Speedometer Hits Warp Speed


Occurred on April 5, 2017 / Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Info from Licensor: "I bought the speedometer from AliExpress. After 300 km, it started to jump, then started to spin like a fan!"

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CrazyRider ツ
Imagine putting it on r1
Ivan Tomašević
made in China
Arkadiusz Kozub
To bardziej przypomina kompas na karuzeli jak prędkościomierz :D
diagnosta płakał jak podbijał
When u turn on speedlight on your motor bike
Michal Jaskola
jebany! gosc zagina czasoprzestrzeń
Max4KHD 9
I think it's a compass
I had Honda CB400N and engine sounds was that same. Is it Honda? What model?
Warp speedometr
Lucas Filipe
But officer....
Murat Geniş
John Shackleton
You were traveling back in time ... cooooool!!!
Brandon Blount
title should be (( brroken shit ))))))
just like my peugeot 407
《Omega Team》
WtF 😂
Jaeda Collins
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