John Myrick
2:40 wtf
Tevin Robinson
Stop it xxl yall just need to stop. If you not gon take this seriously just stop
Milk N Cookies
yo deez nieggies is lit
Game Reviews
X the type of nigga to shoot up his freshman class
Len Do
xxx is so wack he literally sucks
100% of these comments are about X πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Madeintyo look like a lil kid πŸ˜‚
zOOm saLad
XXXTentacion is such a fag
musay koslay
X the only guy pissed at 2:58
Tambie The Gay Fag
2:07 when you tell a joke and your friends don't hear you so you say it again and they ask you why you said your joke again.
so bad....
Life banger
Don juan
2:07 when you get sick of yo mom whoopin you
young jay
x will hurt you boy
HoTdOgWaTeR yUm
This for u x

,πŸŒŸβ•‘β•‘β• β•πŸŒŸ,
Lil Uzi Vert
X summoned the Earthquake in Mexico
Don’t let X’s verse distract you that he has no eyebrows now
2:05 what the fuck xxxtentacion
Asian Rerus
Driippy Visualz
If u listen to x he will show you knowledge u dont understand what his saying u stupid ass 11yr old kids
Michael Briggs
I took my bitch to the store cus we ran out of soda
Londontony Wilson
Ugly god got bars
Kenton Evans
X freestyle is what u say when the teacher gives u homework on a Friday
Killa Chris
was them niggas praying
Dylan Kelly
Idc what anyone says, x’s verse is pure heat
"Well I already did my verse so I finna bounce"
Woodman Tiller
The funny part is that the most of the people don't understand what X is doing.
Smooth Emery
who is this XXX kid? this over the top weirdo vibe he trying to broadcast is super corny
I might of accidents destroy x’s mincraft base
JJ Hill
I just love how different XXXtentacion is
Imagine how Xs parents felt when they heard this. Or maybe they are not alive
Andre William Guintu
Went from a lit rave to a prayer
X in the back like "I will kill you and your mood"
Cool man:)133
This is fucking trash all of them sound so different without autotune
Jaelyn Johnson
X is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Manoah Jair
silly thot
2:07 holy shit he summoned scarlxrd
Tommy Verceti
lol extension is a loser :) lol who the he'll does that. there's no way people like his rap.
Mahmoud Nofal
X was just standing where the dj was

And if the world ever has an apocalypse
I will kill all of you fuckers
Fear will be plentiful, death will be bountiful
I will spare none of you peasants
Fuck your religion, your pastor fucked kids
And got sent to a prison in PC
I seen the devil, he’s in you and me
You need saving to listen to this, see
Follow 'em home, cut the right corner so nobody sees you
Turn off your phone
Leave it at home so nobody can trace you
Mask your expressions
Appear to be calm, they won't read your intentions
As soon as you’re in
Let them all know who they’re all in the presence of
I am a murderer
I am a demon, the son of a serpent
What is your faith?
What is your worth?
Have you felt acknowledgement?
If I kill you now, will you go to heaven or hell you believe in?
Death is approaching you
30 seconds, think before lying in a blood sea
Baseball Highlights
Kyler Dove
X is like when the group chat is roasting each other and when it get's to him he gets sad and leaves the group
theonlyking 97
1:21 Diamonds when talk diamonds I walk diamonds on my balls pocket Rick Ross
T. D
I'm gonna be suprised if x goes to heaven
β€’ Kairo β€’
2:06 when your minecraft girlfriend cheats on you
Kid Fury
X finally went super saiyan 3 this is his goal"R.I.P. EYEBROWS"
Baron Lobes
Ugly God is the only one looking like he's having fun.
Atleast XXX still looks 'normal' in this video. He looks like a retarded granny rn
Lynxify -
and we thought X was weird here...
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