pool players
Xin Ren
In one month i think i've watched this video for about 70 times and this is the 5th year i've watch it
humble legend
I don't think I'd be able to hit that ball
Bonjoevi Alimin
Ive watched it many times.. still Efren didn't missed the 5. Lol
And this is how it all began Reyes legendary career begins on that one magical shot..
Wow he us retiring. Hope you'll have a comfortable life Efren, thank you for all those great shots
Edward Evlogiev
Well done, Efren, but Earl and his demeanor also have my respect here. He was a different man back in 1995.
Cesar Loaiza
The sportsmanship from his oponent WOW...
Eustiquio Allen
I can't count how many times I watched this. Thanks for the upload.
Greatest Of All Time...The Micheal Jordan of Billiards. Mr. Efren F'n Reyes
akhilesh 21
Colton Hubbard
He looks like such a sweet man! So humble. I've watched many videos of his games and this is the first time I've seen him so happy! He was downright, giddy. Nice video.
Freddy Tolentino
Oh my goodness!what a shot.....commentator...hahaha
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