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Bank Soft
Fly Emirates.
Juja Misquin
United : If we cannot beat our competitors we beat our costomers
Munim Khalid
Qatar 🇶🇦 Airways is better
Bet mr Munoz is jealous
Dexter Fishbourne
Emirates, Etihad and Qatar are all government owned airlines.... hence not a "real" airline that has to compete using their own money.
Just Someone
Steven Pasaribu
so yeah
fuck off united
Well I am going to dislike because it will be promoted to more people. YouTube logic 2017.
No dark skin people in video, propaganda?
New Name change tomorrow
We Seat you, not beat you
E.t.A A.
The future.
Dolores Umbridge
Fly the friendly sky , this time for real.... LMAO
damn emirates i didnt know u were straight up savage.
"those gulf airlines aren't airlines. I hear they never even beat the shit out of their passengers... pussies."
KLM > This meme of an airline
Pig Game
Clap Clap Clap. Congrats you just made fun of United
Humza Mirza
Hello Tomorrow

Hello Hospital
Você Vai Ler Meu Comentário
É nesse que eu vou
My TaeBae
The shade though.
Horace Karsan
Fucking friendly ! PROC is fucking china. Republic of CHINA is real china.
Im Just Watching This Becuase Its Cool But Im Really Going On Jetstar 1/6/2017
Well, considering you are a STATE-OWNED "airline" that operates with absolutely zero consideration to the viability or profitability of your "business" model and route network, I'd say Mr. Munoz is 100% correct in calling you out as a fake airline. United operates under the requirement of producing profit - or at very least breaking even - on each route it desires to fly. Only an "airline" like Emirates, backed by limitless UAE government funding, can afford to fly such ludicrous routes as 7th Freedom Athens-Newark. You are a joke.
Fly rayaunair
Tarek Dajani
I love you Emirates! Flying to Dubai next year! :D
Connor Major
Connor Major
You guys are the best airline hands down.
Connor Major
Shots have been fired. Waiting for response.... Still waiting...... OH YEAH they need some cream fo dat burn!
abu adam
Emirates I'm coming to your plane In juluy 9th To daka so be ready and I love emriates and I subscribed and like (:
Gamer Girl
Emirates,i just want to say to you guys that, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! KEEP MAKING MORE VIDS!
Edward Zen
American and Delta also took the beef against Etihad and Qatar Airways respectively. Those middle eastern carriers should do the same ad campaign as well, given the fact that Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways are among the best airlines in the world. Plus, airlines in East Asia (notably Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, Japan Airlines, and All Nippon Airways) are also the best in terms of quality and service.
Talcum X
Yeah, jihadi owned airlines, what could possibly go wrong.... last I heard UAE funds Hamas and Hezbullah.
good "Fact" violence aproooooved
Rosy Netto
united thinks they are no.1 but no EMIRATES is..
Rosy Netto
yay emirates (my no.1 fav.airliner) fight back unites is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dum...(by the way this comment is messaged through my moms old phone that i use ..I am just a kid..but I still love emirates..)
Fahri Adam Aronggear-Adamy
Emirates one, bing! United, zero.
Collin Parsons
Not sure how they got best economy class with cramming 10 per row on the 777 fleet, but I'm sure the A380 economy class with over 18 inch seats is what earns them that rating. Still a great ad and it's so funny that this came out right after Bumpgate went down on UA.
Ben Huang
United just got roasted!
Zain H
did Emirates, just made the dab at 0:22 ?.
Kalin Krumov
5 years ago we were travelling with emirates to dubai and our tickets were overbooked but instead of getting kicked out of the plane we got buisness class tickes!!! Respect !!
Mohammed Abdelghaffar
Rubmytheigh Plz
Who's the girl at :27?
Michael Wajda
Emirates is savage!!!
Major M. Major
Just another reason for extending cabotage rights to foreign airline.
Shots fired ohhhhhhhhh
Matti Siemen
I Love Emirates ❤️
cele brity
fly me to the moon
Axx Vxx
for the right amount of commission I can definitely promote you.
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