Lizbeth Liku
Dear Ryan can you ride a bike over 5 buses with no hands
Ismail Ahmed
Dear ryan, can you giveaway 100 free iphone 7 plus
alex1280z only play clash of rolaya
daer ryan could you do a fidget spinner trick shot
His jigglypuff impression though 😆
Sätz XèÑé
awesome impressions Ryan..
It's all fun and games until I pull out my diglet
Devin Syhanath
Mentions saying that in the title they were fails
Aiden Hawley
Spencer Knutsen
There are like 800 pokemon now
Cloud _BoldisBeautiful
And the ping pong ball trickshots
Cloud _BoldisBeautiful
I like the cheese rap song
Duong Nam
Dear Ryan, can you hack some computers?
Megan Heineman
Dear Ryan: Can you visit Philadelphia, PA?
Kaibab Squirrel
karp karp magikarp
Dude that fool almost died oh well😆
Elite Greninja
The fridge was watching the entire fail
he needs to do a teehee video
FerhadM55 - Gaming and more!
Dear Ryan can you do trickshots while you have a blindfold on.
時半リアンNJjablayRY Bokep Indo-Cina
Tanner Fox
dear ryan can you do a dog trickshot?
Kittykat 559
Dear Ryan you should make a singing video your really good
Fluffy Kitty
Dear Ryan, can sing "Make it Rain" by: Ed Sheeran I think you can sing! Please do it <3
Crazy Lazy Dork
dear ryan, do ping pong trickshots
Brianna Bauer
Dear Ryan can you do a rap song about your favorite animal
Raymond Corona
golf trick shots
Jeff spada
I left my comments below and I was never incharge in the next video
Jeff spada
Dear Ryan, wanna do spongebob impressions?! Lit
Trojan Rabbit
Cuz u and i
I Love Turtles
That cheese song was CHEESY
KoKi Knezovic
i wonder what your mother tought after all those sounds
Adam Slimi Vlogs
Dear Ryan: Can you do actor impressions
Adam Martin
Who agrees Ryan's an actually pretty good singer
Jo Ang
do a swimming trickshot
Jo Ang
do a
Golf trick shots
suhail shagul
dear Ryan

can you do 30 thrusters with a 50lbs dumbell?
Crystal Ann Paul RCBS
So you're pretty good at EVERYTHING. Can you make a video on things you just can't do?
youssef boukhatem
well singing zayn malik's song didn't sound that bad
Ideal Blox Gaming
Dear Ryan can you do golf Trickshots
Hamza Begagić
kick dem all
Bill Chipher Fan101
I see Kevin the fridge at 7:29
Dhruv Jain
Do a rap about marley
Homie Dinosaur
The first few secs were racist.👍👍👍
Victor Leflar
At 4:36 Ryan messed up the shrug. HE SMILED!!!!
Elizabeth Schuyler
Ily ur so funny!
Carina Gonzales
dude perfect is going to be mad at them
Leli Quitkin
Dear Ryan what would you look like in Mario
Tim GamePlays
Ekans I keepin saying ekans then I realize just check on your self S.N.A.K.E EKANS btw it's actually ekans not ekan
Happiest _Hedgehog
Dear Ryan

Can you ride around your neighborhood in a mermaid tail on a hoverbourd
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