Women Wear Instagram Makeup For A Week • Ladylike

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I’ve got glue in my eye.

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Nicole Sandoval

Nancy Zhang
Freddie slayssss.
ashley ramos
aweee they put daisy on the thumbnail 😍
Keeley Kerr
Buzzfeed needs to learn that a week is 7 days😂
Bailey Fowler
This is not instagram make up it's just normal make up like if u agree
Talia Hell
Safs looked great
Lokahi Messman
Freddie looks really nice. She did a good job
Jeanne Lin
Anyone else an Instagram makeup artist?? (@muajeannelin lets support eachother!!)
comment section I oNlY uSe bB cReAm, LiPbAlM aNd dO mY eYeBrOwS
"yay me im so perfect1!! 1!!! 111 idk why ppl have to wear so much makeup?¿???? "
Naziha Alam
Saf looks gorg in a kinda messy and wavy hairdo
Iona Wilkinson
I miss saf 😓
Harry Potter
This is for 5 days, it's a little wrong to count as a week.
Treylin Steel
There looks dont look anything like the Instagram makeup
Paris Williams
Seantell is so pretty without makeup
Shay States
I love Instagram makeup but only do it like once a month. I have friends who wake up at 5 am to do their makeup because it takes 3 hours to do... I could never do that lol 😕
its mishfish
" Freddie I just looked over and you look like an angry goat " LMFAOOOOOOO
Mia Calabrese
Sloth Nerds
Who likes Jen the best?
Kayla Gellert
@ 7:03 makeup slayed
Little Mars
Chantel always finds a reason not to do the challenge completely 🙄
Emmy Smith
lovemaria 15
I LOVE YOU LADYLIKE. Btw I would've liked to see Kristin do this😂😂
lovemaria 15
"You know, we're girls, we naturally sweat" doesn't everyone?
Zaira Bautista
The best makeup was safia's
Naia Lee
Lmao i do this everyday already i love this
kawaii cutze
Idc what others think; i love ladylike
Claire Rooney
((Takes ladylike from Halloween to the middle of January to make a ten minute video))
Amy Lou Rogers
This is how bad I am when it comes to make up
1:for 2 years I didn't know the difference between foundation and concealer
2: the most makeup I wear is mascara and lip gloss
Naomi Robinson
This vid is So old That Saf is still at Buzzfeed....
BB -8
To be honest i miss saf but I love her channel i dont like devin
Milla Apple
Safya did the best
Little Love
I don't need to wear fake lashes or bushes but my eyebrows are weird so yeah
Hardika Dhir
Fredie is too funny! lol
moeisha n hopey sometimes
i thought this was a newer video and was really confused why safiya is here
Daisy-Mae Tinsley
Is nobody going to comment how gorgeous Freddie's eye makeup is?! 😍
Jess P
Saf just saying "salad" just makes me smile 😂 Not hating ✨
Riya Vatti
Chantelle's natural eyebrows are nicee 👍
Anye'a Moore
Blood people I see blood💉💉💉
Fox And Meme
I am on my period
Ellie White
1:05 😂😂😂😂
Jimins Kookie
Everytime I see a girl with eyebrows on fleek i'm just.. like gurll teach me ur magic
Snapchat One
chantel looked normal on dy2
Hipsterchipster 14
Why does Saf's pronunciation of salad bother me so much 😂😂
aww freddy!!!
Louise Doyle
Chantel making the "PEW! Phew! Pah PHEW!!" Sounds reminded me of my mom.. i don't know why.. xD))
Lucy Zhu
K- Mann24
I loved Fred's makeup 🔥✨
Claire Herbert
I only like the ladylike girls
G Quantum
No time ??? Aren't you guys making videos like these?
M.G lewia
Hi Random person going through the comments 😑🤓
Pinkie Dee
I hate wearing makeup but crap do I look good when I wear it. It feels so goopy.
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