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Watch live Stomatopods being prepared and eaten in Thailand, one female with eggs and one male.

Called "sea locusts" by ancient Assyrians, "prawn killers" in Australia and now sometimes referred to as "thumb splitters" – because of the animal's ability to inflict painful gashes if handled incautiously – mantis shrimps sport powerful claws that are used to attack and kill prey by spearing, stunning, or dismembering. In captivity, some larger species can break through aquarium glass with a single strike.

Johnny Nunya
If you aren't a vegan then this shouldn't bother you, go take a look at how the animals you eat gets slaughtered. Easy to think they're barbaric when the slaughtered animals you eat aren't killed in front of you. I am no vegan either but realistically there have been far worse things done en masse to the animals we all eat. Shouldn't judge these people.
Let's see if you would like to be put in water just before being cut open. Disgusting fucking humans.
peek yee
did they feed that nigga with steroids
Ken DallaiLlama
I wonder if they'd treat em better knowing they can sell them for more as pets. Probably not. Fuck Thailand. And all the shoes they make.
that's some alien critters right there
Mr. Puzzle
ร้านไหนวะ น้ำมันโครตดำ กากวะ เสียชื่อหมด
Faded Jate
That is a big ass,wierd ass shrimp.
Satan is a computer
idk what y'all talking about
I'd eat the shit outta that
Sparkles :/
7:43 roblox sound death lol
Sparkles :/
7:43 roblox sound death lol
Jason Whitfield
But, did it taste like shrimp.....?
zxcvbnmasdfghjkl z
Luis Mtz
looks like a huge sea lice
Taylor Hayden
They are fucking sea bugs
Our World
Omg! we've never seen a shrimp so big ! amazing
Flash Man
Absolutely disgusting 😵
Tremaine Brown
A preying mantis that lives in the water. That's all. Lol
Sheed Walletz
those knives and scissors look so damn dull. shit is annoying to look at
Dead Pool
Mantis shrimp family. Their eyes have 16 cone color receptors making their vision the most advanced in the planet. We only have 3 cones R/G/B. Those guys can see colors we cannot even dream of and apparently they make one hell of a meal too.
Dave Kos
Damn it looks yum
this video makes my whole body itching
Benaye Irvin
I really wonder how this takes cuz I've never been to patch Japan before
Foxy lover
now i know what i did wrong with my food
Spade Spade
Yummy don't threaten me with a good time.
Victor Chavez
NO LIME! wtf..
Joe Webster
Interesting species of shrimp what were they stuffing the shrimp?
Coldwar Pain
I hate those things!
Kiki Melendez
All the white vegans getting triggered in the comment section! xD
Jo Ho
why do the innerds look so different from I another?
Sweater & pearls My cats
Should had been grilled. Ending looks nasty
Владимир Яланский
Torturing life creature than cooking it while alive makes you hungry? Really? Ok - it looks like a giant cockroach, but the process looks suffering... typically Asian "cook them while alive" shit👎
they look like giant roaches
SenpaiSancho YT
Me and my friend used to catch shrimp like this all the time in Mexico with a homemade spear gun using a wire as the bolt. Goddam I remember how big they would get sometimes, they were easily the size of my leg at the time granted I was a young kid back than.
Charlota Karota
You fucking perverts
Please clean those shrimp intestines and waste out before eating and she did not. Does not look appetizing and I love shrimp. I will pass on this one. Namaste
Kenneth Lopez
Poor shramp
takes a bit
Marcus Garcia
that isn't some unknown species if you must know it's a mantis shrimp not some alien
Dojo 12345
awe man it was still moving after they cut it in halves, did u see?
John King
what kind of camera is used for this...this is like HD level film production.
Abhiroop RoyChowdhury
Who else saw Doraemon on the table cloth ?
Hawk DA Bear
Friggin huge shrimp. Looks like a lobster and shrimp fucked.
UnbornRed Zero
You know I see a lot of strange eating going on in other countries. I feel like there is secret underground where they eat humans.
I'm drooling.... Wtf ?!
Classymaru Nara
People eat water bugs but not land bugs...well I only eat the water ones myself haha
The Happy Otaku
are they mantis shrimps???
Jestoni Valcurza
this is the real love story. they die together
Donald Trump
omg, all the pepole here bitching about the west we love to bitching right ?? fuck you all!
C. Gonzales
this is Disgusting
Frosty Ghost
This is why I dint eat them!!! Giant bugs!!!!
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