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I’ve got glue in my eye.

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Nicole Sandoval

day 6 is my birthday
kelly li
I thought Freddie had a nosebleed
0% of the population gives 2 shits.
Elizabeth Turner
I love how Saf says "salad"
Zoey Garcia
The girl with the orange hair is soooo pretty!😍😍😍😍
Natasha Trimble
cries because Saf is there
Meagan Martin
"Didn't have time for cut crease" I do cut creases on days I don't want to try that hard. They're so easy.
Lucie Landwehr
1:52 is she wearing a noodle necklace?
Cathie Repik
Selina xx
if they didnt say "she is sayibg salad" i wouldnt have known😂
Courtneey Pink
Those eyebrows 😖 like if you know who I'm talking about !
Sloths and Coffee
Up five I say salad like that too 🥗👋
Ava Mastra
Turtles 4life
Saf looks like kylie jenner with the instagram make up
Alan Dominguez
Chantelle send the nudes
A Random Potato
is nobody concerned about Freddie's bleeding nose?
rylee vadenais
Was her necklace made of pasta...
Toothfairycash AJ
who else thinks safiya's is the best?
Addison Kaman
I do dance competitions so I have to wear fake eyelashes
Kenzie Immortal Daughter of Hera And Poseidon
I own only makeup priced £1 to £7.50
Star {Nocturne Girl}
I'm jealous of all of them
Crafty Greek Athena
Who else had the Briscoes add?
John Suen
IG makeup... nope
pew pew pew pew ka - Chantel
Taniusha Caneda
Girrrrrrrl I don't have time to do my full face of makeup everyday. Too lazy honestly. I guess I do instagram makeup, didn't know that was the term for it lol. But I either BEAT my face or walk out with no makeup. There is no in between for me lol.
Jorja Blythe
Day 4 for saf was amazing 😉
Jorja Blythe
I love how Freddy looks 💜
Georgina Howells
Silad?! Lol
omg, this is so relatable lol!! I honestly feel the same when I try to do makeup i see on my instagram explore feed LOL!! So glad i can have gals like you to turn to so i dont feel so alone in this 78 cent to a mans dollar world that we live in!!! #fempower
Bella The Catlover
The thing that is confusing is that the video was made in October and was published in January
I don't wear makeup because I would rather sleep.
Rebecca Jackson
I only wear lipstick....I'm a outsider lol
tweety howlter
PSA- How little or how much makeup you wear has no correlation with your self esteem and respect
Saf's day 4 😍
Etain O'Connor
They are all crazily beautiful with and without their make up 😊
Ana márcia
top da galáxia 💜
Paige Heeley
Freddie looks so good glam!
unicorn squishies
0:23 was so weird
I love freds look
Audri Reve
No one put moisturizer on 😭☠️ nor did they add highlight, or setting spray. It took them so long, the spray would have helped them keep the look intact longer. But all the ladies look well both ways 🤗
Harmony Liu
'all the pew pew pow pew po pew'
Sayree Belongia
I love freddies
The Flasch
Phhccc phhcc phcccc
Selina Tran
Saf looked like wengie .
Liv. Sanderzzz
Jenna Vick
this makes me wanna go do my makeup
Lauzie Dog
5:07 "my lashes are a little finnicky" Hunger Games fans : why finnick ?
Lois Ko
What happened to Freddie's nose at the end?!
Landga _
I don't wear makeup but I respect those who do because I will never be able to do it no matter how hard I try.
I miss Saf
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