Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl (Car Cover)

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"Galway Girl" - originally by Ed Sheeran
Written by: Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Damian McKee, Eamon Murray, Johnny
McDaid, Liam Bradley, Niamh Dunne, Sean Graham & Foy Vance
Published by: Sony ATV Music Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing, Foy Vance
Songs & Primary Wave Vance Music

Secret word is: hot sauce

Bang Armor
It's ok if you sang Galway wrong because the music is good.
Connor Barrett
Who else got triggered when the guy who's whistling came out?
The video stil is like Alanis Morissette 'ironic'😂
Priya Zaidi
Plz sing la mordidita by Ricky martin
Benjamin Gallaway
omg he sang Galway like my last name (Gallaway) this is epic
ههههههه خبل المترجم
Nicolas Helzle
I just discovered your channel and I think it‘s lit.
aboud _150
مين مساوي الترجمه ابن الكل* مخبص من عندو شو هاد الهبال
Aleesha Najam
Perfect Ed Sheeran
Rishay Raghav
Too much to ask cover?
[My _Anime]
so good the beatbox and sing
هناء ام ميمي كوكي
Good Job..but how missed up with Arabic translation? 😂Maybe youtube Arabic translators Jordanians😂😂
sree Rangan
Holy shit!!!!!!......omg......
Xin Ying
Jerry Wu
How amazing it is .
Aleesha Najam
Nice cover man
I noticed an inaccuracy on 0:48
There are no two reflections behind
Sarah K
lol love your shirts
Amazing as always :>
Russell Wright
Fun song and you made it sound amazing!
Ayk Jonas
Holy shit! This is soo fucking dope !
المترجمين قلال أدب مستغفلين الأدمي ياوقاحتكم الله يكسر يدينكم
all in one channel
محمد علي
you are very good -i like you
Regino Resma
the cure please it will be a please
Angie Nimtz
Can you do castle on the Hill???
Juan Hernandez
Justin Bieber / Luis fonsi/ daddy yankee despacito
Saif Saif
انت عربي
I have no words u are God
عين العدسه
دحين مايك يدري انه اصحاب الترجمه قاعدين يستهبلو؟؟
How many lube?
Raizel Galaxy girl
Hey Mike whos is that is that Your self
Unnati Priya Nath
mike how do make such acapella videos???? pl. make a video of how do you make it...
Aimie Zipagan
watta nice mike :-) your so so sooooo AMAZING good work i am your fan
ไม่มีชื่อ มั้ง
this ... amazing!!
Abhay Singhal
That's just plain amazing!
christop ylagan
wow its good
Patricia Senjaya
I'm very impressed by this do more acapella stuff please
Mimitos MSP
Qui est français like mon commentaire 💫☀🔥
Cande Lencina
Me tomó medio video darme cuenta de que es solo un chabón el que hace todas las cosas
moment moment
its Good
This is dope!!! 👍👍
Jenifer Ribeiro
You're really good, I really liked your videos.
zac stothard
please come perform austrailia
i found wrong in the video. 1:18 the face of the brown shirt
Emily Meekings
Do despicito if you haven't already
Purbayan Chatterjee
love you buddy....your drumming sound in this song is awsome....plz I want to contact you....
Pavithra Wijesooriya
Yo! Yo! You got it boyz!!!
Juliana Brandão
Very creative!!! Loved it
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