Amazing SPIDER-MAN Fights Crime

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A woman survives an attempted mugging by fighting off her attacker with the help of a good citizen. A security camera catches the entire event. While this video can be intense, it would be valuable for you to watch and pass on to others.

Written & Directed by, Adam Pecoraro
Music by, (mass market license purchase)

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Jabralyn Buckley
basma farouk
Julla Abellanosa
Muhammad shwan
Hugo Acevedo
the Spider-Man need help
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Mhmad Trawnh
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Lance Asejo
How to be a YouTuber with a good nice video?
Sawyer Fell
How does this have 91 million view?!
Son Goku
Suit is so fake :D
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4:59 I feel you bro
Abdezine Medjbeur
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Elvis Nguyen
Hey that's me
Brittany Stewart
How old are you now in 2017
Brittany Stewart
Your amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
Jayden Pendell
Fake. Why would u record her jumping out of the car and getting attacked as and they also put in cutscenecs so its all fake;/
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Erenbaki Aran
Amarr Jassmi
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drackee 565656
lol Adam Pecoraro
I can see spiderman's dick
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Like the video because you teach the lady to save her self
Kayque Matheus
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Mas falso que los putos ingleses
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spider_man use your powers jeez
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he's spider_man DUMMY
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Were his web
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"Kicking is what I do best" Spiderman
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eu gostei
Crazzy Cupcake
Man you should apply for a stunts person in movies.

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New spiderman homecoming looks great
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big bulge
Flacoarath Street
Is a orrible le vídeo is a orrible video
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Nick the Scarecrow
0:13 this womens eyebrows look like there sponsored by Nike
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Nice moves spider man
Recharge Films
Jash Jash
its very bad
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