Women Wear Instagram Makeup For A Week • Ladylike

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I’ve got glue in my eye.

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Nicole Sandoval

Funny_Rae _Bunny
All of them are already beautiful without make-up! Luv u!❤😶💄
naomi cambridge
freddie looks soooooo beautiful omg
fuck face
Daiseyyyyyy at the thumbnail thoii
Aku Star
I miss Saf... She was the best part of Buzzfeed...
laura morris
why did no one do their makeup before work? no one does makeup at work
Pajama Girl
Ani Doll
I would love to do their makeup 😍
julianne works
Eek highlight isn't necessarily what you want to accentuate and contour def isn't to conceal it's where the light hits and where shadows fall ahhh
Jillian Davis
Freddi slays
Sahra Byc
That black girl is beautiful
Tabbie R.
freddies so adorable!
hailey kissner
Is the makeup artist wearing a pasta necklace?!
wannabe tryhard
I always wear insta eyebrows
Jasmine Love
Liv's Life
WAIT HOLD UP was freddy Bonnie bennet from vampire diaries
Annbrial & Harley Lawrence Videos
I take like 20 min on make up, half of that is fixing it
More like "we are girls,we naturally sweat" it should be like "we are humans,we naturally sweat" lol
Viv mazing
I prefer Safiya on day 4 than the original. Anyone else??
Froschki S
Saf is a beauty queen
Ellie Buteyn
They are all beautiful without makeup but when they do the Instagram makeup, they look unique and beautiful
Madeline Walker
I love Instagram make up!!!!
Julianna Urban
omg i just can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous freddy is... i’m extremely jealousssss
I hate freddies eyebrows its crazy
Ava Whitaker
Did anyone realise that chantell hold up three finger wen she said two xx😂😂😂
Nora Mszrs
Safiya's makeup was the best
Rachel A'Hara
Saf Salad 🥗
Becca Watsonn
Where can I find a macaroni necklace like the makeup artist's ?
Indy Bossy
I wear Kat Von D lipstick 💄
Marina Voigt
I'm 16 and I feel like I could do better 😋😅
Sienna Desai
Who else in the beginning kept starring a the mirror 😂
Buzzfeed is 90% people coming up with challenges for videos and then not doing them.
Tammy Meads
It’s Halloween no it’s not 😂
Katrine Vognstrup
Sooo... Buzzfeed and Boldly both count 5 days as a week?
Elizabeth Playlist
Beautiful beautiful
aaaaaaaaaaa I don’t wanna take my makeup off waaaaaaaaaaa
the most random channel ever !
Salad 🍲
Stupid Fangirl
I wish I was as gorgeous as safiya with or without makeup
i like chocolate.
I miss Saf 😫
Queen of games
It takes me like 5 minutes to put on lashes
Shittilyy Charlotte
Safiyas second day makeup was so niceee
Isabel Cortez
whats all their names?
Chloe Brandon
Salad 😂😂
Alexicon E
Girls that do the full on face just seem like girls who are entirely too self involved, probably don't have a whole lot going on in their lives that isn't completely focused on themselves and how they look. Probably don't have real jobs, family...other responsibilities...I know I'm assuming a lot but anyone I've ever known who dedicated 2+ hours a day on their FACE, definitely fit that profile.
I like how tyler isnt like "mmm no i dont like this its too much" But instead is pretty positive says how fun it is to look at.
Arthur Martins
Freddie looks so good
Tori Lally
Rain Hall
When saf was talking about eyelash glue in her eye it looked like she was having veinam flashbacks
Ella Ryan
I love the way she says salad😂
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