TOY HUNT with Barbie and Teresa ! Lots of toys - Shopkins, My Little Pony and more !

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This toys dolls parody video shows BARBIE and her friend TERESA going TOY HUNTING at Toys R Us ! They talk to other famous characters such as: Rapunzel, Ariel,  Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and other princess dolls, etc , they also explore lots of other toys such us: Shopkins, My Little Pony characters, Micro Lite, Minies, Splashlings,  Stuffed Animals, Trolls Cotton Candy Maker, Olaf Snow Cone maker,  Twozies Baby Pet Friends,  Num Noms, Crayons,  Frozen coloring books, Stuffies, Chocolate Pen Kit, Whisker Haven, Palace Pets,  Magic Mixer Maker Kit,  Barbie Great Puppy Adventure, Puppy in my pocket, various figurines and much, much MORE ! Join the fun and see what other funny, silly things these girls do! Watch them jumping, laughing, playing, goofing around and having fun!  Enjoy!

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Maleficent wants to steal ELSA & ANNA toddlers! Kristoff helps the toddlers! Forest Adventure

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PART 1 of 2: Pool Playdate- ELSA & ANNA toddlers & Rapunzel, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella. Water Slide!

ELSA & ANNA toddlers and Olaf go to the pool with the characters from the movie Barbie and the Secret Door! 

ELSA & ANNA toddlers play together !

Main characters / dolls of this movie:
Barbie  and her friend Teresa -  the dolls

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