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Michael Wajda
Emirates is savage!!!
Major M. Major
Just another reason for extending cabotage rights to foreign airline.
Hamad Al Junaibi
Arjun Cos Puri
Beastmode786 4lyfe
Shots fired ohhhhhhhhh
Matti Siemen
I Love Emirates ❤️
Axx Vxx
for the right amount of commission I can definitely promote you.
Prateek Nair
love u Emirates
Red Yoshi21
Thank you emirits now I feel very poor but I'm proud!
D Sangha
Hey nice video I started going on emirates in 2005 my parents started before me just saying this is not my act it's my parents but hey nice planes ✈️ i take the emirates to go to Dubai from the UK 🇬🇧 since we own flats in dubai at Jahmarha beach 🌊 idk what but yeah keep up the good work 👍 all the best
Hmm I made a motto for united : "If we don't beat out competitors we beat out passengers" XD
Ali Mady
emirtes is my favrite ariline
Uzair Hussain
This isn't competiton. It was battle
Ray Peest
Rehna Fayaz
Do not seem to hire Arab women
Dexter Chua
U sure?Qatar is gonna be the Next
Britani Fazakerley
You go emirates. Feed off this meme
Emrites "we give you the rites (rights) to stay at your own seat"
Ya know I feel a lot more comfortable here. These people are family friendly
It's funny how the guy was kicked off cause the flight was over boarded and now they probably wouldn't be able to fill up half the seats.
Diego Carvalho
yup united (nope) they should be unmanly airlines
Blue Vortex
Funny how Emirates jumped up and down United after this fracas unfolded akin to a rabid hyena slinking up and down for bloodied wounded prey-had the same happened on Emirates they'd unhinged the sky to try and obscure it and WHY does Emirates chose Caucasians to even represent it seems beyond inferiority complex they hold in their mind for their own kind-How pathetic can one be?
Kazoo Kid
United got toasted
Mark o sullivan
Why did i click on an an ad?
Sub Killer
Emirates Airlines:
Board as a Doctor, Leave as a Doctor.
Sub Killer
Title Should be called Emirates Airline (Diss Track)
i thought it said united airlines, such a click bait
Emirates, we beat the customers, not you - United Airlines
Shots fucking fired
Jeremy Perez
United, Delta, American all suck very bad compared to Emirates, Lufthansa, Virgin, and even value jet.
shameless i love it they are the best no doubt
Oliver Schier
oh no

not again
When u fuck up badly
Waiting 3 months for a name change is bullshit
Will this fly into the Trump tower.
It's All About Girth
No thanks. The thought of a naked lady already sends me flying.
After this, United is going to start offering guaranteed seats without beatings.

For a premium.
Danielle Kean
No over booked seating!? You won't beat the shit out of me???
this is basically punching united in the face and then dragging them out of business
Michael Anderson
Yeah....this is something that would trend....
Asian shaeens
Lol 😂 the Middle East airlines are killing it first Pakistan International airlines now emirates
Super Recycle
they better have good food...
united airlines food tastes like they hired cops to drag it down the isle to your seat.
Jimmy Merc
Quo Tanzient
any other airline slogan, "we greet, we seat you, we treat you... and we make sure not to beat you"
Emirates airlines will always be the best
Unboxing Sve
I flight with Etihad and they are really really good. Looking forward to try the Emirates also :)
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Mlg version on my channel. CHECK IT OUT FOR FREE FOOOOD!
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