Women Wear Instagram Makeup For A Week • Ladylike

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I’ve got glue in my eye.

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Nicole Sandoval

they all look great <3
Karen Scott
Wait, i'm in love with saf too
Karen Scott
2:57 I don't know ur name, idk where u live... i'm just in love with u
Britannia Croll
Freddie looks so sassy gosh😍😍😍
Mia Glam
5 days isn't a week...
Madison Sellers
I loved Michele in the beggining lol
Music Is Medicine
Chante wins!!!!!
Heather Diem
i can do my full face of BEAT makeup in 20 minutes,,, it takes practice
Is it bad that I thought Nicole was wearing pasta noodles as her necklace? Nothing against her, it just looked like that to me...
MadMad7 AJ
As a competitive dancer, I have to wear lashes a lot, so I can put on both in like 2 mins 😂
Cool Beans
Well I don't use fake eyelashes because my lashes are long enough if I put fake eyelashes on I will look like a drag queen with my mascara
a e s t h e t i c
the makeup artists brows arent even tf
The Underdogs
sooo who else saw the guy at 4:07 just walking past looking at the camera?
elise maes
Airplane environmental definition mood river shirt seem action.
My life as a HOLO lover
Freddy's makeup looked the best in my opinion and saf and Chantelle
Pagan Freeman
I love Freddie
I'm going through an acne stage...... So I would feel crappy if I did this, and I'd look nasty.
Freddie is so beautiful! Especially without makeup <3
Phantrash #3
I would like to see a male version
Jordan McCombie
the way sophia I know I spelt it wrong says salad
Sophia Rosa
freddie mom af
katy cat
good vid!!
and on the side in insta plz follow me on insta my name is bebo__xoxo i will follow u back 😊😍
Madelyn Bonadio
who else misses saf on ladylike😭
Samiha Zabin
Phewwww I'm not the only one who says the word ''mignight black''
Ashley Bania
I don't understand this trend. Beautiful women are spending hours to look like a drag queen.
Eileen Shmileen
Damn!!! Chantel and dark lip fantasy look good!
Flora Fauna
You guys are sooooo good at makeup pls tell me how you do it
Clorox Bleach
freddies eyebrows tho
liisa martama
safiya's day 4 makeup was on fleek
I have the choker saf is wearing but in pink <3
Emma Rice
When I saw Freddie with a bloody nose it scared the literal 💩 out of me.
Halloween? That was posted January. Someone help me figure this out
Snorkel Cola
I have always wanted to learn how to do this😂
Lilly Lillac
Safiya is so pretty. ❤❤❤
Mackenzie Calder
Salad oml cringe
Kayli Braman
StruckAnt20 3
They don't need makeup they are amazing without any
Imogen Hughes
Chantels makeup really suits her
Tatianna Willis
Saf day 4 makeup looks BOMB!!! I want that eyeshadow
loool jj
I don't feel like this is insta makeup I do this everyday insta makeup is more of extreme highlight on brow bone eyeshadow has to have at least some glitter and over lined matt lips
5:14 😂
Jada _BP
Freddies eyebrows are bad but, People please be nicer about it. They took me a while to realize how they looked so they compliment her. Yes she needs to fix them but some of the people saying its bad have worse.
sokun pidor
I wanted Jen to try it.
I understand she probably doesn't really count, but they should've had nikkietutorials 😂
Seriah Garcia
Shantel's (idk hot to spell her name sorry) her eyes are huge!! I love them actually! I have the same giant eyes. So YAS!
yay I found the older videos when saf was with ladylike! (don't get me wrong, I love all of these gals, but I love seeing all of them together)
Jezzle J
I hope y'all know that's Daisy Marquez on the thumbnail! (Subscribe to her)
just nothing
damn filmed on october uploaded in january
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