Cat is Whipped Cream Monster!

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Every Caturday we give Marmalade a little whip cream as a treat, as you can see wherever he is, when he hears the noise he comes running! :)

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*This is just a weekly treat and not a daily ritual - Facts about cats and dairy:



Sina Tรผreli
He deserves more compensation after you traumatized him with the cat piggy bank
I used to have a cat that liked ice cream.
You shouldnt feed a cat things with too much sugar. It will damage their teeth very quickly.
Your kitty is gorgeous.
Three Misfits
0:55 always happens to me
Ryan Crist
That cat likes his N20.
Tyler Just Tyler.
I think the video is messed up? You keep on saying things twice to the cat??
That's why I can't have a cat. I would have emptied the entire thing down it's throat. Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Want another? I went to Costco so we good.
Johnny Cade
remind me of the old bow wow song I want candy
Click bait
Latias & Kipper
Look at da cute kitty want some whip cream... You should've gave that cat a whip cream beard so the cat can be santa cat
Mr Banana Cat
Love the Meow >.<
Tatjana Almqvist
umm.. all cats are lactose intolerant.
Alise Dupane
Why would Chris want to "Spray" it in Marmalades mouth? Chris would never threatren his cats and and whipped cream sprays to much in the mouth and cats have tiny mouths only give it a tiny bit on your finger.โ˜บ
My orange cat mellow was 11 years old when he got sick and we had to put him to sleep in august of 2013.He was my best bud and I miss him every single day.He used to love it when I'd have a bowl of cereal because I'd always let him lap up a spoonful or two of the milk when I was done.It was the sugar that killed my cat and I only have myself to blame.Ketoacidosis.Feline diabetes. I know you love your cat but you can love them to much.They are a never ending source of entertainment and the things they do keep us laughing and wanting more.I miss my buddy.
sweating jotaro kujo
this video is like 600 fps
Tracy S.
how precious๐Ÿ˜›
raven the werewolf
so cute!!
What A Spic
"Want some of my cream? eugh hea yea hur... oh yea.... You love it..."
Kartel Farley
I thought he was going to spray it on his balls
What a cutie
Insurance is life tub
Protection Brokers and Licensing Overview (part -146)
I hate cats.
Our Maine Coon loves the whipped cream. He comes running at top speed when he hears me shake the can...too funny!
Jamie c
cute cat dumb video
Jacklyn Aguilar
that is so cute
Careful Observer
My cat was exactly the same. Shake the whipped cream bottle and she came running. It was her favorite treat!
deez nuts
my dog loves it sprayed in his mouth. lol
He's so crazy
Tay Tay :P
Lol why does your cats face look so weird? Its eyes are so far apart. xD
That's all he gets?!
Carri K
sometimes i put a little bit on my cats nose and he licks it off, Its adorable :D
BendyBus Song
That cat is a little wide between the eyes.
What a sweetheart. How could you not love cats.
Thomas Pedersen
What a beautiful cat.
...oh God...HELP ME...(!!!)...I'
(...I think...I just disappointed myself....)
Dum Barton
"That was just a tease! I want more, dammit!"
Jeremy11 Palma
I thought he was going to give the cat a monster covered in whipped cream
BeAsA Roze
Marmalade cuteness.
This cat looks like a mini tiger
Give him a little more, so cuteโค
So cute! I wish my cats would care about anything I did xD. I do so much for them and all I get is a simple "Meow". Not even getting up. xD
Cats forever dogs never
CobraTheCat 22
so cuteee!
Nigger Please get sum
that cat ugly
Zainab Hussein
This should be the best video on the internet ๐Ÿ˜‰
Zainab Hussein
This should be the best video on the internet ๐Ÿ˜‰
Mr President
Give him a bit more, lol.
my cat does this mostly with tortilla chips and anything remotely salty
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