Andrew Yau
These creatures feed on the Earth, we feed on them, the Earth feed on us one day. The cycle continues...

Alien shrimp? It's been on earth longer than humans. I'm sure it's thinking the same thing, "Alien Humans".
Paul Madsen
Mantis shrimp, get your facts straight ;)
쟤네도 손질법하고 요리법모르는거같아
Ken Kaneki
Asiáticos,Orientales,Occidentales arrasan con todo
#K a r l V e n e s s#
Wonderful mantis shrimp, soo wonderfully delicious like all crustaceans..😊😊😊🍸🍤
저거 먹어도 되?헉헐
xX Gamerz Hub Xx
it tastes way more better than the usual shrimp . No joke , but its slightly expensive
xX Gamerz Hub Xx
its mantis prawn you dumbfuck .
I didn't know these things were edible. The way they move... creepy.
Георгий Исаев
Latoya Reviere
I don't know why but I feel sad watching the animals die so we can eat. I guess I'm weird
Victor Perez
Romeo and Juliet on a plate
Soney Liston
The second one had parasites inside it... bon appetit
That looks amazing, need to taste that.
Those are some big ass bugs! And, now I’m hungry
외계인 새우?? 인자는 사람인자 아닌가요?? 외계 새우라고 하주시면 감사하겠습니다 외계인간새우는 아니잖아요
I fucking love shrimp but this looks disgusting
Ryan Pol Aguilar
tatampal yan sa pinas
Cameron McCray
It should be illegal to serve those because they ain't no shrimp.
gb k
Hope Blanshan
What are those orange things in the second one?
Crystal Dragon
Praying Mantis from the seas
omg droool
Edwin Torres
So they eat the poop 2! Cuz with Lobster u just eat the Tail n the claws!
Eating pregnant things is just... ...NAAAAASSSSSSTAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!
hur kyeonghwa
잔인한 인간새끼 니 가족도 똑같이 저렇게 대갈빡 반으로 갈아서 기름에 틔겨 디질것이다
cubbeli hoca
Why you dont clean ass shits and parasites of animals
cubbeli hoca
Parasites inside one Shrimp. İnfected
Sahar Ali
Jonas w
I used to catch them in florida, they're Mantis shrimp.
Special Agent Rob Pryshes
I will be investigating!
What the hell
wtf is wrong with these people
happiness me
The oil looks very dirty. That quality of oil makes people sick sometimes.
1nick1 Gamer 2
Get a life if you don't know shrimp eggs
Lisa DeRolf
The allen shrimp,is it freash water or salt water shrimp, the closest in the us is a mantus shrimp,where in Thailand can they be found,Im just an old woman trying to learn something new,,thank you for sharing youer life with me.
Luis Gerardo
Yes i have a shrimp dick and?
Que asqueroso, ni el escremento le quitaron. gente cochina por eso es que hay tantas enfermedades en el mundo.
Joehahnes Hudy
udang ronggeng
얼음물에 담궜다가 뜨거운기름에 아주 염병을 하네
Kevin Hsieh
瀨尿蝦 食神有看過吧 瀨尿蝦包入牛肉丸內會爆漿
claudio Roberto
Q bicho feio.
Abigaíl Muñiz
I've never seen an animal like this! Omg!
winter caleb
Denner Lopes
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Mais que camarão bonito😍
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