cumsud ceferov
When will this movie begin?
\Dev/ \the-Rev/
joke of a movie love the actors tho
Oscar Lua
Don't watch this movie I just seen it
Tlemcen Tlemcanni
The movie based on true story in Iraq till now they did nt know the name of sniper
kacy marvel onyedim
Nice one cena
Rudy Figueroa
John cena is a pussy lol, he always wanted to be a solider saluting in the wwe an shit. But he never became one scared
Teaghan Mitchell
I love war
Gabriel Martinez
More Bullshit war movie? Straight to VHS and Pirate-Bay
Mohamed Ibrahim
just watched the movie ,, its a must watch movie
IoriFrancis Dionco
Jonh cena wow
Fukin GLAZ
Adde udda
Jon cina
lisandro olmos
en español
Dazel Charm Dayondon
this movie sucks.. fucking disappointed..
Kathleen OHanlon
Dregio, Five years ago, I probably called you a nut. Then the TSA began its GESTAPO fear campaign against US
bruce kigllis
Boring movie.....!!
Aluiq Games
Movie was good just not a lot of action
Sheehan Abdalla
How did he see jhon cena
MaestrO Frags
I thought it was a zombie movie
Pwiaj Jaeie
Joe Anthony Abella
Oh That Guy
Donald Trumps fave movie
Yeong gyun Na
John Cena? you can't see me~
Captain Spiers
Damn. Those were some really deep words cena.. I would use it as a senior quote but I feel like a would get arrested lol
I hope john cena dies, doesn't even seem any good
Edgardo De Leon
Esta pinche pelicula no la puedo ver online 😭😭 donde la puedo ver?
~ ~
Sniper lets rescue chopper think they are saving him, waits till chopper is in the air, shoots it down, they all die. Sniper lives. The End.
rangga putraa
I see no John Cena
Faze Solar
Cena gets shot, kicks out at 2
Macey Rickard
did they not do a range card with every possible lay up
Connor Gunning
When i first red the title i thought it was gonna be about trumps wall and the cartel
Wtf this is a movie with John Cena??
Jefferson Molina
I saw this movie..... Believed me this movie is shit, a waste of time... Bigtime
Amaresh Biswas
What a joke
ItzYaBoiPhoenix !
Acting a terrible if you wanna watch a good war film watch hacksaw ridge
riaz uddin
U just watch the whole movie so that's It
Chase Listorti
Staring Donald trump
Can anyone tell me did they both died?
Tien Shenhan
This movie confuses me
Syd Byd
Nonono what is this
Another wack military movie
Matt Litherland
Always pick up smoke grenades, pan, level 2 armour, level 2 helmet and a shotgun.
Tripple striker
WWE fucking deadshit actors.
Hashmat Rai
Sniper cant see him, because he is John Cena
John Cena is in this??
Harsh Rana
they both die
Barack's Left Nut
Why were the terrorist just shooting at plain air, and why tf is there that narrorator, like where is he.
akram king
john cena got a bullet in the ass
Mr Savage
This Video proved that John Cena is visible omg ?!
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