Dysfunctional AJ
thats kali when she sees a bagel XD
Temmie :D
aww this is so cute made my heard\t melt thx for making my day!
Christopher Lacaden
Yvonne Janssen
I just noticed Marmalade's snoot looks like a cappuccino 😹
Jaspreet Matharu
The REAL Youtube and the internet were created.
Last time I did that... dang cat BIT my finger!!! Like I said... last time
Vegetarian Soylent-Green
Mine instantly runs over at the sound of the can too lol!!

He also loves calamari and spider webs.
cause it taste like milk and cats love milk :)
Meme Queen
Next up

The whipped cream monster opens its mouth wide and whipped cream servant squirts a whole can of whipped cream in his giant mouth
Bayou state Products
Who got here from google
Anna Lukášová
lol i thought he is gonna to spray it all over him :D
Meow is cute
Avery Vance
Awwwww so cute I love cats!!!!
Dysfunctional AJ
my cat likes bread.
ChiChi's Creatures
Idk if my cat likes wiped cream (if he does hes gonna have to fight me for it) but he loves peanut butter and....... ear wax......... i didnt do it on purpose I swear!! XD
The Rü
Oh my.. There are lots and lots of people feeding crappy food full of sugar and grain to their cats every day and when a cat on YT gets a tiny amount of cream once in a while everyone freaks out. 🙄

My cats adore margarine. When I open a new box (every few months, I don't use a lot of margarine), they get to lick the leftovers out of the old one. :)
rover scout
we have whipped cream here in our home in the fridge and my cats where requesting some as they were trying to sniff at your finger to get it before marm did but got upset when marm got to it first so i gave them some and they were happy
Kristen Scott
Now THAT is what I call HD.
Awww, very cute.
Chihwa Hong
Cute 😍😘😄
Noeru Parisu
60% of the comments - "I thought you were gonna spray the whole can to his face."

30% of the comments - "Dairy isn't good for cats because bla bla bla..."

10% of the comments - "Marmalade is so cute! I is cat person! Screw cat h8ers!"
Vikke Harper
Cute!! My cat loves ice cream on a cone.
Can cats eat whipped cream? Just wondering
Izzy And Liam
Haha marm's so so silly
Your Marmalade is one beautiful cat.
Joseph Drouin
My cat is like that but with yogurt
I swear this is almost cut like a howtobasic video.
oh give him a little more than that. That's just a taste lol.
My favorite video on this channel. Then comes "Playing Pie Face With My Cat."
My cat tries to eat my muffins lol
Jillian Hull
You have an adorable cat!!
Bey Master Wolf Master
(was hoping for a cream afro)
That cat's face looks off >_>
The POOSIE BABY Likes the whipped cream! EXTREMELY TENDERS!!!!!!!
Cody Gunderson
Aww, this made me think of a cat that I used to have where alls I had to do was shake a bag of deli sliced ham and he would come running. ☺️
Helen from Hobart
Has the site Cole and Marmalade name been changed to Cat Man Chris. If so I don't like it. Focus should be on kitties and then human mum and dad.
Cool hwip
That is so me right there!
Scoopy Basil
I am sure all the chemicals in that shitty cream will do the cat a world of good.
Toy Reddie
So cute.
Marmalade looks like a very unique breed what is it ? :o
Anh Laituan
The cat wants HIS CREAM 😳😳😳
rích gríftєч
a tabby & whipped cream..a dynamic duo!!
Some Random Pidgey
That meow at 0:08 was freaking adorable.
Fairy Wren
I thought it said "cat is whipped" for a second and I just
Our cats do the same thing for treats and my daughter last night looked up quickly when she heard me shake the chewing gum bottle. She'll never live that down!
Master M
Lovely cat the meow sounds so cute😍. Is it a male or female?
Tender Skytower
I'm glad to see Shadow isn't the only one who goes bonkers over dairy products. I had a talk with his vet because he would literally work himself into a frenzy every time I poured myself a glass of milk. The vet said that as long as I only give him about a 1/4 of a teaspoon once in a while as a treat, not an everyday thing, it would be ok. Then he discovered my room mate's lactose free milk. Oh my goodness! We have a monster on our hands.
Glad he doesn't eat this all the time. Cats are not supposed to have any dairy products. They can't digest it like we can. Glad it's only a treat.
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