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Urbex Tex
You pronounced the parts of the boat wrong...
Horn battles :D
Aboard passengers were intrepid...
Will Burkhart
That storm is nothing
Hdhd Hdhd
Well be thankful you where on a big boat and didn't sink
Alex Wong
Vomit until death.
Emma can't come up with a creative username
The casino's on deck 2?? On any cruise ship I've been on, guests are only allowed to level 3 at the lowest, sometimes, most often 4. Medical was on deck 2 and we were below sea level then.
Connor Clark
Im form southampton
I'm getting motion sickness just watching this.
Kaela Pacheco
A Greene
Route is pronounced ROOT. wish you Yanks spoke English .

Ive been on a crossing worse than this is on QM2. You Yanks want everything easy. Next time, fuckin fly okl
Your absolutely friggin NUTS to go outdoors in that weather...!!! You must have been asking for a death wish my friend.
Daughter of the King-Dannie
We are all nature's bitch,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lewis Hampson
How can I increase my chances of experiencing something like this?
rawa dream
that is no joking. .. we talking here about titanic again
Matt Mills
I hate this guy talking
To all those non ship geeks out there, i'm going to tell you something to put your mind at rest if your afraid of going on a ship with storms.

A cruise ship or even container ship ( Or even a yacht ) can survive waves the size that's equivalent of the ship's size. Let me give you an example:
This ship the Queen Mary 2 is 1,132 feet long
So that means the Queen Mary 2 can withstand waves of up to 1,132 feet ( Which is impossible, the highest waves ever recorded was about 120 feet )
So even a yacht at 80 feet can survive 30 feet waves... Hope this helps
Trevors huge lips
Wtf nobody buys dvds anymore lmao. This isn't 2000
Aren't you glad you were in one of the best Liners ever? I can tell you for sure it was a smoother crossing then RMS Queen Mary could have delivered in comparable weather.
John Abreu
Dats Why I hate Riding Ships >:0 I hate it Hate it Hate it
By the light they ruined a beautiful ship and now looks like a ordinary crappy, over crowded cruise ship. With a effin casino wtf.
Pablo Escobar
Is uncensored uncut version of your long honeymoon available. :P
Where are the life boats, my life jacket, my whistle, and the phone number to the coast guards so I can tell them to come pick me up? It's time for me to go home and the vacation is over.
me la pelas
All passengers are like aaaawww so breath taking meanwhile the captain "fuck I just shit my pants"
MZ Uddin
The camera sound track panned to the right channel is the main reason that this video got so many dislikes !!
Geo rise
3:15 humm.....
Brale Toni
It knows to get worse, mate...My dad works at a tanker for 20 years and he saw 15 meter waves on the Antlantic. These are 4 meter waves. Anyways, nice video!
Battle Of Trenton
It makes one appreciate a little more what the colonists of North America had to go through 400 years ago.
Elliegirl EE
There was an avert for a curse ship πŸ˜‚
Spencer Moss
Michael Johnson
Here, let me film like a loser instead of have a romantic moment with the wife.
Francis Barca
I might have gone to the planetarium after a good meal and watching the storm for a while but more likely than not I would have hunkered down in my cabin with a bottle of Jack, some country music and let the storm lull me to sleep. 🚒
Chanel K
eRa Sniping
I was onboard the Norwegian Epic in Easter 2017 going from Barcelona to morocco to grand Canaria to lanzarote to Malaga and back to Barcelona. On the way to Malaga as the vessel entered the Mediterranean a gale force ten hit the ship and we were hit with crazy fast winds. My cousins and I tried to run as fast as we could into the wind for fun, as well as going into the pools which were spilling water all over the deck, and tried to survive the waves generated by the weather. None of us were hurt or sea sick, we just had a great cruise with this storm in the middle of it!
Thats nothing. I was on a Arlei Burke Class Destroyer in 2005 in the south pacific and all hands were secure to their berthings. The waves and water force was so strong it bent 4 gauge steel up on the bow.
brad com/tap game play
Ruairi Mccarthy
this fella sounds like a ROBOT
CheatyTycoon 2
Still better than walking outside and seeing a tsunami.
"Good god"
Philip Payne
sounds like Baz Lurman, " if I could offer just one piece of advice, it would be ware sunscreen "
Michael Z
Id be terrified the entire time.
Brendan Gardner
That handrail joke is killer though. Kinda makes up for the weather.
Michael Lawson
Now THAT's a big RV.
Phil W
thanks, a very informative ^ interesting video . ;))
i would spend hours looking through the window
John Fronza
I loved every minute of it when we were out there. Now you know why we never have pool decks on ships in the United States Navy. I can guarantee that you will normally have the entire restaurant to yourself. Love it.
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