Candy Grabber Toy Challenge - WARHEADS! Extreme Sour Candy - Shopkins - Num Noms - Surprise Eggs

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Hi friends:)
FAM TASTIC:)) Candy Grabber Toy Challenge was super duper fun and  my mum has had so much Warheads LOL,i really like the candy grabber game and i think  the prizes were awesome.
STAY FAM TASTIC😘 I gave my Dad the Mashem LOL:)

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Michelle Murphy
Michelle Murphy
Man up
Adriana Martinez
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lily kit kat
jamel krazem
I have tasted center shock and l know how you feel it is shoòooooooccccccckkkkkkkķkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg
Lorenzo Colunga
Ariana Izadpanah
Ariana Izadpanah
Did you like your little toys?
Vasoco Degama
it's t toasty warm
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I lost my dog today 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭 can I get 1000,000 likes
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It's my 13th birthday today can I get 13likes please
Angel Taylor
bing Berge
Naimo Abdi
the Shopkin is called tasty sandwich
Detty R
was it good or bad
Detty R
sour yum candy
John Gray
My grandads got that claw Mashine but he put stickers on 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Tamzin damant
My dog died can I get 27 likes please 😭❤️
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i dont know
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Tasty Toast
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all that candy
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The toast is toast e warm
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haha o
Fun with me*bits and bobs
hi TT
Baraka Masood
It's called coco
Lit Like Risa
A lot of deaths and birthdays in the comments😂😂😂
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I'm not a bad
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I. love. this. vi deo
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You are so cool
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omg hi
Marwa I.
Tiana wins mommy okay
Fernanda Camarena
Secret Sally
can I have a Shopkin
Mignonette van Niekerk
best friend ever
Vicki Housholder
The shopkins name is tosty t warm
aadawt dawt
I wish I was you!!!.
niamhhh xox
Ravi Soram
mummy and tiana is very beautiful
Daniella Hopkins
tasty toast
Ali S.
can you make another clown video I luv them!
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so sweet to family
red mint blue mint
i am eating sour patch kids
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this is a awesome video
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Paige gray
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