Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer 2 IN-DEPTH Breakdown (Spoilers)

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My breakdown for the second trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi where we go into extreme detail on every little shot and easter egg!

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Lauren Alexandria
Rey is a Skywalker. Nothing else makes sense.
Jackson Leon
Why are they naming so many planets or planet sized things after Sith (Starkiller and Crait [it may be spelled different than Krayt but still])
Ohio Furnace Beard Company
Maybe Kylo could be attacking a different rebel ship that Leia was not on in a earlier part of the movie. What if the scene where Kylo and Leia are communicating is a misdirect? Everyone in the background of the rebel ship seem to be overly calm for being engaged in an attack. What if Kylo starts to turn to the light? What if Kylo is actually trying to save Leia from an impending attack ordered by Snoke!?
Maybe Leia senses the threat on her life in this scene and Kylo is headed in hopes to engage the fleet before they reach the rebel ship. Perhaps that could explain Kylo’s emotion in this scene possibly because he hesitated when he first heard of the orders from Snoke thus losing valuable time that could be used to save Leia. The constant tug and pull back and forth in the force could also be what is causing Kylo’s emotion: not being able to decide what to do if the above situation does indeed occur. If she doesn’t die here what if Snoke kills her by different means and this is what turns Kylo!?
Scott Shields
but in order for the second order to kill snoke john boyega adam driver and carrie fisher and harrison ford and maz kanadda on craetes (the new planet for the last jedi lego sets resistence ywings and xwings) of the first order star destroyer on the 4th death star killer base staion 3 in the force awaknens and rogue one was the first deathstar on final construction and the first rogue is betwwen revendedge of the sith and a new hope and between the return of the jedi and the force awakens is the new han solo movies coming out in may 2018teen cyber krystal inside adam drivers lightsaber is kcracked that which is why kylo rens lightsaber is like a blade flame of more like fire!!!!!!!!and fnn 2187 isnt finn not finns name AND NO JHON BOYEGA PLAYED FinN 2187 (twenty-one eighty- seven) by the resistence and jakku jango fetts slave 0 not slave 2 the blue version of slave one on tipoka city kamino clone center sation on geonosisin arean and assembly area
Scott Shields
and give this video shared to the public
Scott Shields
please jhoin the dark and lightside of the force by givng this video comments and hit the notification bell for rogue one then the forceawkens and lukes green lightsabe is for mark hamil
I enjoy very much what you have to say about star wars. each video is very fascinating
andy sala
My dog died like if you agree
What if Kylo Ren is actually trying to save Leia? Maybe he is horrified about killing his father and does not feel the power/relief that Snoke promised
Panama Mack
0:05-What are we here to do?
Dean Ogden
Could the planet Crait have a cave of Kiaburr Crystals which the Millennium Falcon flys through
Mike Bushnell
Youre all going to feel stupide when Jar Jar shows up in the after credits "meesa back"
Sakari Richard
Rey taking that long D in the thumbnail!
such doge
he shows of the piloting skills of Luke and Anakin as well
Arnold Lueders
There is no way that the only other time Luke saw such strong raw power is the Emperor. He was afraid then, so it cannot be the Emperor.
A dark side Rey would be so sexy imo
I've heard a lot of people say Snoke is talking to Kylo in the beginning of the trailer, why is this assumed? We don't see him actually talking to Kylo, and in fact, the only person we do see Snoke directly talking to is Rey. So is there evidence to say that Snoke is absolutely talking to Kylo in the beginning? Is it absolutely impossible that he could be talking to Rey?
great video!!!! keep it up
Neil O'Hara
What if Luke is talking about snoke? We know from TFA that Leia tells Han that it was snoke that seduced Ben. How did snoke get close enough to do this unless he was at the new academy maybe hiding his powers from luke as Palpatine hid In full view of the jedi!
If you watch the trailer luke says: "from the sparks a new hope will rise" (or something like that ) and on that last scene we see Rey's face is half dark and half light (symbolism or foreshadowing?) and then when Kylo extends his hand we see sparks behind him.

So my theory is that kylo ends up going to the luke's side and Rey ends up going to the dark side. As for luke on the ground, I believe it's Rey who beat him not Kylo (it wouln't make sense it it's Kylo) or it could be both Rey or Kylo beating Luke.
Mark Crisco
What if Kylo doesn't fire and somehow Snoke finds out and has the ship destroyed anyway...?
Zero Budget Productions
You all realize this is just the original trilogy being amped up (an less well written) playing over again right? Rogue One, while poorly written, at least expanded the verse a bit, this trilogy is like a Star Trek episode where they frig up time and have to repeat the same time stream over and over. Groundhog Parceks.
Bruno Bjf
Stupid bullshit for adultes ? Or funny stories for kids ?
Golden Wolf
You guys are thinking the wrong way. Kylo gives his hand to Luke maybe after he beaten him to turn him to dark side. After all he wants to finish what his grandfather started. Vader's job was to turn Luke to dark side. Rey says"I need someone to show me my place" scene is where she talks to Luke at camp fire that we seen at the behind the scenes footage.
Boba Fett
Y doesn't snoke have yellow eyes
tuna rage
Jesus christ, guys... Rey's parents are nobodies! Just some scavengers that left Jakku without her for unknown reasons. You think Lucasfilm wants their audience imagining someone as hideous as the emperor as having had sex with someone or some weird immaculate conception or cloning bullshit? That's some cable TV syfy level nonsense. You're overthinking everything.
Snoke is talking to Rey... not Kylo
Alex Hoover
OMG! I would be the Happiest girl on Earth to win all those Legos after losing my old ones!!!
i like how snoke is torturing rey sexually and she is forced to have an orgasm
Jesse Valpy
Luke: Where's myyyyy arrmmmmm
Dave Campbell
Great video very informative but you may want to adjust your levels on your audio because you sound very monotone! Courtesy of Manny
Muniz Sims
Rey being the daughter of Luke would be extremely predictable. Literally 80% of fans believe she's either Luke or Han's kid.
PK Ralph
God this movie better surprise me and not just a redo of he original trilogy
Noob kaska
What is Snoke? #suggestion
Jose Colmenero
What if Kylo goes back to the light and Rey goes to the dark side
Antoine Vello
I just realized. Kylo has 3 crazy good pilots in his lineage. That means assuming he was adequately trained by both uncle and father we have potentially the best pilot in universe.
Mm Mm
1. Pilot skills from dad? How bout grandpa.. Anikan a much better pilot then Han.2. (I'm sure someone has suggested this) but Luke's comment "this won't go the way you think" If this is during a duel.. It reminds me when Obi-wan said if you strike me down I will become more powerful then you can possibly imagine. Obi was telling think you are about to kill me and I will be gone...BUT that's not what's going to happen
Leonardo Poloni
Maybe Snoke is talking with someone else in the beginning of trailer...
Steven McClain
Another great video. I hope I win the giveaway
The Olfactive
What if Ezra in fact destroyed Lukes training school! That would fit with Luke saying that he felt that POWER before and that he was not afraid enough then but is now.
3:45 "The Journal of the Whills". yup - figured that "book" from the 1st Teaser trailer was the journal. Was soo excited about that :D.
Info (one of many):

This part is for all the design fans/geeks . . .
8:50 - So visiting my brother a month ago (from this date), its ironic that he mentioned; "How come we don't see "B-Wings" anymore? They are supposed to be the fastest of all fighters"? (I guess many can confirm that) as he mentioned the animated series (which I need to see, I'm a sort-of SW purest as whatever canon is from the "film" screen, but I do need to see the various animated series).
I am a Conceptual Designer because of (1977) Star Wars. Till I was 14 in 77, I drew Hot Rods, it was because of the film and Ralph McQuarrie, Joe Johnston, John Mollo and original designer Colin Cantwell (and for Empire, Nilo Rodis Jamero) I started drawing "Spacecraft", weapons, costume designs, characters, and finally delved fully into drawing Sci-Fi/Fantasy (and collected works of Book and Album cover artists, and Film concepts, and so-on...). I immersed myself in the "style" of that 1970's SW type of vision, but of course with a contemporary twist, like Doug Chiang added for the most part, keeping a bit to tradition with a new flare. So I have been critical of the designs I have been seeing in this new movie (as well as Force Awakens, but not as much as this chapter).
From the 1st teaser (or maybe it was the 1st trailer) and being part of a Sci-Fi modeler page on Fb, people have been releasing designs and miniature photos from the film, and most of them I couldn't help think that McQuarrie would have scrapped them as "preliminary sketches". The new AT-Gorilla has been getting a lot of negative comments, but what can any of us do? It's become a part of the canon and all the other ships that bug me. All filmed and published in the making of books to come.

Which leads me to 8:50 . . . ;). From the 1st teaser/or trailer, we see these ships "dragging" a piece of its hull (antennae?) and it never made sense to me, it was more for eye candy scooping up the hidden "red soil". And from the angle, I hated the designs of the small ships. But here, after seeing the 2nd Trailer a second time today - I then realized . . . They are "B-Wings" flying sideways!!! :O
They are finally showing what I thought all along, that the cockpit "rotates" and the ship can be flown at any angle (I'm sure they tackled that in the animated series) :). So that really made me super happy.

. . . anyway, sorry about that rant and I hope I didn't ruffle any feathers. I'm an old nerd who is into design, and I'm finally developing a newer portfolio for Lucasfilm with hopes to be on the team for the expanding Star Wars saga (I tried out for Episode II and III but was too late and was in an awful living situation back then, but I did get to talk to Doug Chiang on the phone, after receiving info from meeting Producer Rick McCallum :).
But regardless, this chapter looks really intense and dark, I look forward to it like everyone else. Take good care all!

BTW (shameless plug) - you all can see a short I worked on:
Hope you all enjoy :).

Why would Rey have her training garb on when Kylo "joins" her? if its at the start of the movie how can Kylo have the attempt on Leia, and Snoke training and a whole turn to the light and smashing his helmet in just the start of the movie while Reys still wearing the same top? Isn't it more likely that this is a vision in Reys jedi/force training with Luke? like He had with Yoda when he confronted Vader? It's also more likely than Kylo is good that it's just a small meaningless scene where Kylo is again trying to get Rey to join him and together they'll end Snoke and she pretends to go along with it for a second.

Also how could this movie and the next movie go on, when there is only Snoke? Snoke has a master? I don't think they'd go that route, or another apprentice or another movie where it's just Snoke as the only antagonist.

Just my opinions.
I think Luke and Rey's relationship will be something like where Luke does not want to train Rey, though she strongly insists, so he gives her little 'tips' here and there -always looking for a way out of it.
The AT-M6 is the 'chimp' walker. There! It's labeled!
Josey Wales
Disney will rue the decision to turn the great StarWars franchise into PC chick movies.

Furthermore, DRidley is a terrible actress and the script with her miraculous transformation into a fighter is a cruel joke.

Fans don’t deserve this desecration of the most powerful sci-fi movie franchise ever created. Unfortunately, I can’t enjoy StarWara anymore.
Katarina Jayne
I could not see the shot of the supremacy however I did catch a glympse of the dreadnought on the trailer at 1 minute 44 seconds (
Daniel Cowen
Another point, it's possible Kylo intended on killing Leia in that scene and someone like Poe saves the day.
Daniel Cowen
Rey and Kylo at the end is a misleading clip. Not only is Rey wearing her garb from TFA, Kylo no longer has his carbon fiber band aid covering his scar. There is no way both clips are from the same scene.
spurtalisterous that pronunciation. We definitely don't want to ANALyze the trailer in the extreme, do we?
Kistler Clipz
At 7:47 Poe doesn't have a TIE fighter...
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