Janet Marquez
Janet Marquez
Tara Jane
BOOKS!!! The books are always better than the movies
Chasity Daily
1st : cute :) 2nd: okay :| 3rd : creepy :{ 4th: weird but cute :>
{Aesthetic-Tumblr} Msp
I love Coraline Everytime I put it on my cousin (he hates Coraline he thinks its scary) he is like bye I'm gonna upstairs
Sarah Carilus
Sarah Carilus
Sarah Carilus
Care bears
Voldemort was perfect but he has red eyes ;P
Freddy Fazbear
I love the FNaF ones their my favorite😂
Maria Gonzalez
Freddy is so cute
Park Rose
Cute and scary
Pink Venom
Harry Potter BOOKS omg the movies skip soooo much funny and important stuff
Florian Federle
Love the books
Pearlean Jarrett
Titus Seat
Maddie Unicornz
Harry potter movies💜
TheLonelyRavenclaw YT
Im still laughing at Voldemort xD
Allysa Castro
Plzz draw more drawings in fun2draw with the fun2draw eyes
Allysa Castro
I like the normal drawings like pennywise
kona heroka
care baers i watch that show when my dad car didt broke is care ers i know it
Yanderes Sed
Guðbjörg Ólöf Valdimarsdóttir
4:SO CUTE AND ADOREBAL !!!!!!!!!!!!
Guðbjörg Ólöf Valdimarsdóttir
Guðbjörg Ólöf Valdimarsdóttir
José Luiz
The joker: Cute and creepy in the same time hahah
He is my favorite!
Mia Alexandra Benig
Oh Freddy is there❤️
Melly C
3 creepy sesme street scares me!
kit cat
I like bliss
Abi Shepherd
Its funny cos its Voldmort from harry potter
All of your drawings are cute!😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊
Nancie J
Giselle Sher
Freddy is my favorite
Giselle Sher
Freddy is so cute
not a girly girl
The other mother is so creepy!! 😨
Definitely the books! They have MUCH more detail!
Edit: Y-You added Caroline.... Internal Screaming I LOVE THAT MOVIE!
GlitteryKitten 4
Freddy is even cuter!
lps girl 11
1 cute
2 creepy
3 cute
4 creepy
Heather Acker
Harry potter movies for shure❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍
Ashley Schooley
It is from corulin
Cofecat22 Cj
I think you should sell merch of the Freddy care bear with this saying on it: I don't bite!
I actually like the animated design for the Joker
DJ Potato
Freddy's adventures would be something like: Search of The Stolen Pizza, Find Foxy, and Make The Kids Happy to name a few
Artsy smartsy Lena
Voldemort doesn't have blue eyes
Defne Tufur
I think the bear at the horror movie can't be cute in anyway
TheBroken Wolf
Time for a game of disappearing employees…
Booooks and Freddy is ma fav
Samira Rose
All of them are cute except joker
Poke pal
I like the Harry Potter books better. They give alot more detail to what is happening and you can know what Harry, Ron, and Hermione are talking about. Also, you can know what Harry is thinking. I never thougt I'd say this but.... VOLDEMORT IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!!
Only Original
Freddy: Creepy
Harry Potter Guy: Cute
Doll girl: Creepy
Joker: Creepy
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