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Official "Baywatch" Movie Clip & Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Dwayne Johnson Movie #Trailer | Release: 25 May 2017 | More
Devoted lifeguard Mitch Buchannon butts heads with a brash new recruit. Together, they uncover a local criminal plot that threatens the future of the Bay.

#Baywatch is the new action movie by Seth Gordon, starring Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario.

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2:06 What I say to myself about "First" comments on YouTube.
I've seen so many and different ads about this movie that I basically have seen it
Glamour Models WorldWide
looks good to me
Kelly Rohrbach as CJ PArker? Sorry. Not even close.
Felicia Dariso
Baywatch [ H d ] F u l l M o v i e 2017
0:40, Lay off the Hakuna Matatas !!!! :p :p :p :p
Bryan Ito
I think the girl was the annabeth from percy jackson
joel zvi
what is the song that he is singing 0:24
Daniel Alvarez
This movie is going to keep me laughing for a long time.
Murry King
Is this a movie for a guy to watch???
The Joker
Did she slap his nuts lol
Jan-Jan /NOT
Pg, m or r13
Alan Smithy
No matter how hard I try, I just can't find the desire to see this movie. Every trailer I've seen. Nothing about this is funny
The Flash
Looool **Alex Parish** in baywatch WTF :D:D:D:D:D :p
22 Yards
tell me the song name
they rarely make good movies nowadays...
1:19 You're welcome
Ben Rosenberg
Everyone saying they want to fuck daddario so badly but i wanna fuck the blonde that slapped the guys dick
Vishal22guri22 Captain
what is the name of background music
or song
dipak dhokane
0.28 help me in song name please
Himanshu Gupta
what is the name of the song that naked guy is singing??
Rikez Baum
mm rr
Oh wow! Look at the amazing story line! Truly a movie that will define the era :)) Looking forward to well written female characters as well as actors with different roles from their previous ones :)))
It looks like a fun watch, but it seems the only way Hollywood knows how to handle remaking most TV series is to turn them into a comedy - eg, CHiPs, Starsky and Hutch, Baywatch, Charlies Angels, 21 Jump Street.
The humour of modern movies is abysmal. What the fuck happened to dark humour and real comedy.
Philip Gorin
boring film, the old Baywatch was better... if they think it's funny I don't think so
actors not as half good as was before, no more bright personalities just moderate people.
So basically this movie is about lifeguards overstepping their boundaries
Ali Rajput
i wish one time see Alexandra Daddario in my real life face two face . i hope so
Baywatch movie. Just when you thought Chips was the bottom of the barrel, this comes along. Fuck Hollywood.
Aussie Bloke
the tv show was shit and this movie looks shit too
Erick Miranda
So cheesy! damn lame..
Is this real?WTF did I just watch, the script for this had to be written in crayon. SJWs will be angry with this NO 18st fat shaved headed dyke who's gender fluid.
My Name Is Hades
C'mon guys the shower scene is brilliant! Kelly's reaction is priceless. And let's give him that the guy really is good at singing 'Roar'
Maria Deva
14:08 Baywatch M0VIE ( )
what the name of the movie???????????
John Hunter
Noah Dannemarre 2C Ebeltoft Skole
Amu Hinamori
She definitely fell on purpose just so he can catch her
Kys Shore
A new baywatch? A new baywatch. U must be fucking kidding me, a new baywatch. HOW ABOUT SOMETHING NEW? Fuck Hollywood.
Borui Liu
What is the name of that blue eyes girl?
Toshiro Hitsugaya
did she just touched his private part in the shower ?
american people...
wow.....very diferent from the original...but looks interesting ...more action . looking forward to see it !! the funny part would be if the Hoff will pass by as the grandpa or something !!!
no story at all, lots of bullshit, no fucks given, my humor, Dwayne Johnson... yep my movie
That looks awful.
Do comedies not have any jokes in them these days?
I'm seeing a trend.
Mark Perez
2:30 she's hot, no matter how bad she is
Viper King
2:20 ' Dont Jack off on my sheets' . Well he's gonna Zac Off for sure.....Aha......i'll leave.
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