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Today we have a huge basket filled with surprise eggs.  Each egg has hidden toys inside.  What will we discover?  Maybe Shopkins, Squinkies, Paw Patrol or Batman.  Moshi Monsters, My Little Ponies, My Mini Mixie Q's & more.  Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite toy was.


Welcome to PSToyReviews where Paul, Shannon & Simon the cat open all kinds of fun toys.  We love blind bags here including Shopkins, Disney, My Little Pony MLP, Tokidoki Moofia, Unicornos, Lego & tons of others.  We also love hidden surprise eggs & mystery toys.  You will find us opening unboxing toys, playsets and all sorts of kids toys including reviews, play & arts & crafts fun.  Don’t forget the Play-Doh creations or slime either because it’s so much fun.  Leave a comment while you are here, we love hearing from our fans.


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Craig Mongeau
I love these kinds of vids
Simon Toombs
Qua'Nari Bradwell
my birthday is on Easter
Jennifer Allee
I like all 😂😂
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Hfryhgkjjtyhuggjyjhgyujyjhg lklh. ,,
Francheska Benlot
Janai Vasquez
The mini
Janai Vasquez
I want Gordon
Watch and subscribe NOW
Rhea Madeline
I love the my little pony
Stephanie Martin
Nikki Gomez
My 4 year old got me into ur videos and I'm 17 years old and I love ur videos now
Ella Petrosky
Suzanne Schwarzlose
I do that LOL just kidding 😀😎😀😎
Elaine Pardist
The red guys name is shy guy for mario
Sofia Crecco
My favorite toy was blown because she's cyst and pretty.
la wea shippeadora cosmica x3
6:27 it's from mario is shy guy
Christine Stewart
I love the phoney and mincraft
Mele Folau
I like your videos
Shari Melanie Salvador
My favorite is cleo shopkins ponys
Makayla Johnson
That easter basket is just like mine
The fun toy Channel
I love your videos I'm so happy that I found your channel your awesome 💩💩💩💩💩🐶🐶🐶🐶
Shaylin Yacobellis
I love your vids
nelly sumarlo
You so Awsome
A amazing
W wonderful
S smart
O optimal
M manner
E excellent

I hope you like it⚘....
Kim Firlotte
Shy guy
Angel Santiago
So funny
Janai Vasquez
Hey I love that toy gorden can you send that toy to me
cassie khlebnikov
Anka play
Dino Antolini
I am 8
I lost my taco terry ☹️
Audrihardy Hardy
Yesterday was my birthday and I was sad because I did not get what I wanted and I went into a room and watched these videos and I laghed and felt better
Hadid Mejía
I love this video so much
Tammy Evans
rhbt get the/ gpirfbfbre you tererlut
Natanael Landin
Marya Flores
i like yor video
Marya Flores
Rosa Alvarado
coolest video 😎😎😍😂😁😁
Crysania Brooks
In the mistery of the big pack
Crysania Brooks
I got the three peas in a pod like a few weeks ago
Scott G
Alexis likes riddler, and minion rainbow dash :)
Toy chica Fnaf fazbear and the fnaf gang
You mean mario
Squirtle the fancy Gamer
WAIT did Paul try to do an impression of jacksepticeye?!?!
Defne Selamoğlu
Randomly Kat
I'm from Australia and my name is Sydney but I'm from Perth( .W.A. or Western Australia 🇦🇺)
Michael Cooper
Abuuyyiiioyyhhgessssxsdfvgh&&&hhhhgggggg;;;;;)()66(((:433.6$8$334444555;;;$$&&999009875121-3456889900 thunkdddfvvfvcuihhtbbrrrvgfhhhjeedrrfff
MILCA SUAREZ Horton Hears a Who! Fan Club
She's just like Luna Girl
Like if your fav pony is Fluttershy or rainbow dash
helen dragunas
Dash and the pink
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