ART CHALLENGES! Cute or Creepy? SCARY Characters in Kid's Cartoons | Mei Yu

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ART CHALLENGE: Cute or not? Artist Draws Famous SCARY Characters in Children's Cartoons in this amazing inspirational art video. 

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Weirdo Derp
I skipped it and I was like, WOAH HOLD ON! U did not just turn Freddy into a care bear! And she did πŸ˜‚
Luna Lovegood Fangirl
I like the harry Potter movies because it just brings everything to life. P.S. I'm a ravenclaw
i love to play roblox!
Catherine S.
and Coraline is exactly the reason I'm terrified of the Lalaloopsy dolls. And oh my stars, the Joker is terrifying.
Mei yu please do elements as humans
I love fnaf i see people play this game
Berola echmail
The fist one was a little cute because Freddy is a care bear
I art Lps
Freddy: cute
Voldemort: cute
Other mother: creepy
Joker: creepy
Answers to questions: I did use to watch power puff girls but one I'm to old for it now and two after a certain episode where this guys tried duplicating the power puff girls I (yes) got scared of the show and stopped watching, second question I like the books better I think they have a little more detail and their were some parts in the book that I liked that they didn't put in the movie, third question I haven't seen any movies with the joker in it but I know enough about him to say that I think I liked him I suicide squad best
I thank any one for taking the time to read this monster of a comment have a nice day
Swap Fell Sans
Swap Fell Sans
I like both ( Harry Potter ) books and movies.
Pink CandyFox
Fun2draw can you draw Five nights at freddy's as cute amaronic animal children?
Potter Ki
I am a Potter head and i Love the movies the most! But the books are awsome!
Jack Productions
amazing_boba _fett
My favorite joker is mark Hamel or Heath Ledger
mikayla miller
you are such an amazing artist and you have no idea how much youve helped me with my art watching the techniques you use you are a true inspiration i wish I could show you some of the amazing art youve helped me achieve you are amazing please keep on doing what your doing im sure there are alot more people that youve helped with their art thank you ~
Alyssa Is Awesome
Definetly the books because in the movies they didn't include a lot of things the books did! For example have you ever seen a proper Quitich battle? Or that guy who always is funny, floats, and oh... I forgot his name! OMG!
Scarlett Redmond
I love freddy
Kitty blu
Freddy was cute
I think Freddy in Care Bears um I think he will sing to talk and always wants pizza and he will be a trickster like scaring the others and stuff that is my though you are awesome Mei Yu
Rolina Nordin
The greedy one is kinda creepy
freddy= the bane of my existence, voldemort = :3 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the "OTHER" mom= creepy as hell and joker= the elmo of DC
Hayley Corryse

Isa Mae
Best game= minecraft
lily dylan
Can u plz do more coraline characters plz
anayiah hawkins
Butter cup is my fav power puff girl
Natasha Whitlock
1. Cute
2. Both
3. Cute
4. Both
tattletail 1998
aww FREDDY 😱😍😍😍 I am in love
arty Justin
I don't feel Freddy fuzz bear is haunted. Cause you made him soooooooo cute!!!
arty Justin
I don't feel Freddy fuzz bear is haunted. Cause you made him soooooooo cute!!!
Diane Deer
Suwersid sqoid jocker
Deleted Channel
I watched Coraline like 1,0000000 times also I love ppgs
Mohd Rahayudin
I think it ...
Its so creeeeeppppyyyy....Γ—_Γ—
the other mother one was still kind of scary and the lines were a little harsh for the children's cartoon style you chose.
Negative Wolf
Freddy looks adorable
Tiffany Nelson
my favioret one is suiicied scoud joker
sharmayne frith
can u do Pokemon as dinosaurs plz?
Alura Analore
Omg Voldemort looks so cute!!!
Miles Blantern
Mia Donut
Voldemort a power puff girl?!?
XxViktΓΈ_ Nagma
The joker looks like he's a villain of the Sesame Street series.
Irene Hearts
I also loveeeee the movie called Coraline
Irene Hearts
I loved every single character you drew Mei Yu😍😍😍...The music was creepy though...😱😱😱😨
Anthony Penaloza
i thought sesame street was not foto kids
Mangle Kawaii
First Cute Sec Cute WHY YOU PUT THIS MUSIC:CC IS CREEPY!!! CHANGE IT!!!! Three CREEPY!!! Four ummmmmmmmmm uhhhhhh CREEPY!!!!!!
Artist_Kitty Productions
Books are way better and any true Potter head would know that
Borbak Kiani
I liked the joker drawing the best :)
Monica Lidia Dragan
Freddy was the cutest.(AAAAAAAW!)
unedited videos
They look to scary to be in kids shows some!
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