Cat is Whipped Cream Monster!

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Every Caturday we give Marmalade a little whip cream as a treat, as you can see wherever he is, when he hears the noise he comes running! :)

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*This is just a weekly treat and not a daily ritual - Facts about cats and dairy:



I love the bit at 0:24 where he thinks that Chris isn’t going to give him any, gives up, sits down and says “asshole”
Awww!! He loves that. ❤️
Marosi Zoltán
Cats are always nice, no matter what!
Selah Wolbert
Oh my gosh I adore Marms little freckles!!!
Dazzling Deb
Oh, that was so cute! It's amazing how quickly cats respond to aural cues—faster than dogs, I think. 🐾🐾❤️❤️
Don't Care
oh ma god, he's so cute :3 💗
HR Dillard
I thought my ginger, Butter, was the only one who loved whipped cream! As soon as I shake the can, he comes running just like Marm no matter where he is in the house...
Helen Christie
I found out my cats like whipped cream when one of them stole it from the top of my hot chocolate!
Michael Echeverria
I don't think cats can taste sweet foods.
Sofia Garcia
At the vet, they gave my cat a bit of spray cheese to distract him from the shot they were going to give him, and he loved it. 😂
Tangerine Lyme
Love you Marm 💛
Sheila Bloom
Marm is a treasure.
Appu Sadashivappa
hey . put some milk noe... instead of giving him cream
Burger Deluxe
his eyes are a bit far apart and makes him look like a little jaguar so cute 😆
Koala Channel
Koala Channel
just give me the whipped cream right meow!!!
Purrrrr :3
Madison Strewbrust
I useley spray cheese into my mouth cheese cankers but my fav treat
Paige V
I was told that this is Marmalade, not Whipped Cream!
JT Beritich
Amy Jensen
on top of the whipped monster how does it eat of the cream of the sweet nectar. soaring are the eyes of the monster that is also called cat?
Taufik Nugroho
Pussies wants daddy's whipped cream so bad...
Andrew The Gamer
Try to spray his face
He looks like he's in pretty good shape. be careful: our Fergus is a real fatty.
Jennifer Brewer
I don't blame Marmalade, I love whipped cream too.
diptrollmatic relations
your cats eyes are so far apart he looks like hes missing a chromosome
Cat Chromium
I wish someone gave me as much positive attention as Chris gives to his cats
Jamie McHenry
I spay it right in their mouth's. My cats will also come running even from a dead sleep if they here me shake that can
yeah you like that, keep licking that white shit from the tip
Zom Bee
[steals your cat]
moparthi ajay babu
marmalade is cute
Bob McCack
THUMBS DOWN!: didn't let kitty eat right out of the can.

failed video
blackened 1
What a nice cat you have there. If only all cats were more personable, like yours.
Janet Briones
you have a cute kat cole and marmalade
Janet Briones
awwww marmalade is so cute
cats are lactose intolerant
The cat that never binks.
I always spray my lady's kitty with whip cream...then afterwards I go down town...
Jahmie Mitchell
the graphics and stuff is nice what camera
I think my cat is going to look like him when he is older except with out the white.
Riannon Sonsa
I hope there no sugar in it, though I think every whipped cream has sugar.
Stonewall Jackson
Not good for domesticated animals to eat this because they don't do nearly enough work to use the fat. It ends up clogging up their intestines. It happened to one of my dogs
I thought he was going to put it on his balls
Do it with barbasol XD
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dgmoocher D r
I almost died of cuteness. Right then!
Theresa Baker
Another spoiled rotten baby!!! I do something a little different each week! I give my babies a can of tuna!!!
God damn are HOT!!!!! ;)=
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