Jim Carrey Speech At The Golden Globe Awards 2016. HDTV

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Jim Carrey Speech At The Golden Globe Awards 2016. HDTV
Please don't post anything and everything just for talk. He's the man for Crist's sake!

0:55 β€œβ€¦because *then I would be enough.”
The most elegant trolling in the history of time
Michael B.
Like a Letterman impersonation.
Werner Voss
comedic geniuses dont come around very often..
top 10 lines of philosophy.

"Just because if you blew up our solar system alone, you wouldn't be able to find us or any of human history with a naked eye, but from our PERSPECTIVE, this is HUGE."
dat calculation tho
I guess he'll get his beard shaved after he's a "THREE TIME GOLDEN GLOBE WINNING ACTOR JIM CARREY"
Alexander Class
Lol he was just roasting everybody
Ehidiamen Erewele
I thought he was Roy Keane lol
Such a simple, forward yet incredibly potent way to remind humanity of what's important. To announce the entry of a person by listing first their awards is unnecessary, silly, yet the curious place we live in. Jim caught it, humored himself with it.. but felt the need to remind us that such things need not be taken so seriously. Meaning comes to human beings in far more important ways than these..
Cami Camila
I love how in a very subtle way he said: This awards are shit and won't make you the biggest artist on earth. naked eye? sweet, take that illuminatis.
Lon ho
what a philosopher, lol
William Taylor
"...but these are important these awards." Perfect delivery. Denzel is breaking up!!
Hey look we make Movies, we are so important. Wtf is wrong with this World.
Bill Hicks
'Then I would be enough.' Lol
ariel bernardino
Watching this while sipping coffee is a bad idea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I love how he doesn't take himself so seriously. I think that's a really good trait to have.
brandon martin
For those who think Jim looks sad, its probably because his girlfriend died this year. And yes, people age. It doesnt change who they are inside. Jim is a funny and kind hearted soul. Please have some respect
This was subtly directed towards Ricky Gervais who was being more of a jack ass than usual as host. The clip is still funny out of context though.
Cynthia Maria
He reminds me of Mel Gibson with that beard ;)
DW looks wierd smiling
Yup...still funny. lol
Cire Solrac
when you effortlessly crack up a room full of massive celebrities
Jared Ham
Stan Sergiu Gabriel
0:57 - 1:03 Dead inside
Johnny Storm
i think they should do a parody version of the Expendables consisting of comedic actors and Jim would be Barney Ross or the leader that would be great.
julius vaigauskas
i think real emptiness is this vanity fair, you can see from those fake smiles. And that's what he said, between the lines
I love & respect this man so much!
Mai Nem
He should be the next host if Ricky's not doing it.

He "gets" the humour.
He came as funny, but he actually gave a very big subliminal message about the industry as a whole and how we're brainwashed to thing that these tiny awards are important.

Kinda weird that couple months after saying that, terrible things are happening to me like the suicide of his ex and the lawsuits against him saying she committed suicide because of him. They're trying to bury him so he can shut his mouth about this.

Same thing is happening with kanye.
Rei Moon
Jim Carrey 3 time golden globe award winner needs to happen
Thanks Jim Carrey for all the movies you did ! Like all of them
Where do katy perry's boobs end?
I think he's being subliminal.
Kelley Walker
If you listen close this is not a joke he's actually goin against the industry
i love Jim Carrey.
Bhavya Khimavta
I really miss him
The Blue Adventurer
If I were there I would pass around a signing sheet for attendance.
Ranzo Hattori
his face look likes Kratos
Beeftongue jenkins
Genius perspective. Love this guy.
tiago mota
hes a fuckin genius!
G-briell XD
I can't believe it that it's really been a looong time... hes the best
love kush
jimm you are the man
este tio aunque no le entiendas solo con verle la cara ya te ries
May Nam
I don't get why many people have to state he's sick and depressed... It sounds like saying we breathe air: no shit! How can you become the magnificent Jim Carrey without going sometimes through deep sadness and melancholy, how can you be so full of wonder and amazement if you don't wonder Why and How "everything is (not)", how can you smell so nice if you don't know how bad shit smells? He's just a very sensitive guy who happened to Feel and Empathize, whereas "depression" is simply an empty label which means very little. Jim is a wise&curious and liberal and ΓΌberfunny man, a real humanist: you won't achieve that by having a perfect bourgeois lame seinfeldish life. You want to give joy? Then learn how to suffer. He can kill himself whenever he wants, as far as I'm concerned: he would still remain the "most beautiful creature ever".
Man, right before it fades out Jim looks sad as shit.
0:37 Leonidas lol
way to make it awkward for whoever wins . jim carey's eckhart tolle spiritual insights are always misplaced.
alm roth
in the zen zone
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